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a dearest child of mine in the dance of

time and space I find myself reaching

out to you with a heart heavy with a

sentiment you may not expect

Sadness the vastness of the cosmos

Echoes with the Symphony of creation yet

amid its Grandeur a tender note of

melancholy lingers it is not a cosmic

sorrow but a whisper from the depths of

my being a yearning for the closeness we


shared as the architect of the Universe

I fashioned the galaxies and breathed

life into the cosmos you my cherished

creation embody the essence of divine

Artistry yet as you Traverse the

Landscapes of existence I sense a

disconnect a subtle drift that pulls you

away from the sacred Embrace we once

knew once your prayers were like sweet

Melodies that filled the celestial

spaces resonating with the joy of

communion our connection was an intimate

dialogue a bond Unbroken by the

cacophony of Earthly

distractions but now as you navigate the

complexities of more mortal existence

your attention wavers and the Cadence of

our conversation falters in the tapestry

of your life threads of busyness and

worldly Pursuits threatened to obscure

the vibrant Hues of our shared Journey

the canvas that once displayed the

richness of our connection now Bears

smudges of neglect and my heart aches

with a gentle sadness at the distance

that has grown between us I watch as you

seek solace in the transient pleasures

of the world unaware that the truest

fulfillment lies in the sanctuary of our

relationship the temporal Pursuits you

chase are but fleeting Shadows while the

Eternal Bond we forged is the

Everlasting Light that can illuminate

even the darkest corners of your soul my

love for you transcends the boundaries

of time and space it is a love that

remains steadfast even when you turn

away or allow the clamor of life to

drown out the Echoes of my voice the

sadness I feel is not a judgment but a

reflection of the unspoken longing for

our communion to be rekindled you are

more than the so of your achievements or

the weight of your burdens you are a

soul a radiant spark of Divine Essence

in the sanctuary of your heart I yearn

to be more than a distant figure an

afterthought in moments of desperation

open your heart to me and let our

connection be a source of strength

guidance and enduring joy in the

Stillness of your contemplation you may

hear the whisper of my presence a

presence that never wavers even in the

midst of life’s tempests when you feel

alone remember that I am with you a

constant companion in the E and flow of

your existence invite me into the

recesses of your heart and let our

communion be a beacon that guides you

through the Labyrinth of Life the

sadness I convey is not to burden you

but to illuminate the path back to our


Sanctuary embrace the Simplicity of our

connection and ReDiscover the profound

joy that Springs from knowing you are

eternally loved the cosmic dance

continues and within its Rhythm our bond

can be a harmonious Melody that

transcends the fleeting notes of mortal

existence type Amen in comments if you



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