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Jesus my beloved child I am the Christ

who lives inside you shining like a

lighthouse I am the Messiah the one who

will save the world and I live inside

you this is a promise that goes out to

everyone who has faith in me I live in

the depths of your hearts through faith

and this blessing is a work of my spirit

subtly woven into your very being the

more you trust me the more deeply you

can feel my presence inside you and the

stronger I can show up through you

remember that I am the hope of glory in

a world that can feel hopeless at times

this hope goes beyond this world and

looks forward to the place in heaven

where you and I will live forever

together Heaven’s light is so brilliant

that its Rays can shine through even the

darkest times of your life and light

your way I am the light that shines

through the darkest places because the

darkness has never been able to cover it

being wrapped in my righteousness as you

walk the path of life with me this light

gets brighter until it reaches the

fullness of day it is normal to fear

that a problem will come up again if you

are dealing with one that lasts a long

time however this response only makes

things worse for you when bad things

happen again anxiety and defeat tend to

cover your heart every day that the

problem stays the same is like having a

bad day this point of view is negative

and hurtful let me suggest a more POS

positive way to do things when the

problem is temporarily gone or less

severe let joy and gratitude be your

constant companions when you remember

say it out loud if the problem keeps

happening look at me again and say that

you trust me completely please ask my

spirit to give you the strength to keep

going and to keep your mind on me by

doing this you link a good quality trust

in me with something that was thought to

be completely bad before if you keep

practicing you you will end up in a

situation where everyone wins the most

important thing is that you will no

longer let your circumstances control

the quality of your life keep your heart

happy and rejoice all the time be

consistent in your prayers pray over and

over and thank me no matter what

problems you may be facing my word is

alive and strong it goes deep and can

read the thoughts and intentions of the

heart scripture has the power to deeply

touch hearts and completely change lives

because it is alive full of life and

filled with divine power the Magnificent

truths of the Bible have changed your

life forever my word Works in you all

the time changing you deeply at the core

in your mind and heart the more you read

the Bible the more flexible you become

in my Divine hand the Journey of Grace

is an epic of change of becoming more

and more like me I haven’t changed it

all I’ve been the same yesterday today

and forever so it is you who needs to

change and gradually become more like me

this is a wonderful adventure and an

amazing honor even though it can be

painful at times because change Always

means losing something and can cause

anxiety share this video with your

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