It’s Your Faith Test, Decide Carefully

my beloved child do not yield to despair

I am listening protecting and supporting

you I am the Healer who delivers you The

Rescuer who prospers you seek me with

your whole heart do not forget the

Miracles I have ordained for you seek

the moments of attentiveness when my

spirit touches your heart signifying the

time for transformation in your life Bid

Farewell to anger and negative

influences today immerse yourself

completely in the river of my love when

I speak tenderly do not disregard me

when I beckon gently do not turn away

when I correct firmly that is the time

to cling to my enduring love I will save

you from the enemy deliver your

repentant heart from all harm and Grant

the petitions you bring to me in faith

each day each morning I await you

appreciating the sincerity and

confidence in your words believe that I

will answer that I am attentive and that

I will never forsake you I know what is

best for your future your family your

spiritual life and your heart if you ask

for Prosperity I’ll erase your debts be

grateful for now you live in Freedom

your bank accounts may be empty but no

one will come to collect from your door

if you seek abundance I will provide

honorable employment and a means for

your household do not complain I’m

providing you with the opportunity to

earn your sustenance do not be afraid I

will open doors for you go where I lead

for that is where you will prosper with

dedication and integrity I desire to

shower you with Abundant Blessings for I

want you to learn to manage them wisely

if you combine your grateful heart with

the wisdom you gain you will receive

marvelous things I also desire peace in

your home let the Miracles you witness

nurture your spiritual growth but do not

fixate solely on material possessions

focus on Heavenly matters but above all

maintain an attitude of gratitude in

your hearts this is the first step

toward a supernatural life these are the

keys that open the door to a season of

divine abundance your dedication

gratitude and commitment to bless others

bring joy to my heart I want you to hear

these words directly from me you bring

me joy I cherish the way you seek me

Delight in your prayers and your

expressions of gratitude your courageous

Spirit brings me joy your name resonates

in the Heavenly Realms you are an

example of Faith persistence and

loyalty remember these words etched into

your soul when doubts and discouragement

attempt to assail you I am the one who

heals you prospers you and lifts your

life from the depths I unfold you in

love and mercy and I open the door to a

world of the

supernatural it is my will that your

prayers are answered but it is also my

command that you hold them dear I am

pleased pleased with your prayers your

loyalty your gratitude keep moving

forward keep being who you are and

remain steadfast in the spiritual realm

come into my presence daily listen to

the messages that strengthen you and

share them with your family remember

this when you close your eyes in

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