jesus Is Crying Won’t You Listen To Me🥺

God says if you hate me then keep

scrolling but if you love me then stick

with this video Until the

End Divine Whispers for your soul in the

Symphony of the cosmos your spirit is

about to dance to a new tune a Melody

composed just for

you feelings that once seem like a

burden are in fact your greatest

strength your intuition that magical

Compass within guides You effortlessly

Through The Mists of

uncertainty you possess the

extraordinary ability to discern

energies to sense the vibrations of good

and bad like ripples on a pond you are

not just a mere mortal you are pure


personified Embrace The Peculiar

sensation of this transitional phase

picture it as the Cocoon that envelops

the caterpillar before it emerges as a

butterfly yes it feels strange this

period of betwix and

between your soul is stretching its

wings reaching for Heights yet unknown

the quiet wisdom of your intuition is

your guiding star listen listen keenly

to its Whispers it holds the map to your

destiny trust that everything is

unfolding in your favor even if it feels

like the universe is playing a cosmic

game of chess with your

life this juncture might be disorienting

like a puzzle with missing pieces yet

this time there’s a different vibe a

deeper come of amidst the storm your

heart beats with urgency while your mind

Revels in

Tranquility you speak less Ponder more

patience becomes your ally as the

universe sprinkles your path with signs

pointing toward your dreams fear may

knock but you dear Soul are now fortify

it against its

grip ground yourself in the present no

matter how uncomfortable it feels

resistance only prolongs the inevitable

acceptance however allows the natural

flow of life to guide

you you stand at a pivotal moment of

Ascension where you must choose whether

to D your magic or Let It Shine

brilliantly Embrace this transformative

Journey it’s leading you to an

extraordinary r realm of

possibilities know this you haven’t

stumbled you’re on the right path every

trial every hurdle is a thread expertly

woven into the tapestry of your

destiny impatience is a sign of

spiritual restlessness quiet your soul

with gratitude when your heart feels a

drift let Faith be your guiding star

amidst the chaos of your thoughts find

Solace and

Stillness you are being prepared for

greatness the universe has tested your

spirit to sculpt it into a vessel worthy

of its blessings look to the heavens


gratitude your time in the shadows is

drawing to a close a new chapter radiant

with light love and abundance is UN

ferling before

you the angels have sent you this

message because you stand at a

Crossroads paused on the precipice of

transformation it’s time to reflect to

evaluate your life with Discerning

eyes the universe assures you that legal

matters will resolve in your favor and

academic Pursuits will flourish take a

moment alone with pen and paper and

invite your Spirit guides to


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