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my precious

child I want you to know that I am with

you always holding you close to my

heart I see every struggle every doubt

every moment when you feel lost and

alone but even in your darkest valleys I

am there surrounding you with my

unfailing love you are the work of my

hands fashioned with intricate care and

boundless creativity I have woven you

together every fiber of your being being

and breathe my very life into you you

are no accident no mere coincidence you

are here because I dreamed you into

existence because I wanted you chose you

and called you my own in a world that

often feels harsh and unforgiving I want

to remind you of your infinite worth

your value is not based on your

accomplishments your appearance or the

opinions of others it is rooted in the

simple profound truth that you are mine

I cherish every part of Who You Are your

quirks your passions your unique

perspective nothing can ever separate

you from my love I know the wounds you

carry the scars that Mark your heart I

have seen every tear you’ve cried heard

every prayer whispered in

desperation I do not condemn you for

your mistakes or your Brokenness instead

I draw near to you in your pain longing

to bring healing and

restoration my grace is sufficient

sufficient for you my power made perfect

in your

weakness you don’t have to strive or

perform to earn my approval my love for

you is unconditional unchanging and

unbounded by

circumstance when you stumble I will be

there to catch you when you feel weary I

will carry you my strength is made

available to you in every moment a

Wellspring of Hope and resurrection

power I have great plans for you dreams

that exceed your wildest imagination I

am always at work weaving even your

darkest threads into a tapestry of

breathtaking Beauty trust me in the

process even when you cannot see the


picture surrender your fears your doubts

your need for

control allow me to lead you to guide

you to shape you into the Masterpiece I

created you to

be your life has a profound

purpose a reason for being that is

intimately tied to my Redemptive mission

in the world you are not here by chance

but by Heavenly

design embrace the gifts I have given

you the unique voice that is yours

alone do not shrink back in fear or

insecurity but step boldly into your

calling the world needs the light that

you carry the hope that you

embody as you walk with me I will lead

you beside Still Waters into spacious

places of rest and abundance I will

fight for you against every enemy every

obstacle that rises against you I will

give you my wisdom my

discernment equipping you for every

challenge you face and in the end I will

bring you safely home into the Eternal

Embrace for which you were

made my child you are loved with an

everlasting love a love that will not

let you go A Love That Conquers death

that shatters the power of Darkness a

love that reaches into the depths of

your being and calls forth New

Life this love is your Birthright your

true identity the very essence of who

you are it is the foundation on which

you can build an unshakable life a hope

that will anchor your soul in every

storm so lift your eyes to the heavens

remembering that your help comes from me

fix your Gaze on my beauty my goodness

my faithfulness that endures to all

generations let the knowledge of my love

seep into every crevice of your being

healing your wounds and igniting your

passion walk in the freedom and

confidence of a beloved child knowing

that nothing can separate you from my

presence listen for my whisper in the

Stillness in the sacred moments between

breaths I am speak speaking to you

constantly words of life and truth and

hope tune your heart to the frequency of

Heaven aligning your will with my

purposes let my desires become your

desires my thoughts become your thoughts

allow me to conform you ever closer to

the image of Christ that you might

reflect my glory to a watching world

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