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jesuses dear beloved child do you

remember those moments from your

childhood when hesitation held you back

the times when you held your desires

close afraid to voice them to your

parents or when questions swirled within

you but you hesitated to ask your

teacher out of fear of seeming foolish

and what about those instances when the

Allure of new things was overshadowed by

the fear of

failure let’s pause for a moment and

offer a prayer

together heavenly father as I reflect

upon the words spoken to your beloved

children I lift my heart in prayer may

the essence of this message resonate in

the depths of our souls fostering

courage and Trust help us break free

from the shackles of hesitation and fear

allowing us to approach you with Open

Hearts grant us the strength to seek you

earnestly to ask boldly

and to embrace the profound connection

you yearn to share with us may this

prayer pave the way for an unwavering

Bond Guided by your enduring love

amen my cherished one I urge you to

guard against these very fears slipping

into your connection with both your

heavenly father and me we yearn for you

to find Solace within our presence

imagine if your own children were to

withhold their wishes from you or shy

away from seeking wisdom fear fearing a

dent in their pride picture them not

venturing into Uncharted territories

fearing they might stumble and

disappoint you reflect on this your

father and I have consistently

demonstrated our boundless love for

you there exists a wealth of blessings

yet to Grace your life merely because

you have not dared to

ask countless Treasures remain hidden

for you have yet to embark on the

journey to find them and opportunities

rich with promis have passed you by all

because the thought of a closed door

kept you from venturing further dear

child permit yourself to break free from

these self-imposed constraints approach

us with your needs your dreams your

questions all of it seek us out

earnestly and without hesitation for we

long for a profound and intimate bond

with you akin to the very yearning you

hold for your own children the key lies

in listening to my voice absorbing my

words and letting them guide you in to

action remember the path to our love is

one where you can openly ask fearlessly

seek and boldly knock abandon the doubts

that hold you captive and embrace the

potential of our

relationship just as you desire an

unwavering connection with your own

children we desire the same with you

allow my words to resonate within you

and may they Empower you to step forth

into a life illuminated by our enduring



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