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God says many people will skip me but I

know you won’t in moments of confusion

listen closely for I bring you love and

forgiveness offering renewed strength to

sore above weariness your current

situation though challenging is

temporary navigate with patience not

succumbing to despair I am with you in

every step leading you through trials

toward Victory release distractions

cling to Faith and remember everything

happens in its own time in the faith of

discouragement choose not to falter

stand firm in your belief or even when

you don’t understand I am working in

your favor your trials are opportunities

for growth and I assure you everything

will turn out well your journey is a

Divine process and even when it feels

like Darkness surrounds you trust in my

guidance your strength comes from

weakness and hardships are Stepping

Stones to a brighter future I have heard

your prayers and my response is on its

way do not fear the wicked or Envy their

apparent Prosperity trust in me Delight

in my ways and commit your path to me be

patient for the meat shall inherit the

land the wicked May draw swords but

their plans will backfire the righteous

shall Prevail cease from anger forsake

wrath and be still before me do not fra

over the wicked their time is his

limited trust in my perfect timing and

do not be envious of Trent worldly gains

in me and I will grant the desires of

your heart in the face of adversity be

wise and turn challenges into

opportunities for good do not be anxious

about material possessions my promises

endure Beyond Earthly Advance ease

distance yourself from the unbelievers

persistent prayer and Trust in my time

in your journey may be in a place you

don’t desire but remember it is

temporary the path may seem confusing

but your your destiny is one of Triumph

your decisions today influence tomorrow

so follow the path I’ve laid out for you

and do not break the Covenant we share I

am calling you to leave distractions

behind abandoned thoughts that distance

you from my presence and listen to what

I wish to tell you I bring you love

forgiveness and renewed strength you

will pass through the dark path with my

guiding hand emerging Victorious your

trial though severe is enough opport

Unity for growth grapes must be crushed

diamonds formed under pressure and seeds

grow in darkness

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