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Jesus my beloved child let the gentle do

of my presence like a soothing bomb

refresh the depths of your weary soul in

this bustling world where distractions

clamor for your attention through the

cacophony of instant communication I

beckon you to a sacred Stillness the

world has undergone profound

transformation since I first whispered

the Timeless command and be still and

know that I am God yet this Divine truth

remains as vital as ever a sanctuary for

your Soul’s

well-being let’s pause for a moment and

offer a prayer together beloved Creator

today we bow in reverence to the gentle

Dew of your presence a soothing balm

that refreshes the depths of our weary

souls in this clamorous world where

distractions VI for our attention we

heed Your Divine call to a sacred


as we embark on this journey of

communion with you may our minds and

hearts find renewal amidst the ceaseless

noise that often ens snares our thoughts

grant us the wisdom to turn our Focus

toward you like a compass finding its

true north gaining traction and purpose


clarity as we engage in this sacred

dialogue inscribe your thoughts Upon Our

Hearts and Minds drawing us closer to

your unwavering love

amen if you find solace in these words

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guidance and inspiration your spiritual


matters just as Dew revives the tender

grass and blossoms in the hush of night

so does my presence Breathe new life

into your being when you choose to sit

in quiet communion with me in the

quietude of our Union your mind and

heart find renewal amidst the ceaseless

noise your thoughts often become ens

snared by the trivial like a car trapped

in the me its Wheels spinning helplessly

yet the moment you turn your thoughts

toward me like a compass finding its

true north your mind gains Traction in

our conversations I Infuse your thoughts

with purpose and Clarity guiding you

away from the trivial and towards the

profound keep this dialogue with me

constant and I shall inscribe my

thoughts upon your heart and

mind draw near to me dear one on and

find your rest in my encompassing

presence I am not distant but closer to

you than the very air you breathe trust

me just as you trust in each breath you

take your need for me like your need for

oxygen is an unceasing rhythm in the

Symphony of your existence therefore do

not neglect the sacred discipline of

practicing my presence in a world of

ceaseless distractions your mind tends

to wander straying far from your true

Center which is found in me do not be

disheartened by these tangents for they

are the nature of your Humanity instead

joyfully make the necessary adjustments

ever confident in my unwavering love

invoke my name Jesus and feel its power

course through your being whisper it in

the quiet of your soul sing it with a

heart overflowing with Melody or shout

it with

exaltation in that sacred name lies the

profound truth the Lord

saves let your words embellish my name

with love and Trust for I am your

salvation and your

Refuge as you Ponder the depths of my

love for you and reflect on all I have

done on your behalf let your heart

overflow with

gratitude in these practices you draw

near to me and the Embrace of my

presence becomes your Sanctuary so my

precious child heed this intimate call

in the Stillness I await you with open

arms allow the due of my presence to

refresh your weary mind and heart and

let our communion be your solace in this

everchanging world I am here always your

loving Savior and constant companion


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