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God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full video God’s

message for you today beloved companion

today God desires you to recognize his

pleasure in your presence attentively

receiving his

message the circumstances that brought

you here are orchestrated by God who

ordained this moment for you to be open

and ready to receive his Abundant

Blessings God perceives the desires of

your heart and if you’ve been eagerly

awaiting his word take solace in knowing

this message emanates directly from his

throne room these words are not merely

human they are inspired by the Holy

Spirit intended to uplift and encourage

you as the message

unfolds God encourages you to embrace

Faith to receive his word while your

current Faith May suffice for your

current season

God calls you to deepen your connection

with him elevating your faith to new

heights to equip you for what lies

ahead a robust faith is essential as you

confront greater

challenges God desires your faith to

remain unshakable in the face of

adversity he is currently fortifying

your faith so you can stand firm through

every storm type Amen in the comments

and don’t forget to share this message

with up to three people so that God can

help you trust in his promise to devel

your faith for he is faithful to

complete the work initiated in you

everything shared today is for your

well-being enabling you to be a greater

blessing and bring more glory to God

promptly Express gratitude and honor to

him whether he bestows peace healing or

provision recognize that the true source

is God not yourself or worldly

influences every good gift comes from

the Father in heaven graciously

providing for his

children the foundation of this ministry

rests on the Holy

Spirit God established this work to

facilitate your growth in relationship

with him and guide you toward the

destiny he has prepared the promised

land is not a fleeting

destination it is the Eternal Dwelling

Place God desires for you throughout



however before entering the promised

land you must Traverse the seasons of

Egypt and the

Wilderness take comfort knowing your

Wilderness season is

concluding God declares your transition

into the promised land begins now and

you will soon testify of his

faithfulness the challenging season you

endured is yielding to a season of


promise upon leaving the Wilderness heed

God’s instructions which he will bring

to remembrance at the right time

inscribe them on your heart and mind to

live and prosper in the Promised

Land God communicates to you his child

as you depart from the Wilderness and

enter the promised

land to diligently guard his

commands allow his decrees to guide

every step in decision looking to his


continually for they lead to Abundant

Life inscribe his precepts on your heart

to sustain you in challenging times for

his promises are yes and amen he will

never leave or forsake you the

Wilderness has prepared you for this new

season and though the training was

challenging God was with you perfecting

strength patience and endurance within

you now you are prepared to live in the

fullness of God’s glory and goodness

fear not what is coming for God goes

before you preparing the way the land is

ready and waiting for you where you will

cultivate good soil yielding a harvest

and times what was sown

Rejoice greatly for the Wilderness has

fulfilled its purpose your faith remains

steadfast in the fires of

Affliction and now you will bear fruit



remember it is by God’s power alone that

you can Thrive and Advance his

kingdom stay connected to him and you


flourish God is opening doors and

creating paths Beyond Your Capacity his

hand and is bringing increase to every

area of your

life walk carefully in this new season

seeking God’s Will and way alone guard

your heart against pride and

self-sufficiency giving God the glory

every step though God Delights in

blessing his children he will not share

his glory with

another remain humble keeping your eyes

fixed on

him great Authority and influence are

coming to you use them to build others

up and direct them to God

represent your heavenly father well to

everyone you encounter God is entrusting

you with riches not for greed or Earthly

gain but to manage wisely for the good

of many allowing his light to shine

through you he is bringing forth his

promises that have been waiting if you

believe that God will help you please

subscribe to the channel if you do not

believe feel free to leave what he has

spoken will come to pass in due time

until then

keep your gaze upward not comparing

yourself to others each child of God

walks a unique path at the pace set by

him delight in God

alone and he will grant you the desires

of your heart wait patiently on his

timing resting in his sovereignty

knowing he can accomplish more than you

can ask or

imagine the testing and trials of the

Wilderness have prepared you for a


Harvest blessings poured out for you to

be a blessing to multitudes

the spoken promise will surely come to

pass and now God calls you to a deeper

level of trust rely on him completely

looking nowhere else he is your Source

provision and

protection continue fixing your eyes on

things above not on Earthly

matters much awaits you if you keep your

focus on God the Wilderness has trained

you and now God is leading you into a

broad place of

influence favor and

fruitfulness cherish these words from

your heavenly father revisit them often

to strengthen your

spirit God is pleased with you and

delights in calling you his own he

acknowledges that you endured the

Wilderness with

Grace as you transition into your

Promised Land God is guiding you to a

blessed place of Destiny purpose and

victory he urges you to engrave his word

on the tablet of your heart continually

meditating upon it this means setting

your sight upon Heavenly things keeping

God’s commandment Central in all you do

the scripture speaks of binding God’s

law to your fingers writing it upon your

heart this poetic language emphasizes

keeping the Lord’s statutes ever before

you do not merely listen to God’s word

and forget it internalize it letting it

transform you from within as the

psalmist said I have hidden your word in

my heart that I might not sin against

you engraft the word of God into your

innermost being allowing it to shape

your thoughts words and


naturally walk in the ways of the

Lord to reach this point of having God’s

truth engraved upon your heart recognize

when you are in a Wilderness season God

leads you through it to humble and test

you refining your faith and dependency

on him discern A wilderness season by

finding yourself in a dry and Barren

Place facing seemingly insurmountable

challenges enduring a period of waiting

and experiencing a sense of

isolation do not despair if you find

yourself in a Wilderness

season God is with you guiding and

refining you for a purpose trust God

completely during this time embracing it

as an opportunity for growth and

transformation during your Wilderness

Journey meditate on God’s word

continually let the scriptures be your

guide providing wisdom and

encouragement immerse yourself in God’s

word and it will become a source of

strength and nourishment for your

spirit the word of God is living and

active sharper than any double-edged

sword a it can penetrate your soul in

spirit Discerning thoughts and

attitudes if you believe that God will

help you please subscribe to the channel

let God’s word shape your identity and

mold you into the person he created you

to be in the wilderness God is teaching

you to rely on his word as your

sustenance just as the Israelites

depended on Mana from Heaven depend on

The Daily Bread of God’s word do not

neglect this vital aspect of your

journey through the

Wilderness as you meditate on God’s word

you will find strength to endure


challenges it will become a lamp to your

feet and a light to your path

in the

wilderness God refines your character

and purifies your heart as you meditate

on his word you will find Grace to

resist temptation and walk in

obedience do not underestimate the power

of God’s word to transform your life it

is a treasure Trove of wisdom guidance

and Promises sustaining you through


season embrace the discipline of

meditating on his word for the joy and

fulfillment of a deep relationship with


in conclusion transition from the

Wilderness to the promised land taking

lessons from dry and Barren

places let God’s word be your constant

guide and sustenance strengthening and

providing wisdom for the Abundant Life

he prepared for you walk in the fullness

of God’s promises knowing he will

complete the good work he began in you

may your heart be fertile ground where

God’s word takes root producing a

Bountiful Harvest be a living testimony

of God’s faithfulness and Grace may God

bless you abundantly in your continued

Journey with him

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