Jesus Says: I Died For You, Do You Have 1 Minute For Me?

my dearest child I speak to you from the

depths of Eternity where time has no

boundaries and love knows no end my

words are not just letters strung

together but a Divine message etched in

the very fabric of your existence I want

you to know that when I say love one

another as I have loved you it is not

merely a suggestion but a Divine

commandment from the heart of the

universe let me tell you of the love I

have for you my love is like an Endless

River flowing from the very core of

creation it is boundless unconditional

and eternal it knows no limitations no

prejudices and no conditions it is a

love that surpasses human understanding

and it is This Love that I ask you to

extend to others you my precious child

are created in my image in the depths of

your soul you carry a spark of my Divine

love this is a reminder of your inherent

worth and potential

you are not a random creation but part

of a grand design a purpose woven into

the very fabric of the cosmos I invite

you to manifest this love in your life

and in the lives of those you encounter

when I ask you to love one another as I

have loved you I am calling you to

recognize the Divinity in every person

look beyond the surface beyond the masks

and Fades and see the unique reflection

of my Creation in each Soul it is a call

to embrace empathy and compassion to

seek understanding and appreciate the

beautiful diversity of humanity but my

message goes further than this I ask you

to love not only those who are familiar

and similar to you but also those who

may differ in beliefs values or

lifestyle my love transcends boundaries

and I call on you to do the same this

all-encompassing love has the power to

Break Down The Walls that divide

humanity and bring about unity and

understanding I I also challenge you to

extend your love even to those who have

wronged you loving your enemies and

forgiving those who have hurt you is a

testament to the transformative power of

my love it can heal wounds men broken

relationships and bring about

reconciliation the message I convey is

not merely an ideal but a Divine

blueprint for a world filled with peace

and Harmony love is the foundation upon

which all else is built when you love

others as I have loved you you

participate the Fulfillment of my divine

plan for the world in embracing this

commandment you will find not only a

deeper connection with me but also a

source of immeasurable joy and

fulfillment in your life love is not a

burden but a path to True contentment

and inner peace it is a way for you to

be a source of Hope and inspiration to

others always remember that I am with

you a constant companion in your journey

to love as I love I will guide and

support you providing you with the

strength strength and wisdom you need

especially in the face of challenges you

are never alone in your quest to love

one another as I have loved you with my

love as your guide you have the power to

transform the world one loving act at a

time you become a Beacon of Hope a

Living testament to the presence of

divine love in the world Embrace this

message my child and Let It Be The

Guiding Light in your life with

boundless love and unwavering support

your heavenly


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