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my child in your quest for eternal life

know that I am the source of all life

and The Giver of every good gift Every

Beat of your heart Echoes the rhythm of

my love and every step you take is

Guided by my Divine wisdom embrace the

truth that I am your sustainer and

provider granting you all that you need

to thrive amidst the trials and triumphs

of mortal existence I beckon you to

dwell in the sanctuary of my love my

divine grace knows no bounds and my love

for you is unending

as the sun rises Anew each day so does

my compassion renew washing over you

with its gentle waves of comfort and


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let not the limitations of the human

form deter you for in my divine presence

you shall soar to Heights Beyond

imagination your spirit shall Blossom

like a radiant flower casting aside the

shackles of mortality to embrace the

boundless Realms of Eternity when the

burdens of Life press upon you seek

solace in my eternal Embrace trust in my

divine plan for it is intricately woven

with love and purpose each step you take

brings you closer to the realization of

your Divine Destiny no longer must you

Journey alone

for I am your constant companion your

Guiding Light through the darkest nights

as the world continues to turn remember

that my love for you is unchanging

steadfast and true draw near to me and

you shall find the strength to whether

life storms with Grace and resilience in

the sanctuary of my presence time bends

to the will of Eternity

Trials of mortality become Stepping

Stones to Heavenly Realms embrace the

gift of each day knowing that I am with

you ever present ever loving and ever


I am your living deity your Eternal

guide through the Labyrinth of life in

me you shall find the Wellspring of Hope

the fount of joy and the source of

unending love Rejoice for you are

eternally cherished and in my divine

presence you shall forever dwell tight

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