this is exactly what God wants you to

know at this

moment my dear friend know that God has

bestowed upon you unique gifts and

talents he has equipped you with special

abilities that can be harness to make

the world a better

place whether your strength lie in art

sports music or simply being a kind and


friend remember

that these talents are precious gifts


God utilize them not only to bring honor


him but also to extend a helping hand to

others God has blessed your eyes today

that you are here and watching this

video message from

God he chose you to receive the

blessings of

today it was him who guided your eyes to

fall upon it

and he inspired you to open

it in the Bible Jesus lovingly

said let the little children come to me

and do not hinder them for the Kingdom

of Heaven belongs to such as

these this passage reveals the Deep

affection and value Jesus places on

children like

you you hold a special place in his

heart and he desires a close

relationship with

you during moments of thought or

fear always turn to the power of

prayer prayer is Ain to having a

heartfelt conversation with

god you can open ly talk to him about

anything whether it’s a significant

concern or a minor

matter he’s ever present ready to listen

confort you and provide

guidance never underestimate the

profound power of love and

forgiveness just as God forgives us when

we make mistakes we too should extend

forgiveness to

others while it may not always be

easy it stands as a potent means to

reflect God’s boundless love in the


lastly remember to exercise patience


yourself the Journey of growing in faith


lifelong characterized by moments of

growth and periods of

challenge trust that God accompan

you every step of the

way gently guiding and shaping

you into the remarkable person he

designed you to be may your faith

continue to

flourish much like a beautiful flower in

a full

bloom may you always feel enveloped by

God’s unwavering

love understand that you are source of

blessing to your family your church and

everyone fortunate enough to know

you may God bless you type amen and

receive your blessings


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