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my dear child there is no love stronger than mine and no plan more powerful than

mine so know that blessings are in root to you and will soon come like soft rain

showering your house with Grace I can also provide you with a firm

purpose provide you with peace and turn your most trying situations into something lovely I’ll guide you out of

the desert and into a Refreshing Spring accept my gift with humility joy and

trust you should never undervalue it since it may sometimes show up in little

ways while some chase the benefits of the grand I choose the modest and apparently insignificant because I

believe they have the capacity to be extraordinary my darling open your eyes

and see the amazing things that are about to happen follow my guidance and

you will see the gifts that are coming your way my soul longs to fill a life that is

always willing to forgive and show love you should never question that I have selected

you when you come into my presence every day before my altar lay your questions

and shortcomings before me and receive my forgiveness it is time for you to realize what I have prepared for you

your destiny has been written on on an eternal scroll since the beginning of time and I have painstakingly traced

your path with my loving finger get up and get ready because there’s not much

time left and you have vital things to do I will use you for innumerable

Miracles so let’s go on this adventure together you have my undying support

remember that I love you and that there are blessings in heaven with your name written on them I know that you may be

wondering why certain things have happened to you but trust me completely because the stars are aligning in your

favor both on Earth and in heaven I have given you an unwavering command to

receive abundant provision debt-free living Supernatural insight and favors especially designed

for you and your loved ones the Divine inheritance you have received is not a coincidence I have

loved you since before you were even born and have many wonderful things in store for you

however the most priceless gift of all is my eternal

love I have loved you even when you felt far away from me and I will continue to

love you even after you come back to me your occasional mistakes do not scare me

I will never reject you for your sins you approach me with an honest Heart full of Truth and repentance and I

recognize your love for me I value your honesty because no one can ever betray

me in contrast to those who put on a front of perfection and Holiness and come before me to judge and accuse you you

are different your spirit radiates peace your attitude is kind your thoughts are

pure even when you stumble you get back up with confidence in your faith never

allow Mortals to point fingers at you in this world nobody has the right to do

that I will bless you abundantly if you continue to approach me each day with a humble heart and an eagerness to learn

please keep up this attitude of faith I understand that your goals are not based on monetary possessions instead you want

blessings and safety for your family which I will provide along with much more I will also get you ready so that

you won’t be scared to enter when the doors open even as you listen to this

Supernatural Miracles are happening in the spiritual realm you will meet new people have opportunities you’ve never

had before and encounter situations that at first seem like problems but with faith and

perseverance turn out to be blessings that bring peace and provision to your home but always remember the most

significant and lovely blessing is already yours my eternal love declare your faith in me because I have the key

to solving all of your issues come to me my darling and you will see that I adore

you you have always known this deep down even if you sometimes feel far

away Whispers that you have failed and that I do not love you know that it is

not true in your heart a flame continues to burn and a fervent desire to return

to this waiting and longing home resides within you do not be afraid come I

understand that you may feel confused not knowing what to do you thought you had Faith but many disappointments came

your way especially from those you trusted people went their own way and seemed to forget about you you became

disheartened because you thought I did not come when you called but let me assure you I’m am always on time I never

left your side I watched over you provided countless answers and offered

all the solutions you needed even if you didn’t always believe me I spoke to you with beautiful words

but you sometimes struggled too to accept that your omnipotent God would speak directly to you please do not

stray from this path this is where you are truly loved this is your home your Sanctuary where

you can feel protected and filled with peace enabling you to have a good night’s sleep with restorative

dreams this is one of the rewards for those who believe again accept their

mistakes and return to their faith you don’t need to look for someone who speaks beautiful things to you I am here

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