It’s Over If You Ignore Me Today | Jesus Message | God Message | God Says

today God is communicating a powerful

message to you significant change is on

the horizon for your life he has

listened to your prayers discerns your

heart’s desires for improvement and is

ushering in better and greater things

for you despite the challenges you’ve

faced and the Judgment of others who

have walked away what truly matters is

what God declares about you stay on the

path for God has called you to love even

those you might naturally Harbor

resentment towards as well as those who

may Harbor animosity towards you while

you may believe you Harbor no hatred God

emphasizes that hatred is revealed

through behaviors like anger judgment

and gossip his teachings as exemplified

in the story of the Samaritans emphasize

a spirit of Love forgiveness and

blessing even in the face of rejection

God God urges you to align your purpose

spirit and behavior with his saving

rather than destroying lives embodying

love rather than hate and demonstrating

forgiveness and blessings toward enemies

living amidst a world that often

Embraces Darkness God encourages you not

to be discouraged you belong to him and

he is the light that guides you despite

potential wounds evil words hate ful

actions or neglect from others God

instructs you to respond with the same

love and forgiveness that he showed even

to those who were hateful towards him

resist the urge for revenge and instead

forgive pray for and bless those who may

mistreat you be a light in the darkness

representing God not only with your

truthful words but more importantly

Through Your Righteous actions know that

God is with you and you need not walk in

darkness embrace the responsibility to

be a light in the world reflecting God’s

love in all encounters don’t hesitate to

share this beautiful message with your

five loved ones if you believe in Jesus


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