Jesus is calling your name for a

purpose greater than you can

imagine he beckons you to walk beside

him to embrace his love and to follow

his divine plan for your

life he knows you

intimately and he has a unique and

beautiful destiny crafted just from for

you God is acquainted with the secret

desires of your heart aware of every

hidden dream he has placed within

you when Jesus calls your name he

invites you to experience his bondless

grace forgiveness and

Redemption he Longs for you to find soas

in his presence and to receive the peace

that surpasses all Understanding God’s

timing is

Flawless even though there may be

moments when it seems as though Christ


distant in those

times it’s crucial to maintain your

faith and trust that God is always

close even when it doesn’t feel that way

answer his call with an open heart for

he is the Good

Shepherd leading his ship to Green

Pastures and Still

Waters he offers healing for the

broken Hope For The

Disappearing and purpose for the seeking

Soul much like like a loving parent who

keeps a Vigilant

eye on their child from a

distance God works tirelessly behind the

scenes to bring his plans for you to

frion he operates according to his own

chatue not

yours and while he is never late he also

tends not to be

Jesus calls your name not because of

your Perfection but because of his

perfect love for

you he sees your work your potential and

your capacity to make a difference in



so when you hear him calling your name

know that

it is an invitation to a life of purpose

meaning and eternal

significance it is an invitation to walk

hand in hand with the Savior who loves

you beyond

measure listen to his


call answer with faith and let his love

guide you on a journey that will

transform your heart your life and your

destiny remember Jesus is calling your

name and his call is an invitation to an

extraordinary and Abundant Life in his

presence type teaches and receive your

blessings of


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