IT CAN’T WAIT ANOTHER DAY | Gods message today | Gods message for me today | Gods message Now

my precious child you are embarking on a journey that only the bravest Souls dare to

undertake I have chosen you deliberately and with great purpose to accomplish

something truly extraordinary with each step you take I

am right beside you Illuminating the path ahead and guiding you through the trials and tribulations that may come

your way together we will surmount every obstacle

conquer every Challenge and emerge Victorious never lose heart for you are

destined for greatness Your Existence is no mere coincidence I have inscribed your name

in the pages of Destiny since time immemorial my love for you knows no bounds and has been unwavering from the

very beginning I eagerly anticipated the moment when you would perceive my Guiding Light and begin to ponder

questions that had never before crossed your mind especially during Your Darkest Hours you may have wondered where I was

in your moments of pain and sorrow let me assure you my child that I possess the power to mend your broken

heart and erase the shadows of your past my love is an all-consuming force

that has already absolved you of your transgressions and now I long to help you release the burdens of those painful

memories dwelling on the past will only serve to reopen old w wounds and intensify your suffering instead focus

on the present moment for you are alive and thriving and a myriad of blessings

await you on the horizon your dreams will come to fruition your goals will be

achieved and your family will once again bask in the warmth of happiness you will

regain the strength and vitality that once coursed through your veins set your

sights on the future where the seeds of prosperity are taking root and miracles are unfolding

prepare yourself for an exhilarating new chapter in your life’s story your heart is primed and ready to embark on

thrilling new adventures and experience the profound joy that comes from fulfilling your true purpose let go of

the wounds of yesterday for they have been healed and your mistakes have been forgiven you are no longer beholden to

the burdens of the past if there are those who refuse to accept or forgive you it is time to surround yourself with

individuals who recognize your inherent worth I will not tolerate anyone who

disrespects the grace and Liberation that my spirit bestows upon you you

should never remain in any situation that diminishes your spirit or causes you

shame heed my words alone and protect the freedom that I have granted you from those who would twist my teachings to

exert control over you you are a free being so break free from any

circumstances that feel like a prison your children also require protection

leave behind the toxic environments and you will be grateful for this admonition today you will witness the

depths of my love and the immeasurable value I place upon

you however if you choose to remain in the company of those who mistreat you

remember that change cannot occur without your willingness to distance yourself from such

situations take respons ability for your own well-being you are a wise and

accountable individual as long as you remain trapped in a destructive cycle of pain and

degradation your life and your family will continue to suffer you are undeserving of such torment you are my

beloved child and I have paid the ultimate price for your transgressions with my own life

blood what more can I possibly do for you ask and I shall grant you your

heart’s desires call upon me and I will respond with Miracles that surpass your

wildest imaginings but I must ask Will you place your faith in me I yearn for

you to break free from stagnation depart from the familiar and Venture into the

promised land of your dreams where blessings pour forth like rain and abundance Springs from the Earth

itself my cherished child I speak to you with the utmost affection when I say that you are truly

exceptional if only you could experience the depths of my feelings for you

perceive yourself through my loving gaze and comprehend the intricacies of this spiritual realm you would be astounded

falling to your knees you would offer thanks through your devotion your presence your radiant smile and your

every thought Rising with an allc consuming Love For Life you would set out to conquer the promised land that I

have prepared for you shatter the chains that bind you for my voice instills within your soul an unshakable courage

you would finally understand that through my sacrifice and Resurrection you have already emerged triumphant in

all things my doors are always open to you simply approach me with a grateful

and humble heart and I will envelop you in a love that surpasses all understanding come sit by my side Turn

Your Eyes of Faith towards me you are immensely blessed and have unrestricted access to my Infinite Strength

all that I possess is yours just as I have promised and decreed ask and you shall receive I will nourish you with

the sweetest sustenance and the choicest provisions do not be disheartened or discouraged for you have a vital role to

play my love for you is so vast and profound that it exceeds your current

comprehension nevertheless trust in it feel its presence and walk by faith

secure in the knowledge that I never deceive and I’m always with you from the depths of my heart I assure

you that my love for you is immeasurable and I desire no further suffering for

you I am acutely aware of the hardships you are enduring feeling as though your

strength is waning you strive to conceal your pain putting on a brave face but I

understand you better than you understand yourself you may deceive the mirror but I perceive your true essence

your spirit and your heart even in your moments of Courage come to me and share

the burdens that hinder you from openly expressing your concerns I will catch

every tear that falls and lift you up cast aside your doubts and entrust your

worries to me for I will carry them on your behalf being my child entitles you to a

multitude of blessings and wonders that will profoundly impact both you and your loved ones you will experience joy and

contentment as my promises come to life within you I will never forsake you my

angels will watch over you ensuring your safety each morning reach out to me in prayer and you will witness the

transformative power of my gentle love infusing your day with peace and blessings when unexpected challenges

arise simply engage in conversation with me and I will illuminate your path

enabling you to make wise decisions I will impart the necess Neary wisdom and

provide signs to guide you ensuring your certainty in the direction you should take rest assured I have always sought

the best for you because you are deserving of it as long as your heart remains loyal to me and overflows with

pure intentions ask and it shall be granted to you according to my will you

are a child of the almighty God and I am Faithfully by your side therefore no one

can stand against you or cause you harm with love I guide you every step of the

way walking alongside you I open New Paths before you and everything you undertake in my name will be

blessed with me as your companion you will experience abundance and success in

all your endeavors your dreams and plans will flourish for I alone can see and

determine your future your family will be blessed and your efforts will yield

Bountiful fruit for I your almighty God am ever presentent with you Misfortune

will not befall your home for my presence surrounds you shielding you

from malevolent Spirits grave illnesses adversities hatred and

bitterness your family is under the Divine protection of my Holy Spirit I

have given you my unwavering promise of faithfulness and it shall stand for all

eternity remember your faith should be as potent as a mustard seed which though

minus fuel grows into the mightiest of trees so it is with you and I know the

heights to which you will Ascend my word is so powerful that if you were to command mountains to move in my name

they would obey never doubt me for I am the only faithful God regardless of the

circumstances I will never abandon you my love for you is eternal don’t forget I am intimately

acquainted with every aspect of your being your emotions thoughts and

actions thus I know that you are deserving of all the love I have to offer no one knows you better than I do

for I am the one who created you in my image release all hatred and the desire for vengeance I invite you to pray for

those who have wronged you so that they may find their way to me their lives are

devoid of my word and Commandments but entrust them to me for I will work

wonders I will touch their hearts and reveal the truth to them don’t waste your time on trivial

matters focus on me on my promises and on all that I am ready to bestow upon

you I have been with you since the moment of your birth and even long

before I have witnessed your growth and all that you have endured undoubtedly

you are incredibly Brave and I am here to give you the strength to

persevere I ask only that you believe in me and maintain a strong faith for I

shall completely transform your life you will see how the wounds of the past will heal and you will suffer no more today

is your day this is your moment lift your hands Surrender Your Heart to me

and begin to truly live again fill yourself with joy for this year will

change your life if you hold fast to this beautiful love that I offer you today I am here to give you strength and

banish all your fears I promise you there is a Divine Purpose behind every

challenge you face and there is always something good awaiting you after every difficult

season I want you to see yourself the way I see you you are immensely

important to me regardless of your successes or failures my love for you

only continues to grow all the experiences you have been through are preparing you for something

incredible for you and your family don’t waste your time or energy dwelling on the shortcomings of those

you hold dear this will all change they will grow in understanding wisdom and

spiritual maturity the people in your life now will be

transformed I am actively working on their transformation persevere in prayer for

this challenging period will come to an end your family will ReDiscover happiness

and peace and Harmony will reign in your home but I implore you bring all your

concerns and prayers to me first don’t allow anything to rob you of the joy you

seek speak with kindness and refrain from words that could inflict pain on others don’t compare them to anyone or

wound their feelings yes there are rules to be followed at home but do not resort to

shouting or insults before attempting to correct your family family take a moment to calm

yourself pause seek my guidance and allow me to fill you with hope and

strength I will help you offer loving guidance to your loved ones I will be

with you throughout the day every day even as you sleep watching over you I

will speak to you through my teachings enabling you to dream about the wonderful plans I have in store for you

you will awaken joyful and strong equipped to handle any situ U ation with

composure I will not allow you to face anything Beyond Your Capacity to

endure but if you feel overwhelmed In This Moment trust me you can persevere

because you are already on the path to Victory simply rise up and March forward

without tears or complaints a few more steps and you will find the reward for

your perseverance the prize for your loyalty the fruit of your labor this is my way of demonstrating

that that I value your faithfulness and your determination to fight until the end with your head held high with

resolve and dignity I am infusing you with such strength that you will trample upon

serpents and scorpions deceitful demons and all the forces of evil and nothing

and no one will harm you I long to see you filled with unwavering confidence

with an indomitable spirit with the certainty that all the beautiful things you anticipate will soon come to pass

this is your faith that spark of trust you place in me when you open your eyes each morning

you bring me great pleasure and my way of rewarding you is through this medium

where I will reveal to you The Many Wonders I will bring into your life I cherish you deeply and as I reflect on

the bright future that awaits you Embrace this truth don’t be afraid of

life’s challenges don’t shy away from difficulties and don’t evade

conflicts with my guidance and by holding my hand courageously confront your

troubles assure me that you will stand firm not allowing your emotions to

overwhelm you or any illness to hinder you I am your healer your caretaker your

provider and your supporter I Supply your needs amplify

the rewards of your efforts strengthen your faith and steady your

thoughts above all today I embed in your heart an unshakable belief an unwavering trust

that my love for you knows no bounds even when you stumble or falter my love

remains constant forever assisting you in all things your life is a journey filled

with delightful surprises abundant opportunities and growth that leads to

Greater achievements your faith illuminated countenance and confident smile

Enlighten everyone around around you your interactions particularly with your family reflect my strength and love

demonstrating to others the Miracles I can perform in those who entrust their hearts to

me I assure you today every challenge you face serves a higher

purpose therefore do not fear or allow anxiety to unsettle your

spirit continue on this path with resolve for I am always by your side

offering love peace patience and fortitude infusing Your Existence with

joy and serenity my love for you is immeasurable your resilience amazes me I

urged you to be strong and you responded with remarkable Vigor fighting valiantly

beyond what I requested your actions exemplify devotion and faithfulness I

observe with delight how the seeds I planted within you have flourished yielding wonderful results be assured

better and brighter days lie ahead you are surpassing your aspirations and

dreams steadily advancing toward a realm brimming with blessings and

joy I know that sometimes you perceive things differently your emotions plummet when

you begin to feel envy and rejection from people even from those who claim to love

you my beloved child in the midst of the noise and clamor of this world I am here speaking

softly to your heart though others may try to tear you down and resurrect Old Wounds I am your

Refuge your strength and your everpresent help when the shadows of

doubt and discouragement Loom large remember that you are engraved on the palms of my

hands your name is etched into my very being nothing can separate you from my

love not the highest mountain or the deepest sea not the most fervent lies or the

most persistent failures you are mine and I am yours forever and

always I know the battles you face the tears you’ve cried the moments when you

felt like giving up but I am the god who sees the one who knows your every

struggle and every Triumph I am not distant or aloof watching from afar no know I am right

here walking beside you carrying you when you can no longer stand your faith

though it may seem small is a Mighty Fortress against the onslaught of the enemy it is The Shield that deflects

every fiery Dart the sword that cuts through every lie so hold fast to that

Faith even when the world tells you to let go cling to my promises for they are

your anchor in the storm I am not finished with you yet your story is still being written and

every page is laced with my goodness and Grace the challenges you face are not

meant to destroy you but to refine you to mold you into the Masterpiece I

created you to be trust the process even when it’s painful believe in my plan even when you

can’t see the outcome you are not defined by your past your mistakes or your

shortcomings you are defined by my love my sacri sacrifice and my resurrection power I have redeemed you called you by

name and set you apart for a purpose that only you can fulfill so don’t let

the voices of condemnation drown out the voice of my spirit listen for my whisper

and let it guide your every step I am the god of breakthroughs the one who makes a way

where there seems to be no way I am the god of abundance the one who provides

exceedingly abundantly above all you could ask or imagine I am the god of

restoration the one who takes the broken pieces of your life and fashion them into a beautiful

Mosaic so come to me weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest lay down

your burdens your fears your doubts and your insecurities exchange them for my peace

my joy my strength and my love let me fill you to overflowing

so that my goodness spills out into every corner of your world as you walk with me you will see my hand at work in

ways you never dream possible you will experience the fullness of my presence

the richness of my grace and the depths of my love you will be a Living

testament to my faithfulness a shining light in a dark and desperate

world I am not a distant deity demanding Perfection and punishing

failure I am a loving father extending grace and mercy with every

breath I Delight in you not because of what you do but because of who you

are my beloved child my precious possession the apple of my eye so let my

love be the foundation on which you build your life let my truth be the compass that guides your path let my

spirit be the wind beneath your Wings empowering you to soar to new heights

and let my grace be the safety net that catches you when you fall I am with you always in the valleys

and on the mountaintops in the storms and in the Stillness I will never leave

you nor forsake you I will fight for you defend you and protect you I will be

your strength when you are weak your comfort when you are hurting and your joy when you are mourning so trust me

even when you can’t trace my hand believe in me even when the world tells

you not to hold fast to my love for it will never let you go and know that I am

working all things together for your good even when it doesn’t make sense you

are not just a face in the crowd a number on a list or a cog in a machine

you are a masterpiece a work of art a one of aind creation you have a destiny

that is unique to you a calling that only you can fulfill and I will equip

you Empower you and guide you every step of the way so don’t be afraid to dream

big to step out in faith and to trust me with your whole heart I am the god of the impossible the

one who speaks life into dead places and hope into hopeless situations I am the god who turns

mourning into dancing sorrow into joy and ashes into Beauty as you fix your

eyes on me you will find the strength to persevere the courage to keep going and

the faith to move mountains you will see my hand at work in every area of your life bringing

healing restoration and transformation you will experience the fullness of my love the richness of my

grace and the power of my presence so don’t settle for a life of mediocrity of

faith of complacency or a relationship with me that is lukewarm press in dig deep and seek me

with all your heart let my love be the fire that consumes you my truth be the

anchor that grounds you and my spirit be the wind that propels you forward I have called you by name and

you are mine I have engraved you on the palms of my hands and I will never forget

you I have loved you with an everlasting love and I will never stop pursuing you

you I have given you a hope and a future and I will never leave you nor forsake

you so walk in the confidence of my love the Assurance of my presence and the

power of my spirit let your light shine before others so that they may see your good

deeds and glorify your father in Heaven be a Beacon of Hope a messenger of Grace

and a conduit of my love to a world that desperately needs it and always remember

my precious child that you are loved beyond measure valued Beyond Compare and

destined for greatness you are not defined by your past your failures or

your weaknesses you are defined by my love my grace and my power so embrace your true

identity step into your god-given destiny and watch as I do immeasurably

more than you could ever ask or imagine my beloved child you are embarking on a

journey of transformation and growth leaving behind the shadows of your past

no longer will you be bound by the company of those who seek to drag you down instead you will surround yourself

with Souls who uplift and Inspire who fan the Flames of your potential I yearn for you to know me in

a profound and authentic way to grasp the depths of my love that surpasses

mere words my heart holds no anger towards you only an unwavering desire to see you

rise above and become the Luminous being I created you to be I will grant you the

power to master your emotions to stand unshakable amidst the storms of life so

great will be your metamorphosis that even those closest to you may Marvel at the change Joy will radiate from your

very being banishing the specters of fear with each step you will exude a

quiet confidence your words laced with compassion a Wellspring of faith will

surge within you as I whisper my promises to your soul each morning my

guidance will be a beacon Illuminating the paths of righteousness and Clarity I will shield you from the

snares of hidden foes and the poison of Deceit ensuring that those who seek your

downfall are kept at Bay in the Embrace of my protection you will find Solace

and security as I watch over your well-being and inner peace I ask only

for your unwavering trust your devoted heart your steadfast loyalty and your

complete commitment to our bond I have no desire to steal you away from your aspirations or extinguish the

Flames of your hopes my only wish is to be the guiding force in your life The

Compass by which you navigate the uncharted waters ahead as you venture

forth prepare to witness Marvels beyond your imagination for my love for you

knows no bounds it is an eternal unflinching and authentic

Force no longer will you cower in the face of adversity or be swayed by the illusions of this world I breathe life

into your being ignite your faith and Grant you the gift of spiritual

Clarity My Love Remains a constant unaltered by your imperfections or the weight of your burdens

I extend my hand to you ready to lift you from the depths of Despair and Usher

you into a realm of unshakable spiritual fortitude you are a treasure beyond

measure in my eyes and today I Proclaim your emancipation from the chains of

Anguish and sorrow Embrace This Love that liberates etched with the indelible

ink of devotion your freedom is not earned through your own merits but bestowed upon you as a gift born of

bound affection step into this new existence free from the shackles of loneliness and

fear enveloped in the warmth of my presence embark on a Voyage to the

harbor of Triumph where you shall be adorned with a crown of Eternal joy prosperity and sacred abundance

Untouchable by the hands of Thieves cast aside all doubts for your

Victory is guaranteed sealed by my promises and fortified by an all

consuming love allow yourself to be immersed in this a inspiring love that

permeates your very being reshaping you from within it will dispel The Mists of

uncertainty and reaffirm your true identity recognize that I the architect

of the universe am here in this moment to declare my love for you may these

words resonate in the chambers of your heart for my desire is to touch you deeply Here and Now even in the face of

resistance My Love Remains steadfast ensuring that you are never far from My

Embrace hold fast to your trust in me attune your ears to my voice and witness

the manifestation of my promises in your life my precious daughter my cherished

son you are the crown jewel of my creation the most cherished in my sight

Your Existence is no accident no mere twist of fate my love for you predates

your very being woven into the fabric of Eternity with meticulous care and

boundless affection I crafted you imbuing you with purpose and destinies and I breathed life into your lungs and

planted within you the seeds of greatness Paving the way for a future adorned with blessings beyond

measure in my eyes you are a masterpiece of unparalleled Beauty and worth immune

to the opinions and judgment of others I understand that at times you

may feel disillusioned or stagnant questioning the absence of the blessings you anticipated as my child let me

assure you it is not a withholding of blessings on my part but rather a disconnection from your Reliance on me

your heart has been entangled in the fleeting pleasures of this world causing you to drift from the rhythm of my

message societal demands have pulled you away from my teachings your prayers and

your unwavering Faith now is the moment to return to me with a contrite and

humble heart ready to relinquish the distractions and anxieties that have

kept you at a distance ReDiscover your trust in my power to transformed

circumstances and in my grace to redeem you it is then that you will witness an

outpouring of the blessings I have in store for you cascading upon your life in abundant

measure understand that these blessing ings will come to fruition when you once again anchor your faith in me for I am

the Lord your God by placing your trust in me you will become like a tree planted beside

flowing streams yielding fruit in its appointed season with leaves that never

fade or wither even amidst seasons of drought you will remain vibrant and prosperous

unaffected by the harsh conditions surrounding you today my beloved I

implore you to entrust yourself to me for I alone possess the power to restore

what has been lost mend the wounds of your soul and make whole the shattered

fragments within you allow my words to transform your present and Infuse your future with

unwavering hope have faith in me and you will bear witness to the extraordinary

ways in which my promises spring to life in your realm I am working tirelessly on your

behalf guiding you towards the Abundant existence I have destined for you since

the dawn of time do not lose heart on this path You Are Meant To

Tread refuse to be overwhelmed by the circumstances that surround you press

forward with the knowledge that I am endowing you with a strength akin to that of a mighty Buffalo enabling you to

rise again simply place your trust in me once more and cling to the promises I

have spoken for all that I have declared concerning you will come to pass you

will encounter my power and glory manifesting in your life witnessing the unfolding of my plans for

you from this moment on do not rely solely on what your physical eyes

perceive as it may lead to disillusionment and discouragement instead Open the Eyes of

your faith and begin to see things as they have the potential to be in every

challenge seek out the opportunity for a solution in the midst of Darkness

Envision the radiance of my presence have confidence in my ability to alter

your reality and unlock doors that appear sealed shut haror no doubts about the words I

speak to you today I will orchestrate all things for your good even in the face of your most

daunting trials place your complete trust in me not leaning on your your own

understanding cease depending on human strength alone and anchor all your Faith

and Hope in me for I alone can breathe life into what was once dead and Forge a

path where none seems to exist the time has come for your lips to declare words

of blessing as you do so you will witness the unfolding of my blessings in every

facet of your life Proclaim my word even in the face of adversity and it will

yield its fruit in your life remember true faith is refined in The Crucible of

life’s challenges rise now and approach my altar no longer squander your time

attempting to navigate life on your own terms come and lay before me all your

plans entrusting me with your aspirations and dreams take hold of my hand and cling to my

promises I assure you your faith will be ignited and you will see the manifestation of everything you once

envisioned for I do not disappoint those who place their trust in me arise now

regardless of how desperate your circumstances may appear in this moment my love for you remains

steadfast I am here extending my arms of forgiveness and restoration towards you

eagerly awaiting your return to me with a humble and repentant heart do not be afraid to draw near to

me for for my love surpasses any mistake you may have made today I invite you to lean on me

once more to speak of my love at all times and to walk with the assurance that I am Forever by your

side from this day forward make it your mission to seek me morning and night I

will take care of everything on your behalf your life will overflow with goodness and blessings and you will bear

witness to the remarkable ways in which my love and faithfulness manifest TR in your existence trust in the words I am

speaking to you believe and you will see your life

transformed I am attuned to the ache in your heart the profound cries of your

soul allow me to be your source of comfort I am fully aware of every

Challenge and sorrow you face as well as the dreams and hopes that reside within

you I’m intimately acquainted with the burdens that weigh upon you and the pressure that each issue places on your

shoulders you are never out of my sight my precious child I comprehend the depths of all

that you endure today remember that I have felt every tear you have shed and every ounce

of pain you have experienced I have never left you to face the darkness alone I have always been right there

enveloping you in my love there has never been a moment when I have stepped away from from you my

love for you is eternal and unconditional even if you feel knocked down or overwhelmed in this present

moment know that I am always with you I will never abandon you not even in the

deepest Darkness do not be afraid to Bear your heart before me beloved

daughter cherished son I am intimately familiar with the innermost recesses of your being I am

aware of your triumphs and accomplishments [Music]

n [Music]


yet I am equally cognizant of your vulnerabilities and shortcomings I understand that you have

felt lost and alone on numerous occasions as if you have strayed from the path but I want to assure you my

love for you has never wavered I love you completely and eternally no matter how far you may

wander or how often you stumble I am always here waiting for you to return to

me remember there are no limits to my forgiveness in my love you will find the

joy and peace you have been seeking draw closer to me immerse yourself in my

words for they hold the comfort and wisdom you need to face your challenges within them you will discover

your escape and the solutions to all your problems simply trust in me for my

kindness is mightier than any hardship ready to rescue you from any difficult

situation keep in mind that my love for you is not contingent upon your actions or accomplishments I am always here to

assist you and welcome you with open arms step into my presence my treasured

child feel my presence with you allowing me to heal the wounds that have marked

your heart bring to me all your heavy burdens and anxieties I will care carry

them for you my power has the ability to transform every pain into strength every

sorrow into hope will you dare to trust me now will you lay everything before me

I will fill you with the courage to break free from the Gloom and despair that press down upon you simply take

hold of my hand and allow the light of my presence to dispel the darkness surrounding

you do not be afraid to seek me even in the midst of raging storms in the center of your distress I

will be your calm in loneliness I will be your companion in pain I will be your comfort

and strength never forget that my love envelops you far greater than any trial

you may encounter remain close to me for I am your protector and your solid

foundation even when troubles seem overwhelming I am there to lift you up

and Elevate you so do not fear and allow my love to transform your life and the

lives of your loved ones let my light illuminate your path and guide you towards joy and

optimism my desire is to see your heart filled with joy and hope never doubt as

you approach me in prayer for I am always ready to listen and respond to your please whenever you ask for

something believing that it is good for you and others I will ensure that you receive it therefore have faith in my

plan for you because I only desire what is best for you allow me to remind you

draw near to me whenever you are in need I am here to illuminate your path with

my words and to impart the knowledge and wisdom you require in life if you ever

stumble or feel weak do not be concerned I am here to forgive your mistakes and

provide you with the strength you need believe in me and let me fill your heart

with love and your life with my presence in this way you can extend to others the

same kindness and love that I have bestowed upon you today is a special day for I am

liberating you from all your troubles and Sorrows I am removing all the heavy burdens that have caused you to feel

downcast guilty or sad leave behind what lies in the past and look forward to the

bright future I have in store for you do not dwell on past mistakes or give

ear to negative voices remember that in my love you will always find forgiveness and restoration

for your soul do not halt this journey home do not allow yourself to be swayed by

thoughts or ideas that are far from my word my love for you is an unquenchable

flame a sacred fire that burns with an intensity beyond comprehension





[Music] it is a love that knows no bounds

transcending the constraints of time and space with each breath you take with

each beat of your heart I am there infusing you with my Divine Essence when

the tempests of Life threaten to overwhelm you I Am The unshakable Anchor that keeps you

steadfast I am the lighthouse that guides you through the darkest of nights my love a Beacon of Hope that pierces

through the thickest fog in my arms you will find solid and strength a refugee

from the storms that rage around you my love for you is not a fleeting emotion

not a transient sentiment that es and flows with the tides of circumstance it is an eternal unwavering

and unassailable Truth written in the very fabric of the universe it is a love that endures

Through the Ages A Love That Conquers All a love that knows no end so my

beloved child rest in the Assurance of my love allow it to permeate every fiber

of your being to saturate your soul with its transformative power in my love you

will find Healing For Your Wounds restoration for your Brokenness and renewal for your weary

spirit I am the god who sees you the God who knows you the God who loves you with

an everlasting love I am the god who will never leave you nor forsake you The

God Who will walk with you through the valleys and escort you to the mountaintops in my love you will find

your true identity your ultimate purpose and your Eternal Destiny you are mine

and I am yours forever and always so trust in my love lean into my grace and

allow me to lead you on the greatest adventure of your life for in my love all things are possible all dreams are

within reach and all promises are fulfilled in my love you are complete

you are whole you are mine

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