Jesus Says, if you hate me and leave me you will die, 😱😰 |

God has spoken to you my precious child

things may be actually hard for you

right now you might not see how it’s

going to even appear hold on God can do

more in a second then we will do in a


lifetime everything will work out your

Cutting Edge escanio is leading you to a

blessing nothing is a mistake don’t give

up God is with you I love you to coner


When you pray go deep pray for your

family and do this by name if you

recognize what you are batting name it

out among you and God you would be

surpris how a whole lot of prayer can

help if you already know you recognize

I recognize that you

are trying just recognize that you’re

please and no words is not going to look

the idential from aler than every day

could be

extraordinary God’s plan will constantly

be more beautiful than your

disappointments be patient and thank God

comment mean if you receive today’s word

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