IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my child I have found you not guilty the

accusations against you hold no truth

the charges are baseless your enemies

conspire with false testimony but I see

the honesty within your heart their

schemes shall come to not listen and

understand the traps laid for your feet

have failed no weapon formed against you

shall prosper I will unmask the lies

spoken with serpent tongues and

vindicate my faithful one remember the

trials of my servants Paul and Silas

though bound unjustly their songs lifted

the despairing prisoners Hearts chains

that held firm suddenly slipped free

when my power shook

foundations likewise the traps and

chains that bind you now shall

disintegrate before my righteous

judgment you have endured the torments

of a lying Spirit child like the slave

girl in Philippi crying out with a

spirit of divination your accuser speaks

craftily to undermine you but no demon

can withstand the authority given to my

children rebuke these spirits that

oppose my work in you command them to be

silent and impotent in my name their

power is broken I will bring sweetness

from bitterness Joy from grief freedom

from bondage the greater the adversity

faced with praise on your lips the more

glorious the victory I will produce and

assuredly the full truth shall be

exposed in due time not by your striving

but by my spirit have I not said that

there is nothing concealed that will not


revealed the accuser’s own words shall

testify to their deceit on that day your

righteousness will shine like the

Noonday Sun those who scorned you will

kneel and confess the truth before your

feet even now the Clarion call of

Justice resounds from my Throne the

gavel Has Fallen

your adversaries stand guilty as charged

but Fierce Grace has prevailed for you

my child you are pardoned acquitted

restored to favor despite every assault

of Hell

itself for a time it seemed I was silent

that the heavens were shut tight as

bronze but I assure you beloved one

behind the scenes I enacted salvation

with utmost

speed my silence was a strategy that the

the enemies surrounding you might have

no warning I positioned my forces

stealthily to rescue you From The Snare

while the wicked plotted vain things I

prepared the perfect Escape have you not

perceived it the prison doors now stand

open your shackles clatter useless to

the ground this day you walk free into

Abundant Life once more and like the

Philippian Jailer even your enemies

shall kneel and confess the greatness of

my power

they will beg to join the ranks of the

redeemed no longer guards keeping you

trapped now they are allies against the

forces of wickedness all because you

endured the night of trial with songs of

praise in your heart so Rejoice my


child in the courtroom of Heaven the

gavl has sounded your verdict is secured

for all eternity innocent and

free the accusations of hell hold no

weight under my judgment go forth boldly

once more the Trap set for you will ens

snare only your enemies no weapon can

injure you for I am your shield on every

side no false testimony will undermine

your destiny for my wisdom exposes every

lying tongue you shall finish the race

set before you and receive the full

inheritance I have prepared for you

before the foundation of the world I am

arising as a mighty warrior on your


with terrible Vengeance I will repay

those who Afflicted you but for you my

beloved I will show only goodness and

faithful love all the days of your life

you will Feast abundantly and forget

past sorrows in my presence is fullness

of joy as I create new heavens and a new

Earth no trace of Darkness can remain

trust in this promise I make all things

new the time has come I am positioned

across from your enemies as a fierce

Commander My Angel armies await my

signal for I am

near with battlecries we charge as one

body an invincible Force to demolish

strongholds of

deception we will utterly decimate these

lies until only my truth

stands all that I have spoken over you

will come to pass my words will never

return void but prosper in every

purpose child you have been found not

guilty because I paid the the price I

myself stood trial to declare you

innocent I endured the false accusations

beatings mockery and death sentence that

you might go free I blotted out the

record of your sins nailing every charge

to my cross

forever no accusation can stand against

you now fear nothing I am risen and

reigning granting you resurrection power

the grave and Gates of Hell will not


my spirit lives within you guaranteeing

favored outcomes you are safe in my

hands now you will March onward from

glory to glory the old has passed the

new has come do not dwell on former

trials for my brightness Rising upon you

dispels even the memory of Darkness as

Heaven invades Earth prisons crumble

captives Dance free and my people are

marked by Tranquility Network together

in this emerging Kingdom era discuss and

meditate on my promises until my vision

ignites your inner fire share

Revelations that set Hearts Ablaze speak

boldly of these coming wonders and upon

every redeemed head the oil of Joy flows

as generous wine my Roar of laughter

overflows supernaturally to strengthen


knees child rehearse my promises until

you can see their

fulfillment prophesy life to dry bones

call forth miracles from Heaven’s

storehouses align your words with my

word and together we will transform the

land a new era Dawns wondrous

overflowing with breathtaking

testimonies my name exalted above all

names goodness and mercy shall blanket

every city every heart the knowledge of

my glory will cover the Earth as Waters

cover the sea the rain of my kingdom

bursts forth in power power and great

joy so Rejoice my righteous child again

I say rejoice your tears and former

trials prepare you for an exceptional

weight of Glory now erupting beloved I

have searched you and known you and

Found You worthy of this calling I am

expanding your capacity to contain more

of my glory more Authority more

miraculous impact in the days

ahead overflowing Victory is your


abundant Harvest is your

inheritance all of Heaven’s reserves

Belong To You by Covenant right as my

child together we will transform the

land my righteous child my work has only

just begun this outpouring of Kingdom

Wonder workking power flows but a

trickle compared to the vast reservoirs

I am preparing to

unleash I shall author a new gospel not

of ink but of spirit yours shall be a

living testimony and an incarnation of

my goodness made flesh for this

generation to

behold signs and wonders will follow you

because you have followed me

wholeheartedly into unknown territory

yes untrodden Realms of Glory await your

exploration streams in abandoned deserts

will burst forth under your feet you

will learn to walk on stormy seas of

impossibility defending from danger all

who cry out for Rescue and yes crosses

still line this journey into greater

manifestation misunderstanding and

jealousy will arise even from among

those called by my name endure with joy

my child their slander against you

ushers in new levels of closeness

between us I will comfort you in their

rejection The Fellowship of my

sufferings will teach you to forgive

radically as I have forgiven through

death Resurrection Life multiplies

are you prepared to lay down status

reputation Comforts of this world in

exchange for that which cannot be

shaken eternity engraves your bold name

I am entrusting you with special

authority to drive out resisting demons

spoken and unspoken strongholds Warrior

Angels stand armed and ready behind you

as you learn the art of spiritual

warfare through worship and holy

obedience be sensitive to my timing and

strategies there are Realms of

Revelation too wondrous for human words


convey I will share secrets from ages

past and ages still to come can you

comprehend it child every Miracle sign

and wonder ever performed throughout

history swells up as a United chorus a

thunderous downpour of power surging

through willing hungry vessels today and

in the midst of this exponential

increase of signs and wonders intimacy

with me expands

correspondingly tend the fires of

devotion extravagant worship must never

become mere routine passion is the fuel

that sustains

consecration let praise and Times of

abundance outweigh Praises from former

years of lack and famine indeed I am

stretching you shaping your character

but never surrender priority upon that

secret place of prayer my heart yearns

for your affection above any external

demonstration of gifts we will nurture

this Bond shared between us until each

hears the other’s Whispers across great

distances Discerning thoughts and

motives of every heart I’m making you

fluent in the language of heaven I’m

raising up a company of tentative Sauls

into Valiant Davids a people after my


heart my child merely a handful grasped

the magnitude of what I am unveiling in

this urgent hour the greatest spectacle

Earth has beheld erupts momentarily from

behind the veil this climax of the ages

will burst suddenly upon an unprepared

generation sparking Mass Awakening to my

Majesty as you walk with me from glory

to glory a mere Glimpse would blind

human eyes unaccustomed to such power

and fearful Glory but for those Saints

embracing the cost of extravagant

obedience these weighty mantel now

descend where my Robes of righteousness

as Warrior kings and queens as priests

proclaiming my word and tidings of great

joy night and day onward then my dear

one bid farewell to accolades resources

Securities that competing allegiances

could claim I alone am your exceeding

great reward be at peace now

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