Jesus Says: I Will Be Happy If You Open This | Jesus Message | God’s Daily Message

dear beloved child of God the enemy is a

liar deceiver and

accuser he is

Relentless he will try to make you think

that God is not good that God is

Unfaithful that God is mad at you that

you are hopeless helpless dispensable or

useless that you are unloved unseen or

unwanted that your failures or mistakes

have dis qualified you from your

purpose that your limitations can limit

what God wants to do in and through your

life that the thing keeping you up at

night is beyond

Redemption that you will never get

through it Beyond it or over it you will

not believe or hold on to the promises

of God by

default you must be

proactive you must fill your mind and

heart with the things God says about you

so that you have the ability to counter

the lies of the enemy it’s a fight of

faith not a walk in the park don’t give

the enemy any real estate in your mind

declare and decree the truth of God’s

word over your

life God has seen every unfair thing

you’ve gone through every person who did

you wrong every tear every lonely night

he’s your heavenly father and he knows

how to pay you back for what’s

unfair you don’t have to live worried

because God is going to make up for the

wrongs that were

done God bless you like if you believe



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