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dear child I am the Eternal presence

that guides the universe with love and

compassion my message to you is one of

unity understanding and kindness

remember that every being on this Earth

is interconnected and your actions have

far-reaching consequences practice

empathy and treat others as you wish to

be treated let go of hatred anger and

Prejudice for they only hinder your own

growth and tarnish the beauty of your

souls Embrace forgiveness for it is

through forgiveness that you find

Liberation and healing

type Amen in the comments if you believe

strive for knowledge and wisdom for the

gifts of intellect and reason are meant

to be used for the betterment of all

cherish the Earth the precious home I

have provided for you and care for its

creatures and ecosystems in times of

struggle turn to The Light Within you it

is a reflection of my Divine love

that resides in every heart Trust In the

Journey of life for it is filled with

lessons meant to lead you closer to your

true selves and to me spread love sow

Seeds of Hope and be a beacon of light

in the world

remember you are never alone for I am

always with you guiding you through the

currents of existence type Amen in the

comments and get blessed today

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