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Jesus my beloved

child always remember that my presence

can turn even the most challenging

climbs into enjoyable

Journeys be attentive to the pleasures

I’ve prepared for you and take moments

to savor my company while you might

associate Heights solely with mountain

peaks consider how far you’ve already

ascended you’re standing on a high spot

pause calm your heart and gaze lovingly

at me my presence surrounds you with

beauty embrace the hope I offer and

you’ll find

Solace as a Christian you were born with

the hope of Heaven A promise that brings

Abundant Blessings into your life

however nurturing this hope requires


participation follow Paul’s teachings

persist until you reach your goal and

live up to what you’ve accomplished

cling to the Heavenly hope and receive

the gift of encouragement bestowed

freely when you reflect on what I have

done am doing and will do for you

beloved I am Emmanuel God With You and I


enough trusting in my sufficiency

becomes more challenging during

difficult times when your mind races for

Solutions combat mental exhaustion by

reminding yourself that I am always with

you even in adversity choose to find joy

in me declaring that I am enough this

Supernatural work facilitated by my

spirit within you is a daily Choice opt

for happiness in me your savior as I am

truly enough temporarily set aside your

problems Envision standing on a beach

and see your worries as Pebbles each

Pebble represents concerns about

yourself family friends and the world

delve into my presence and experience

unwavering love say Jesus I Choose You

Drawing Near to me through prayer during

times of trouble cultivate this habit

repeatedly to stay close to me on life’s

journey finding Joy even in moments of

pain recognize that problems endured

with perseverance and trust in me can

build character and Foster hope in a

world seeking quick fixes your

steadfastness will make you more

Christlike while facing hardships in

today’s World follow my spirit

Faithfully anticipate a future where

problems no longer exist and your

transformed character becomes a blessing

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