Jesus: I Will Leave You, If You Skip Me, Seriously!! |

God says

today you don’t need to earn my love it

is freely given you are valued and

precious forever remind yourself of this

truth until it becomes an integral part

of your being self-awareness leads to

self-acceptance which is the path to

Joy my love will penetrate the innermost

corners of your being don’t hide any

part of yourself from me let my love

transform you and dispel your hidden

fears spend time alone with me and allow

my perfect love to soak into your


being your faith can change you and your

situation just as your fear can choose

Faith over fear for I have the power to

bring Victory to your

battles remember the story of Gideon who

with only soldiers faced a vast

medanite Army and so my glory revealed

trust that I am with you in every battle

and I will grant you Victory displaying

my glory believe in

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law and Faith let us join our prayers

together Heavenly Father we acknowledge

that we live in a vast world with many

people we meet each day and various

circumstances that determine where we

live and work we trust that your divine

plan will come to pass guide us to

follow the steps that lead us to our

soulmates protect us from traps that may

delay our Union and grant us the

strength to resist temptations that may

lead us into relationships that don’t

align with your

will direct our steps to places where we

will find one another like a lost sheep

found by a caring Shepherd help us

discover our paths in your name

amen always keep your focus on the Lord

for with him by your sigh you will not

be shaken Psalm

– remember that life’s many

challenges are often

distractions created by the enemy to

hinder you from pursuing your true

purpose small irritations and

frustrations are insignificant when

compared to the Grand tapestry of

Eternity just as David ignored the


from his brother eliab when he faced

Goliath let us follow his

example maintain your focus on what

truly matters in life and don’t let

minor annoyances Lead You astray

concentrate on the bigger picture and

know when to step away from Strife to

receive the honor the Lord has in store


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­čö┤Jesus I Know You’ll Chose M

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