Jesus is addressing you right now

I loved one

everyone has hours a day


it is you

who determines how many minutes are us

you are located to listen to my words

for now

I am asking to spear just minutes

for my sake

because I want to offer you my grace

portion of my Supernatural powers

that will boost up your confidence in


and bring Greater Joy To Your Life


for ignoring my words will tempt you to

spend more time

without my presence

and thus

you will find yourself far away from my

reach in the wilderness

my child

I’m not your enemy

I’m not the one who wish you harm

I have not created you to perish

you were

you are

and you will always be my special one


there are times

when I must assume a stricter stance

when I witness you swaying from the path

falling into the previous reps Sat by

the forces of Darkness

I know

when you think that it is me who are

responsible for all the wrongs in your


I know

sometimes the doubt Creeps in and force

you to disbelief in my love for you



my love for you is boundless

and it is out of that love that has

sometimes employ discipline

guide you back to the righteous feeling

but it is solely aimed at safeguarding

your soul

and ensuring your spiritual well-being

the world you inhabited is fraught with



and influences that can lead you as free

the adversary

the devil

seeks to exploit your vulnerabilities

and draw you away

from the light of my love


in these moments

I must intervene

not as an enemy

but as your loving father

protect you from harm

and guide you

towards the path of righteousness

I do not Delight in seeing you struggle

or suffer

but I understand that

the trials you faces are essential for

your growth and Spiritual Development

just as a loving parent

my discipline dear child

prevent them from making harmful choices

I discipline you out of deep care and

concern for your Eternal well-being

ignoring me or the word I have spoken

whether earlier

or through someone’s intuition Guided by

the Holy Spirit

God be the key factor in deciding your

fate and Future Days Act


I know that at times

the world’s distractions and the earlier

of worldly pleasures can lead you astray

it is during these moments that meant

discipline may feel strange


it is a reminder that I am here

watching over you and calling you back

to the safety of my loving empress

thank you

even in moments of discipline

My Love Remains steadfast and



my desire is for you to thrive

to experience the fullness of life

and to enjoy

a deep and abiding relationship with me

I long to see you grow in faith


and spiritual threat

and I will always be by your side to

offer guidance support and forgiveness



whenever doubt script since

or you feel as I am doing wrong to you

remember that my discipline is a

testament to my enduring love for you

it is a reminder that you are my special


I will do whatever it takes to keep you

safe and Lead You towards the Abundant

and eternal life

I have planned for you


time I trust you God to demonstrate your

faith in my plans

even when this scene going against your

will or your desire


please smile and share my words to every

individual you encounter

be blessed today

dear child of God

this is Lord helps Ministry

and through the guiding and wonderful

power of the Holy Spirit

you just received another Divine message

that has come to my intuition

God spoke to my heart and asked me to

share this knowledge with you

that sometimes

it is good to lose a battle

we are not meant to win the battles that

are ultimately going to harm us

we are here to walk into will of God

God is not allowing you to achieve

something you desperately need Let It Go

don’t burden Your Heart by thinking


what has gone

or what things you are lacking

when it feels like something we

desperately need is slipping through our


we must remember that God is our

ultimate provider

find plan for our lives

and he orchestrate events with perfect

timing and purpose

our role is to Faithfully walk in his


to do our part

and to surrender the rest into his

loving and capable hands

all you need to do

is just to walk in his footsteps do your

part and let God do the rest



keep in mind that

not every battle

is meant to be worn

some battles are meant to be surrendered

to God’s Divine wisdom and timing

trust in his unfeeling love

have faith in his guidance and know that

he’s always working for your ultimate



and for now

as always

it’s time to pray

Heavenly Father

in The Quiet Moments of Earth

we come before you

humbled and grateful for the Divine

wisdom and guidance

that you impart upon us through the Holy


we recognize that

your love is boundless

and your intentions for us are always

rotated in the highest good


will lift our hearts in prayer

acknowledging the profound message you

have shared with us

that sometimes

it isn’t losing a battle

that we find the greatest victories in a

spiritual journey

we understand that your Divine wisdom

surpasses a limited human understanding

and we place a trust in your guidance


grant us the strength to the laser grip

on battles

that may ultimately harm us


help us to let go of the need for

immediate victory

and success

knowing that

your plans are always for our best


beaches to surrender our desires to your

perfect timing and provision

as we walk in your footsteps

may we Faithfully do our part in

alignment with your Divine will

filler hurts with unwavering faith

and Trust in your omniscience


when we Face challenges that seem


remind us that you are our ultimate


and you know when and how to grant us

what we truly need




ER to your Divine guidance be an act of

profound faith and trust

strengthener hurts to release her

burdens and attachments knowing that

your blessings often exceed our

immediate desires

we thank you for the message of Hope and

Grace that you have shared with us

we promise to share this unordinary

message with as many people as we can

act as your messenger to spread your

kingdom of righteousness

guiding this toward a future filled with

your Abundant Blessings

in your holy name we pray


now please don’t leave without

subscribing to this Divine Channel

because it will always help you remain

connected with God

God bless you

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