jesus: I AM Serious Get Ready For Hell If You Skip This Message

dear cherished one listen closely for

the creator of the cosmos speaking to

you my beloved child there exists a

plethora of blessings woven into the

fabric of your existence a testament to

my infinite love for

you do you doubt my ability to bestow

upon you the finest blessings nay I say

do not question but rather embrace the

truth that I the almighty hold and

reserve a Sublime blessing crafted

specifically for you to be unveiled in


timing cease your anxious pondering over

the approximate nature of your life’s

course or future instead trust in me for

I am well acquainted with your needs and

desires Ponder upon my words meditate in

prayer and place your unwavering faith


me as the sacred scripture in the Book

of Matthew

implores come to me all you who

are weary and burdened and I will give


rest take my yoke upon you and learn

from me for I am gentle and humble in

heart and you’ll find rest for your

souls for my joke is easy and my burden


light my precious child I understand

that the radiance of my presence and the

gifts I bestow May occasionally elude

your perception yet I assure you they

persist even in the moments of perceived

Solitude or

bewilderment enveloped in the warmth of

my love and like

you need only to take solace in the

assurance that my presence is a

continuous source of joy and Triumph in


life in Times when Joy seems elusive

ibagon you to recognize that my gifts

are steadfastly present awaiting your

openhearted Embrace cheer this message

let it resonate that you may be reminded

that your prayers Joy my presence have


heard know that I am ever present

working tirelessly to infuse your life

with joy and success my love for you is

unwavering and I am here always For

You release your grip on the illusion

that hardship is your duel my child and

anchor your life in the reality that

part of you yearns for the resolution of

all tribulations and aspiration rooted

in a false

hope recall my words to the disciples

your hope lies not in the absence of

trouble in this Earthly existence but in

the promise of an eternal life devoid of

tribulation in the Heavenly

realm watch our second Channel if you

believe believe in God the link is in



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