jesus: Only Evil People Will Skip This Video Today

God wants to say this important message

today but if you love me then don’t skip

this video Until the

End in The Whispers of the Divine a

profound message is woven child when I

bestow upon you a promise refrain from

dissecting it through the lens of high

and when attempting to unravel its

Mysteries according to your own own

timeline only invites worry and

self-doubt remember what I have pledged

will unfold not in your time but in mine

for my thoughts and ways exist on a

plane distinct from yours my utterances

are unwavering


sometimes circumstances May cast Shadows

making you question the validity of my

promise yet even amidst such Darkness

your situation becomes a canvas for

self-reflection reminding you that I the

Lord do not alter my intentions I am no

mortal I do not shift my

stance referencing the sacred verses in

Jeremiah –

to I affirm I shall restore you

healing your wounds and embracing you

even in your

Exile in moments of profound despair

call upon me let the radiance of my

Divine wisdom illuminate your path trust

in the potency of my love for it holds

the power to reignite hope within


you hope my cherished one transcends

mere desire it embodies a profound

understanding that even in the depths of

Despair a path

andurs seek solace in prayer and

meditation connecting with the Divine

Essence within allow this sacred energy

to renew your spirit during moments of

Tranquility in this Stillness hope will

rejuvenate your soul bringing forth

Clarity and

purpose I beckon you closer urging you

to heed my voice my wisdom is boundless

it expands your perspective and grants

you in parallel Clarity Revel in the

abundance of Revelation A Feast for your

mind and spirit illuminating your path


forward in this sanctuary Ary of my

presence discover Treasures Beyond

imagination taste the sweetness of my

knowledge and you shall find contentment

your practice of listening shall Quicken

your response to my voice delighting me

as you press and to my heart eager to

hear my


guidance watch our second Channel if you

believe in God the L his in pinned


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