Jesus Says, “A DIVINE GIFT IS AWAITING YOU”👆[God Message] | God’s Message Today

we all are aware that you are living in

the end

days and with the time being

shot life is

feding that’s why we must live with a

sense of

urgency however the unfortunate reality

is that many Believers lack the urgency

needed when it comes to spiritual

matters today God has decided to bless

you with the gift of spiritual wisdom

through this short but eye openening

message so consider this as God’s wakeup

call to live a holy and Godly life a

life that won’t leave you regretful on


Day distance yourself from iniquities


unrighteousness abandon sinful Behavior

and God will reveal himself to

you God desires a life that leads to the

gift of

Salvation remember we must see God while

he is

accessible reach out to him before it’s


late God is calling you to worship love

and live a holy life that honors his

name and leads to

Salvation Children of the Lord wake up

don’t fall asleep on the Lord the glory

of Alm Mighty God is

near everything in time will reveal

itself to those whose eyes are open to

the word of the

Lord avoid destructions from the evils

of this world and resist the influence

of the devil’s

agents God is guiding you through

various means to wake

up open your eyes and be on aler staying

close to

God besides this you know the time that

the hour has come for you to wake from

sleep for salvation is nearer to us now

than when we first believed

so dear child of God wake up leave your

worries and anxieties of this Earth at

the Lord’s feet he will take care of

them start living for the Lord submit

your life to his

feet and he will lift you up beyond your

imagination may God bless you type Amen

to claim the blessings of this day

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