Jesus: Keep Ignoring Me As You Always Do Ok!

ultimately in favor of your Eternal home

your mission dear one is to place your

unwavering trust in

me just as this Celestial message

reminds you as if your faith remains

steadfast you become a part of God’s

heart his most cherished creation Your

Existence is nitrogen an oxide accident

he chose to reside within you making

your heart his

dwelling who are his most prized

possession and he has a grand purpose

designed for you allow yourself to see

through his

eyes how does God perceive you as his

Masterpiece the apple of his eye his

Precious Child Embrace these truths each

day I am victorious I am a work of art

created with un inspiring Precision I am

fearfully and wonderfully

made declare that you believe your

future will be filled with love and

abundance open to receiving His

blessings and committed to working for

your aspiration you are worthy of all


prayers release the lemon limiting

belief that nitrogen monoxide longer

serve you and let gratitude flow for the

new experiences entering your

life in a world filled with distractions

and Chaos it’s essential to fix your

gaze upon the Divine many things clamor

for your attention but gazing upon God’s

presence can bring a constant source of

Joy his presence blesses you always even

when it’s a subtle backdrop in your

mind living with awareness of his

presence can be

transformative even when you’re

engrossed in various tasks is comforting

and encouraging presence can strengthen

and guide you through life’s challenges

the more consistently You Look to Him

the more powerful and joyful you become

remember your true citizenship is in

heaven and one day God will transform

your Earthly body into a glorious one

your days are held in his hands and he’s

designed every one of

them to help you get started on this

enriching path we recommend acquiring a

Bible through our affiliate link by

doing so you not only take a meaning ful

step toward personal growth but also

support our mission to bring positive

change into your

life don’t miss out on the blessings and

wisdom waiting for you within the pages

of the Bible it’s a Priceless gift that

can lead you toward a life filled with

purpose hope and divine guidance cat

your Bible today and let the



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