Jesus Says: If You Skip Me Then You Are Not A Real Christian | God’s message today | God Helps

my child when action becomes necessary I

shall lead you clearly through the

guidance of my spirit and my word the

world’s intricacies and excessive

stimuli can easily disorient you causing

you to lose your sense of direction

engaging in countless needless

activities can Drain Your vitality by

waiting with me before commencing your

daily tasks you affirm the reality of my

living Essence this act of unwavering

Faith pausing before laboring is

esteemed in the Ethereal realm where

your display of trust weakens the

Dominion of Darkness the most

efficacious approach to resist

malevolence is to draw near me however

you can trust me to show you which

Endeavors require your attention and

which do not this approach helps you

preserve your valuable energy while also

granting you ample time for rest in my

presence in your Quiet Moments of

reflection allow my love to encircle and

Encompass you feel the warmth of my

Divine affection pouring over you as

sunlight bades the Earth this love is

yours to embrace always offering solace

in times of distress and joy in moments

of Triumph type Amen in the comments and

get blessed


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