Jesus Has a Message for You (You Won’t Believe What he said)

listen up everyone Jesus has an urgent

message for you Jesus

says sometimes you feel lonely right but

do you know why it’s because I want you

to realize that I am the only one you

need I am always here for you by your

side ready to hug you with my love and

comfort you don’t have to worry about

your future because I have it all

figured out for you

trust me and follow my lead because I am

the one who controls your destiny maybe

you felt like I left you or forgot about

you at some point but I want you to know

that I never did not even for a moment

my love for you is strong steady and

forever my timing is perfect even when

yours may seem wrong so be happy my

friends and believe that every

everything is going well for you when

you are scared or unsure Jesus asks you

to have faith not in yourself but in him

because with him nothing is impossible

be glad always my friends because in

every situation there is something to be

thankful for pray all the time knowing

that your prayers are heard and that

Jesus listens to every word this is the

life that Jesus wants for you because he

loves you so much he wants you to

remember that he is the same today

tomorrow and always he is the constant

the unchanging presence in your life he

is always with you guiding you and

holding you in his arms now before you

go can you do something for me write

down your worries and Desires in the

comment below God sees them and he has a

plan for you


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