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Jesus my beloved

child I am all around you a comforting

Embrace that never wavers even as you

reach out to find solace in my gaze the

thought that I am closer than breath

itself might seem

unfathomable yet I am intertwined within

your very

existence loneliness dissipates when you

recognize my constant companionship

every thought every whisper within your

heart is known to me before it

materializes your innermost being

resonates with my

presence do you grasp the futility of

concealing anything from me others may

be deceived including yourself but I

comprehend you like an unguarded


story in the depths of their souls most

carry a glimmer of my imminent

existence some flee from me rejecting my

reality and trepidation for the

proximity of my being terrifies

them yet my cherished children you need

not be afraid I have purged you with my

sacrifice and enrobed you in my

righteousness find Bliss in our intimate

closeness since I reside within you

allow me to radiate through your life

Illuminating even the bleakest

Corners draw near to me and find Refuge

In My Embrace I envelop you entirely

intimately as the very breath that fills

your lungs entrust each inhalation to me

just as oxygen is your constant

requirement so is your Reliance upon me

hence do not disregard the practice of

acknowledging my presence distractions

besiege your mind causing it to stray

thus Return To Me ceaselessly undeterred

by the tendency to Veer off course

joyfully correct your bearing trusting

unreservedly in my unwavering affection

employ my name Jesus Jesus to reconnect

with me whisper it in reverence sing it

with exaltation Proclaim it with fervor

always remembering its Essence the Lord

saves Adorn my name with expressions of

adoration and confidence let your heart

brim with thankfulness as you

contemplate all I embody to you all I

have accomplished on your behalf these

rituals draw you intimately close

enabling you to find Repose within my

presence I want you to know that I am

always here watching over you with a

heart full of love that knows no bounds

my love for you is unwavering never

swayed by your actions or mistakes just

as a gentle and kind parent I am always

patient slow to become upset and

overflowing with compassion and

forgiveness imagine my dear child if you

embraced This Love love and shared it

with the world around you what if you

chose to be like me consistently loving

endlessly patient and abundantly

forgiving what if your hearts were

filled with grace and mercy just as mine

is picture a life where you radiate

positivity offer tranquility and shower

generosity upon others I am your

steadfast Foundation an immovable Rock

in the midst of life’s storms my

greatness knows no bounds and my

faithfulness is Unbreakable every action

I take is perfect and righteous I will

forever Stand By Your Side never leaving

you nor forsaking you guiding you

through both sunlight and

shadows as you look to me you’ll find

the ultimate example to follow strive to

mirror my ways for I am your Guiding

Light remember my precious ones that

your transformation into a likeness of

my beloved Son Christ is a journey of

growth Perfection is not expected

overnight but each day brings an

opportunity to draw closer to me to

reflect my love a little

brighter trust in my love and let it

shape your lives embrace my patience

kindness and forgiveness and watch as

your world transforms just as a single

candle can illuminate a dark room your

heart’s shining with my love can

brighten the lives of those around you

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  1. For my worries I’m sorry father please forgive me and give me the courage to stand firm for now and forever Amen . Father my joy is to do your will Pls help me and uphold me always and make me to know the things to do and the right time to do it Amen


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