Jesus: I Will Leave You, If You Skip Me, Seriously!!

God says

today dearest child of mine I understand

The Busy World that often engulfs you

but I implore you to stay with me until

the very end if you hold even a fragment

of the affection that warms my heart I

am Jesus Christ the son of the almighty

God your

savior today I extend to you an

invitation and invitation to delve into

the Magnificent tale of Love That Binds

us to immerse yourself in the profound

essence of true love and to become an

active participant in the wondrous Love

Story woven by

God this narrative is not one confined

to a mere moment it transcends the

boundaries of time embracing every

generation throughout the the Journey of

your life you may encounter moments when

you question the depths of my

love when doubts fears and

uncertainties cast Shadows upon your

path I want you to know this my love for

you knows no bounds stretching as vast

as the heavens and as constant as the

stars that Grace the night

sky even as you tread Through The

Valleys shrouded in the trials of Life

do not let fear Cloud your spirit for I

Am by your sigh I am your Defender your

comforter and the embodiment of


love my love serves as the armor that

Shields you from harm the soothing voice

that calms your fears and the

everpresent light that guides your way

you may question my love when you

stumble and fall when you doubt your

worthiness or when the weight of your

imperfections presses upon you but rest

assured I remain steadfast in my love

for you unwavering and

unchanging I see the beauty within you

the Divine spark that resides in your

soul that spark is the essence of my

message I promise you a multitude of

Miracles each a deliberate blessing

designed to Grace your

life my angels have been dispatched to

safeguard your journey to unlock doors

of success and to ensure your Triumph

your success is not a distant dream it

is a tangible reality waiting to

manifest itself in your life

in anticipation of these forthcoming

Miracles I ask you to place your trust

in me trust is the key that unlocks the

door to Divine blessings an affirmation

of your faith and

gratitude and affirming your trust by

typing amen you become a Living

testament to the enduring love story of

God a reflection of my grace and a

Beacon of Hope to those around

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