Jesus: Keep Ignoring Me As You Always Do Ok!

God wants to say this important message

today that if you hate me then don’t

skip this video Until the

End my words will remain unchanging

regardless of the exchange I’ve promised

to shield and guard you to offer and

deliver what you pray for to guide and

heal you making the way for you trust

that everything I have said and pledge

will come to fruition at the right time

in unexpected

ways Isaiah

– in the Bible declares I have heard

your prayers and seor tears I will add

years to your life Rejoice always for

you can find joy in your relationship


me don’t wait for a distant day of

happiness but debts are paid and

troubles vanish live in the present

bring your moments to me and I will fill

them with vibrant


Joy spread the message by sharing this

with others who believe in the Lord

embrace the forgiveness and compassion I

offer for mistakes are part of the human

Journey Don’t let guilt and shame weigh

you down practice so of compassion

knowing that you are deserving of

forgiveness and

Grace and Times of guilt remember that I

am here for you seek solace in prayer

and meditation connecting with your

inner self and with

me share your feelings with those around

you for they are vessels of compassion

You are not alone in this journey of

healing and self-acceptance trust and my

boundless love and together we can

triumph over all

obstacles ego issues and pursuing

desires that don’t align with my plan

can lead to pain and disappointment

choose Joy by answering the door when it

knocks each morning make a declaration

of a beautiful day and you will receive

the gift of

joy for those feeling hopeless and on

the verge of depression know that Jesus

is holding you tight you don’t have to

hold on just fall into his Loving Arms

the enemy may try to take you out but

Jesus is keeping you

secure as you invite me into every part

of your life I will provide peace and

help you let go of fear and anxiety

trust in me for I will give you all you

need at the perfect time if you’ve made

mistakes remember that I sent my son out

of love to forgive

you join me in prayer seeking

forgiveness for any wrongdoing and

asking for the strength to resist


thoughts understand that with my

guidance you can achieve your goals for

I am with you every step of the way

place your trust in me knowing that I

will never fail


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