jesus: I AM Serious My Child? I’ll Leave You

God says if you hate me then keep

scrolling but if you love me then stick

with this video Until the

End the Lord is calling you my dear

child remember your story has already

been written and it’s a tale of the

greatest purpose everything happening in

your life is molding and preparing you

for that grand


so when challenges arise don’t despair

remember that all these things are

unfolding for a greater reason approach

these trials with unwavering faith and a

heart ready to fulfill that magnificent

purpose I have set out for


you understand that this journey is not

a single step it’s a series of steps

each one L Laden with Incredible

blessings when positive thoughts and

events brighten your life hit the like

button as an affirmation of your

faith in Matthew

the Bible tells us that when

evening came many who were

demon-possessed were brought to him and

he drove out the spirits with a word and

healed all the

sick this was to fulfill what was spoken

through the prophet Isaiah he took up

our infirmities and bore our diseases

the Lord is urging you to continue

writing your story my

child though life may seem

insurmountable at times don’t be afraid

you’re not alone in this battle the Lord

is your unwavering source for of

strength lean on him when the burdens

weigh heavy for he will provide you with

the resilience and solutions to overcome


obstacles finding hope and purpose in

the face of adversity is a testament to

the strength within your spirit seek

solace in prayer and meditation connect

with your inner self

and discover the profound purpose that

lies within your heart Embrace these

moments of introspection and

growth never underestimate the power of

seeking help from those around you they

are vessels of compassion and empathy

placed in your life to offer love and

understanding open your heart to their

presence for they can provide Comfort

guidance and a reminder that you’re

never alone in your

struggles amid life’s challenges

prioritize your well-being listen to the

needs of your mind body and soul

cultivate joy and laughter as they will

rejuvenate your spirit and remind you of

the beauty in the


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    • Lots love two the father of all son and daughter and the Mighty love of god son in the name of Jesus by the Holy Spirit amen lots love all angles ⭐️⭐️⭐️????????


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