jesus: I AM Serious My Child😡 I’ll Leave You

God wants to say this important message

today that if you hate me then don’t

skip this video Until the

End no matter what I say my words will

never change when I promise to shield

and guard you to provide and deliver

what you pray for to guide and heal you

you can trust in my

commitment I will make a way for you

even in ways you never expected Your

Role is to have unwavering Faith just

like this video If you

believe the Book of Isaiah chapter

says go andto Hezekiah this is what

the Lord the god of your father David

says I have heard your prayer and seen

your tears I will add years to your

life rejoice in me always no matter what

challenges you face remember that you

can find joy in your relationship with

me many people daydream about future

happiness waiting for a time when

they’re out of debt when their children

are trouble-free or when they have more


time but living in these fantasies won’t

bring true success because they are

unreal I am the reality that is

Everlasting and unchanging bring your

moments to me and I will fill them with

vibrant Joy now is the time to celebrate


presence to receive it type

and send this message to people

who have faed faith in the Lord my

beloved child in moments of guilt and

shame remember that I am a god of

forgiveness and

compassion mistakes are a part of your

human journey and they do not diminish

your worth embrace the opportunity for

growth that comes with acknowledging

your actions practice

self-compassion and treat yourself with


know that you are deserving of

forgiveness and Grace release the burden

of guilt and shame by acknowledging your

mistakes making amends when necessary

and committing to personal

growth seek solace in prayer and

meditation connecting with your inner

self and with me pour out your heart and

I will fill you with peace love and

acceptance Remember You are not alone in

this battle seek support from those


you lastly know that I am always here

for you you’re constant companion ready

to listen to your prayers and keep you

close to my Divine heart trust in my

boundless and unwavering love and

together we will triumph over any

challenge watch our second Channel if

you believe in God the lake is in pinned


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