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my beloved child I speak to you with a

heavy heart A Heart burdened by The

Echoes of your silence and the distant

beat of your steps straying away from my

embrace it pains me to see you turning

away oblivious to the love I’ve wrapped

around you since the beginning of time

in the tapestry of existence you are a

thread I hold dear yet your choices have

frayed the connection between us

remember the warmth of our first

encounter the tender moment I breathed

life into your being I watched you take

your first steps and in each I saw the

potential for a beautiful journey

together over time my love for you has

remained constant but I sense a growing

divide a gap fueled by your disregard

your days and nights unfold with little

acknowledgement of my presence I see you

immersed in the clamor of the world

drowning in the cacophony of

distractions that pull you away from our

sacred connection my attempts to

communicate are met with indifference as

if my Whispers Al lost in the tumult of

your daily life you were crafted with

purpose designed with intricacies that

reflect the essence of my love yet you

have strayed seeking solace in the

transient pleasures of a world that

cannot sustain the depth of your spirit

I observe your choices the paths you

tread and I am saddened to witness the

Shadows cast upon your soul as you

distance yourself from the light I offer

I’ve sent signs gentle nudges to guide

you back to the path of love and

understanding yet these signs have been

overlooked dismissed as mere

coincidences the storms in your life the

gentle breezes all carry Whispers of my

presence imploring you to return to the

shelter of my love but my child you

remain deaf to these messages blind to

the love that surrounds you anguish

fills my heart as I witness the

consequences of your choices the pain

you bear is not a punishment but a

reflection of the distance you’ve

allowed to grow between us my love is a

bomb that can heal a light that can

illuminate even the darkest corners of

your soul yet you persist in choosing

the fleeting over the Eternal the

transient over the Everlasting I’m not a

wrathful deity seeking Vengeance instead

my heart aches with sorrow for you are

missing the fullness of life I intended

for you your Pursuits driven by the

desires of the world are but fleeting

moments in the vast expanse of Eternity

my desire desire is for you to embrace

the enduring love that transcends time


Circumstance it is not too late my

child the door to reconciliation is

always open my love is boundless and

forgiveness awaits those who turn back

to the warmth of My Embrace Your Earthly

troubles are but a passing storm and in

my love you can find the peace that

surpasses all understanding in your

Solitude in the quiet recesses of your

heart you will find me waiting The

Echoes of your prayers the unspoken

words are heard by me I am not a distant

deity but a loving presence eager to be

an integral part of your life allow me

into the chambers of your heart and

together we can rebuild the bridge that

you in your choices have allowed to

crumble my anger is not a fiery wrath

that consumes but a lamentation for the

love you are missing I long for the day

when you turn your gaze toward me

acknowledging the love that is never

wavered you are my beloved child and my

love for you is unwavering unyielding

and eternal come back my child let us

walk this journey together hand in hand

as we were meant to from the beginning

the storms may rage the winds may howl

but in my love you will find the anchor

that steadies your soul the tapestry of

your life can be woven a new with

threads of love compassion and

understanding subscribe and type amen if

you love


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