Jesus: Keep Ignoring Me As You Always Do Ok

God says if you hate me then keep

scrolling but if you love me then stick

with this video Until the

End remember it’s not just about the

Lord being a part of your story it’s

about you being a part of his story

trust in him for he is preparing you for


Eternal placing your hope in temporary

things things can lead to disappointment

choose to have unwavering faith in the

Lord for in him everything is eternal

you are not just someone with

authority you are the one who has

Authority you live under his Authority

waiting for his answers isn’t a waste of

time it’s preparation for what lies

ahead every step in this journey

significant and there are blessings

awaiting you at each

turn so my child choose worship over

worry and March forward into Victory

trust that the solution is on its way

Caster cares upon the Lord for he cares

for you you are deeply loved by

God praise the Lord with all your being

for he forgives your sins heals your

diseases redeems your life and crowns

you with love and compassion and God’s

presence you find safety and belonging

let his closeness be your Refuge no

matter where you are in the

world when you’ve had a tough day

remember that God sees and loves you

take your worries to to him for he

neither Slumbers nor sleeps God’s love

is constant and you are his

beloved heavenly father as I bow in

prayer I want to worship praise and

adore you for your boundless love and

mercy you have made salvation available

through Jesus and have set the holy

spirit to guide

me forgive my sins and help me forgive

others I want to live my life

surrendered to your will I confess my

sins and thank you for your forgiveness

I believe that the holy spirit is with


always helping me to grow spiritually I

ask you to teach me to be led by the

Holy Spirit and guide me in your ways

change me to live a life Al aligned with

your kingdom give me strength to

overcome the

enemy fill me with your Holy Spirit I

thirst for more of you God help me to

worship you in spirit and truth I need

your guidance your wisdom and your

presence thank you for your love and for

spending time with you this message is a

source of Hope and inspiration oh

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