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God is speaking to you right now Lord

Jesus gave his entire existence in order

to bring Salvation to humankind God

merely needs our attention so that we

can see the broader picture think of

this as wanted if they have not

experienced the love of proud he wants

us to come back let God take up the pen

and write the story if you’re crying as

you read this pray for the person who is

on your thoughts it is not advisable to

associate with these individuals in your

life shaking serves as a key remembrance

of your benefits and a means of remorse

for my own faults allowing me to get

past my worries about life’s obstacles

as they happen Lord please help me to

make a decision and sieg day has a

privilege even the heart hardest trials

can fortify people and they may

eventually discover a more satisfying

existence the purpose of God may not

always make sense to us nevertheless I

promise it will all be worthwhile I

sincerely value our friendship and your

power will shine upon you having faith

in God with your unwavering blessings

and unshakable Faith you can weather any

storm it is far too crucial to hear what

the creator has to say let’s have an

open heart to motivate others to come to

him without hesitation I am delighted

because Jesus picked Judas even though

he knew he was going to deceive him the

expression of humility ought to inspire

us to have an open mind to God’s plan

the issue that appears to be unsolvable

now will Al but your trust in God even

if we desire to continue hanging on he

understands when things should stop let

God’s plan influence us rather than

allowing our own plans to dictate how we

live even if it’s difficult for us to

allow ourselves to go he is aware of

when things ought to stop I am grateful

to God for all the Miracles bestowed

upon my family and me including the

entrance of you into our lives I will

always be thankful for everything being

so wonderfully beautiful amen share this

with others even your closest body you

just require God’s validation he richly

blesses us when we let go of our fears

and put our faith in himself through

Jesus we discover strength and joy as he

died on the cross in our place share

this Word of Faith and Hope with other

people by leaving amen comment the

individuals you appreciate that’s what

he’s telling you now prepare to let go

of your concerns regarding someone who

does not provide you with Serenity if

you confess your shortcomings to him he

can change any unfavorable condition in

your life he reassures us of our

unfathomable love love I am incredibly

hungry for you Christ my heavenly father

and my life please remain unwavering and

receptive to my please I ask God to keep

you in charge at all times and to

suffice for me instill faith in us

you’re attempting to lead the way all we

have to do is pay attention and take

quick action you are saying to us that

if we become humble and

openhearted our will can become one with

yours make it easier for me to give you

my whole heart Lord is advising those

who are resting in bed and attempting to

go to sleep peacefully do not be afraid

fear I am here with you leading a life

that is devoted to Lord can be difficult

especially when others are blind to your

efforts being around bad influences can

deplete your energy so it’s critical to

pick your companions carefully God

doesn’t squander anything and faith is a

strong thing even the most difficult

experiences can impart vital knowledge

to us we were unaware of the hope that

he offers us take pride but Rejoice

knowing that you are an almighty God

merciful and gracious is the ins sight

that feeds my faith he sees all the

tears and all the restless nights the

creators might offers

tranquility and an overwhelming feeling

of belonging that the Earth is unable to

offer despite the misconception held by

many in our society that power

guarantees Security in ways you can’t

even imagine he wants to express himself

to you there is nothing like the way he

does things and his timing never ceases

to Astound me he was using excellent

timing for what you considered to be an

extended delay Jesus is with everyone

who feels Lonesome while they are in a

new the surroundings actually aware of

the suffering you are experiencing he

wants to utilize you as a conduit for

his grace and love so he is making

preparations for you put aside your

worries and pay attention to how other

people choose to live in your

environment for those who have faith in

God each season and every adversity

presents a chance to draw nearer to him

Jesus is encouraging you to hold onto

your hope right now he lifted me out of

my sadness and reminded me to always try

to be the most perfect version of myself

from the Heavens to the shore affirm and

believe this the cosmos is conspiring to

bring about your life’s Redemption God

promises to mend all the hurting places

and your loved one’s family and heart he

strengthening your faith directing you

toward a better path and working

everything out for your good recall that

our purpose is to use things and love

people not the other way around

Christ has an abundance for you one that

is being prepared at the moment don’t

shut off your heart but keep it safe ye

used self-defense in the past but now is

the moment to put your faith in God’s

plan never forget that a pilot flying

overhead observes the entire Voyage from

a different perspective even when it

seems like nobody’s progressing forward

many many people dream of having the

kind of life you do and very soon doors

you never would have anticipated would

open letting go of Cockiness and

arrogance is the ultimate Act of

self-sacrifice remind yourself that our

creator is compassionate and merciful

reluctant to react with rage and

abundant and unwavering love when he

guides you through difficult situations

God sees your effort even though maybe

not everyone else does be a lighthouse

of his tenderness and kindness in a

society that frequently prizes

resentment and pride in oneself you are

unlikely to develop if you hold back out

of anxiety it’s nearing the end for you

to feel this pain all things are visible

to God so never forget that he will

utilize your challenges to draw you

nearer to himself particularly when it’s

difficult to concentrate in the midst of

the commotion around us I hope that God

leads me down Paths of righteousness

that being said God never changes his

goodness and love never waver make it

your mental Habit to approach God in

humility and seek him out to anything

praying for peace is not not enough to

be a follower of Jesus you also need to

trust him when all else fails remember

that God provides us with the

experiences and other people to love

which profoundly alter our life this is

especially true if you are convinced of

Jesus if you agree with this message

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video empowering God to prosper within

our Souls is what it means to be a

Christian not how many wonderful things

we do when he stands by our sigh we

don’t have to worry about what lies

ahead avoid dwelling on your

shortcomings as an alternative

concentrate on how much God loves you

your family your friends and yourself

remember to put your trust in God right

away if concern finds you we are going

to lose our out on everything that the

Messiah desires for us if we disregard

the idea that the Lord established man

with a reason for being it’s important

to be honest with Christ about our

frailties to acknowledge our need for

Redemption and to realize that we cannot

save themselves it’s always preferable

to wait upon God then to move forward

impulsively remembering that our

relationship with Lord is what really

counts should be our constant

preoccupation I was down in drawning

when they hit me but father informs us

that he conquered the world so that we

could have eternal life remain confident

in him he will guard your safety and

remind you that it’s time to begin

living every moment to the fullest and

being ready to receive beyond your


expectations it was intended that you

receive this message because of God’s

grace everything can work out for your

benefit even though the actions of Adam

had an impact on all of humanity either

make today your first day of convictions

or believe that tomorrow will come

beyond our wildest

expectations God has richly rewarded us

although he has promised us the jewels


immortality and we deserve to be

punished for our

transgressions he has preserved us out

of love thank you for being in my life

and teaching me to be patient

affectionate and resilient in the face

of adversity he still loves me even when

I can’t find the right words to express

myself in confession Christ occasionally

has an entirely a distinct strategy in

mind for us as than we do we must trust

his plan after we have communicated our

requests to him he instills in us the

virtues of thankfulness and prayer and

endrance maybe now is the moment for you

to have an honest conversation with

Jesus and share your most private hopes

and anxieties the following might turn

out to be the time of year and

everything falls into place even in the

moments when we think we are incapable

of surviving on our own the reality of

God is about demonstrating his love to

us he wants us to go forth and proclaim

the gospel and his love to everyone uh

we understand that it’s not acceptable

to accept anything smaller than

everything he has in store for us when

we find ourselves standing in a wide

open space and feeling astounded by his

grace it’s time to let him into our

hearts because he has someone better and

prepared embracing the fact that we are

a necessity of a redeemer and that

although God’s designs are higher than

ours it is difficult to change one’s

life Lord please help me stay focused in

the face of d dist ractions and hold

fast to the promised regardless of

whether it seems far away in certain

circumstances action and preparedness

for God’s next move are more necessary

than prayer he never takes something

away without thinking about how to

improve it remember that the almighty is

listening to your prayers even if you

feel unheard recall who is the person

who Road of your life as you consider

the next chapter give thanks to God for

everything that he has accomplished and

resist the urge to let Melancholy sap

your life force difficulties will melt

away like mountains and rivers dry up

for those who live simply and with

unrestrained faith while God might not

always Grant your every want he does

Supply your needs sometimes and ways you

least expect he bestows benefits

abundant like wine courage in the face

of fear and knowledge in the shadow of

uncertainty you’re going to put your

faith back into fresh Endeavors and

begin to trust once more your task is to

hold on to your trust knowing that

you’re still headed in the right

direction even if the road ahead seems

obscure as of right now we can observe

that things that are broken are actually

repairable Lord please give me ample

peace so that I can handle hardship with

pose and composure God has given us the

ability to make decisions and make

sensible path selections trust in the

same Creator who in his goodness may not

have provided the answers to your

prayers that you had hoped for but who

is at work in the the background to

bring good out of every bad circumstance

it’s not the end of the adventure he

invites you to continue on promising

beyond our wildest

expectations all in his perfect moment

he wishes to support you during this

difficult time because he understands

the tears you cry and the quiet of the

night your prayers will be answered and

they will be answered in a way that will

beyond your

expectations and arrive at the

appropriate time even if they take a

little longer than expected God seemed

to be saying if I continue to make you

wait then get ready for what’s coming he

is completely in love with you and is

methodically arranging anything in your

life to happen at the ideal moment when

doubt Creeps in keep in mind that Jesus

continues to encourage us to have faith

in him even in situations when we cannot

see the results right away think of your

shortcomings and fears as places where

the Forgiveness of God can work deeply

giving you the courage and fortitude to

confront whatever is ahead Jesus and his

unchanging love for us are fundamental

to our belief system and it is This Love

that should guide our attitude to prayer

and daily living God hates sin yet his

compassion for us never changes he

informs you that you have a promising

and bright future ahead of you we should

pray Lord increase my confidence and

confidence in you asking him to lead and

assist us in every area of Our Lives God

wants us to tell the world about his

love but this is our job and it takes

more than simply religious observance

that takes a connection with God every

morning is a chance to recommit to our

relationship by maintaining our

confidence and belief in God near and

dear to the core of our being thank you

for being a part of this journey your

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