Jesus Says, “I HAVE AN URGENT NEWS FOR YOU”­čĹćUrgent Message From God Today

Jesus is

speaking beloved child in the vast

journey of

Life having me in your boat doesn’t mean

the absence of

storms it means no storm can ever drown

you as you tune in the Lord’s Channel

hear these words steal it for your heart

at this very



life acknowledge that you don’t control

everything you can put in your efforts

but the ultimate

decision rests with

me place your Hope and Faith not in the

promises of humans or their

resources but in my Everlasting

promises so my cherished

one stop worrying about things beyond



instead start

praying stay close to me in every place


go find a quiet space to

pray surrendering everything to my


hands here’s a prayer for you that I

desire you to pray

now say

it dear God I take a moment to thank you

for all you have done in my

life despite deserving nothing you have

given me

everything thank you for the daily

strength and the joy your messages

spring I trust you with my family help

Health home security fears and

feelings you alone carry my

burdens in Jesus name I


amen my beloved this prayer is a way of

acknowledging dependence on me

recognizing my grace and expressing

gratitude for my continuous

presence remember in moments of

uncertainty turning to me in prayer

brings strength and

comfort trust in my guidance and find

peace in knowing that I am in control

and my love for you is


unwavering in every challenge remember

this You are not

alone I am with you in every stor

holding your hand through every

trial as you SE through

life let the waves of my love and the

wind of my grace carry you

forward your future is secure in my

care dear child take hurt in these

words stop HS will come but none can

sink your boat when you are ankled in

me so walk in faith and know that you

are never

alone with boundless love your



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