Jesus promises that those who choose to follow him will never see him abandoned.

as you rise with the dawn let the light

that seeps through your curtains be a

gentle reminder of Jesus resurrection to

Dawn a promise that with each new day

comes a new beginning and an opportunity

for renewal in his love with each brush

of your teeth consider the Purity that

Jesus calls for and our word saying

thoughts as you cleanse your mouth set

an intention to speak kindness and Truth

to use your words to heal and not to

harm as you select your clothes for the

day think of the robe placed on Jesus

shoulders let it inspire you to carry

yourself with dignity and strength no

matter what garments you wear knowing

that your true worth is not in your

attire but in your spirit tying your

shoelaces d reminded of the Readiness

that comes from the gospel off piece may

your steps be purposeful walking in the

path of peace and righteousness that

Jesus laid out before us pouring your

cereal or making your toast reflect on

the Last Supper where jesser Supple food

with profound love may your breakfast be

a communion with them sharing in the

sustenance he provides both physically

and spiritually doubt as you check your

schedule consider jesus’ Ministry how he

took time for both teaching crowds and

for intimate conversations may your day

be balanced with moments of productivity

and rest socializing and Solitude and

reading a passage or quote for the day

let the wisdom sink into your heart as

Jesus parable sink into the hearts of

those who listened May the stories Guide

de you teach you and remind you of the

depth of wisdom available to us dot if

you hear a bird’s song let it be a sign

as Jesus said at our heavenly father

cares for all of his creation and know

that you are cared for and watch over

with an even greater love engaging in

your work be it at home or at a

workplace remember Jesus diligent sign

his father’s work let your labor be a

testament to your commitment to

Excellence and to serving God in all you

do during moments of rest when you sip

your drink and pause think of Jesus a

Jacob’s Well offering the Samaritan

woman water that would quench her thirst

forever may your breakes ref refresh

your body and your connection with Jesus

refresh your soul when you give to a

charity or help someone in need recall

Jesus feeding the multitudes with just a

few Loaves and Fishes your generosity no

matter how small it may seem can be

multiplied in its impact by his grace

feeling the breeze be reminded of Jesus

calming the storm as the wind touches

your face remember that the Prince of

Peace is with you calming the storms

within your heart and mind as you

exchange words with a stranger or a

friend let the encounter be as

meaningful as the conversations Jesus

had with those he met may your

interactions be filled with the grace

and compassion he showed preparing your

dinner imagine the wedding Feast at Cana

where Jesus turned it water into wine

let your meal be a celebration of the

everyday Miracles that sustain and

enrich your life reflecting on the

events of the day think of Jesus

teaching and Parables turning ginary

stories into lessons of Eternal truth

may your days stories be ones that teach

uplift and Inspire both you and those

you share them with DOT As You observe

the night sky remember Jesus promised

that he would be with you alwayss just

as the stars are constant so is his

presence in your life a steadfast Remer

of his unchanging love finally as you

tuck yourself into bed think of Jesus in

the garden g t HS e m a n dot despite

knowing the trials that lay ahead

he found solace in prayer may you too

find comfort and strength in prayer as

you end your day entrusting your worries

to himim and embracing his peace for a

restful sleep

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