“IT cannot wait for another minute” – Christ | God message jesus |

God is saying you right now you will be showered with an abundance of blessings

as the heavens open up to you I want you to feel my Embrace which will heal and

reassure you even in the quietest of moments recognize that you are never by

yourself in my company your spirit will be filled to the brim with happiness

Paving the path for wonderful things to come if you pay close attention but what

I have to say until the very end you will be able to keep any doubts at Bay I

will open the doors to magnificent blessings if you continue to be

persistent you will soon be rewarded for it I have an understanding of your

experience and I can also see your heart rather than seeking ostentation or

transient Prosperity you are looking for provision that will help you provide for

your family reduce your debt and provide support for others I couldn’t be more

anied to shower you with blessings you are being showered with blessings in

your life it is my desire that the doors of Heaven would open wide allowing you

to be showered with genuine blessings until you are flooded with abundance

this will free you from oppression and bring in a period of calm if you have

faith in me I strongly encourage you to take action rise to the occasion with

resolve and keep working although you should take a break when it is necessary

you should get up the next day exert yourself and be bold with as much

passion as your soul can generate make progress without grumbling without

feeling grief with strength and happiness always stick to the plan even

if things do not go the way you want them to or if there are those who are trying to bring you trouble with a

determined attitude you will be able to stand tall against enemies even during

those tough moments you will be able to offer them a smile extend patience

provide water if they are thirsty and lend a hand when they are struggling be

prudent and make use of the wisdom that has been bestowed upon you neither

should you give any of the specifics or weaknesses of your life to them nor should you provide them with any

instruments that could be used to betray or destroy you you should demonstrate

love but you should also show the world your actual nature and all the things

you’ve discovered about yourself keep your distance from those who are malicious keep your strategies to

yourself and avoid engaging in or spreading gossip about other people your

enemies will become frantic as they come to the realization that they are unable

to stop the blessings that are flooding into your life throughout your journey I

will remove any barriers that stand in your way since our trip together is a

continuing process you will continue to go forward with confidence energy and

dedication until I give you a signal to the contrary you will soon have have a

great deal of comprehension suddenly you will find yourself standing in front of

a magnificent endway which conceals great blessings let me know right now

that you have this belief make a commitment to be in my presence on a

daily basis and to initiate this strategy it is admirable that you are

such a courageous child I applaud your trust in God for you are meant to

triumph over the challenges you are facing the issues that are bothering you or being addressed by me the best course

of action would be for you to entrust me with all of your concerns anxieties and

Sorrows the holy spirit of God envelops you providing you with healing and

consolation on a profound level the drive to live to stand up to battle and

a Triumph will come to life life in a big way despite the fact that I am

opening up new avenues for you it is essential that you recognize the value

that you possess and give yourself another opportunity appreciate my grace

and acknowledge that I have forgiven you let go of any feelings of guilt you may

have for the moments when you made mistakes knowing that your regret is genuine and sincere you should know that

I do not hold your previous errors against you and I will not continue to

bring them up I have done away with all of your previous mistakes and cleared

your slate un necessary suffering is being eliminated by me alongside me you

are liberated and healed in order to tackle any obstacle or adversary you

will receive the necessary advice and the strength to do so in the sense that

I hold them in high regard and affection I have prepared blessings for each and

every one of them so I encourage them to walk in faith and to have faith in the

promises that I have made there is no problem or enemy that can take away the

happiness that I have reserved for you it is important to have faith in this

even if it is not not yet visible or palpable it will be a lovely day when

these blessings reach their destination you are going to feel a degree of

happiness that you have never experienced before from this point forward I will bless you with holy o and

the divine power that I possess will continue to expand within you Your

vitality will increase your mind will be clear and you will appreciate the

promises that I have made to you both the path and the goals of your life will

become more apparent you will be aware of the activities you take and the path

you take to fulfill your mission I can attest to the fact that you have already

faced the most challenging years of your life what lies ahead is a harvest season

during which you will amass a great number of blessings and abundance ly fill your storage facilities as time

went on you went through a period of pain and said your goodbyes with a sense

of regret to a great number of people who had laugh you experienced times when

you believe that your days were coming to an end however the announcement of

your win can be made today your benefits are not going to be taken away from you

by anything that lies ahead in the future your convictions have become

significantly more robust having learn it from my word you have a good

understanding of who I am you are now aware of the information that has been provided for you and your family

everyone who lives in your household is important and I have taken into account

their presence in my plans I urge you to have courage and strength and to tell

everyone in your home that they are loved and treasured by me I am here for

you I have prepared blessings for each and every one of them so I encourage

them to walk in faith and to have faith in the promises that I have made they

will be amazed by the change that has taken place in your life over the course of several years your witness will shine

brightly so that others will be drawn to seek the same faith and hope that you

have always keep in mind that these benefits are not random occurrences it

is the result of your trust faithfulness real repentance and Resolute

determination to move away from Evil that produced these results you are not

going to go back to the life you had before there are members of your family

who might change all they need to do look for me a little bit more in the

moment that they bow down before me I will bestow upon them the sensitivity to

actually know me not merely through rumors but in a way that is genuine and

tactile authentic in spirit and Truth there are other people living in your

house who might have to commit to making really significant choices admit that

they have made mistakes and and put some distance between themselves for negative

company in order to calmly explain to them what I have directed you to do I

will provide you a great deal of love and patience I will provide you with

sweetness and gentleness please do not take on the role of their judge I have

sent you to save them not to punish and discourage them if you truly love and

trust me you have have to come to terms with the fact that everyone is capable

of development I extend a fresh start to those who have truly repented of their

sins let your heart be open and seize the opportunity to take care of the

people you care about I ask that you pray for them and have faith that I will

be involved in their actions kindness should be shown to them when the time

comes to part way days and I should be given the opportunity to work in their

hearts I assure you that I will not disappoint you through my dreams I will

provide you with some insights regarding your family along the way you will run

across folks you haven’t seen in years and they will be astounded by the fact

that your life has undergone such a remarkable shift your witness will shine

brightly so that others will be drawn to seek the same faith and hope that you

have for a very long time whenever you come across them you should smile extend

your hand and express the message that I want to convey to them let them know

that I hold them in high regard that I desire to restore their spirits and that

I comprehend the inner anguish and misery that they are experiencing

provide them with the reassurance that the time has come for them to renew their commitments it is not yesterday or

tomorrow but rather this present moment that requires them to open their hearts

to me despite the fact that it may only be a short prayer it is important to

acknowledge their mistakes and offer prayers wherever they may be they should

be showered with benefits of happiness and a seed of Faith should be planted in

their hearts so that it can grow into a strong tree adhere to my direction put

your faith in me and commit to living a life according to your beliefs your

issues have already been satisfactorily addressed you may now approach life with

peace as you praise my Holy Name extraordinary Miracles will start to

take place and you will feel an overwhelming sense of delight do not

give up hope youngster for this trip is reserved for those who are courageous I made a

conscious decision to select you for something that is genuinely significant

my plan is becoming more and more clear to you and I will be by your side every

step of the way when we work together we will be able to endure difficult times

overcome difficulties and Prevail over challenges

in light of the fact that you are meant for greatness we will continue to fight

without giving up and never give in your being in this place is not a coincidence

I wrote your name down in my book a very long time before you were born my

affection for you has been with me from the very beginning if you are looking forward to meeting my Guiding Light with

great anticipation you might find that you are thinking questions that you have

never thought about before particularly are you are going through difficult

times if you were in pain you could be wondering where I was at the time one

thing I want you to comprehend is that you should have faith in me I have the

ability to heal your wounds and lessen the negative impact of the mistakes

you’ve made in the past I want to help you let go of those sad memories as well

because my love is so profound that it has already washed away all of your

transgressions I want to help you let go of those memories doing nothing but dwelling on the past will only Bring

Back Your Agony and make your pain much worse in the current moment Your

Existence is the only thing that truly matters there is an abundance of

goodness waiting for you in the future your family will ReDiscover Joy your

dreams will come true and your Ambitions will be accomplished the Vigor and

vitality that you had in the days gone by will return to you your attention

should be directed on the future where there is an abundance of benefits and

things that are positive in preparation for an exceptional new chapter that will

be filled with Adventures that will connect with your heart you should get ready accept the joy joy that comes from

accomplishing what you set out to do I have released you from all

responsibility for the wrongdoings you have committed in the past the sufferings of the past are now nothing

more than distant Echoes there is no one to whom you owe anything anymore in the

event that there are those who do not comprehend or forgive you it is time to

go for Connection in other places among people who acknowledge the value that

you possess inherently I long for a community in which each and every

individual is respected if you choose to disregard the generosity and freedom

that my spirit offers you will find that you are caught in a trap never stay in a

circumstance that makes you feel inferior or that stifles your spirit

stay away from it only listen to what I I have to say and protect your Liberty

from those who would pervert my teachings in order to exert control over

you relinquish any form of confinement that makes you feel like you are in a

jail because you are free it is important to remember that your children

are also entitled to safety if you leave such hazardous circumstances behind you

will be thankful for this advice to exer excise caution here and now you will

have the opportunity to experience personally how profoundly I care for you

and how much you mean to me on the other hand if you want to continue being with

people who mistreat you you should keep in mind that change will not occur

unless you make the conscious decision to leave accept the responsibility for

your own health and well-being you are a WI and perceptive individual the

continuation of your life and the well-being of your family will continue

to suffer if you continue to be locked in a cycle of suffering and degradation

you my dearly loved child are not destined to endure such anguish I have

made amends for your transgressions by offering my own blood as a sacrifice you

can ask me anything you want if you get in touch with me I will respond with

Miracles that are above anything you could have imagined would you be willing to put your faith in me if I may ask

leave behind the comfortable surroundings you are accustomed to and make your way to the country that has

been given to you where blessings will pour down and Provisions will flow

abundantly I do not want you to remain stagnant you are absolutely exceptional

my beloved kid and I want you to know that you are rooted in all my passion

toward you if only you could see yourself through my eyes you would be

able to appreciate the extent of your value and the Limitless potential that

lies within you you would be able to recognize your genuine self in the mirror of the spiritual realm and you

would feel a sense of gratitude you would offer me Your Allegiance your time

your smile and your thoughts you would be overwhelmed with the tremendous love

for life and embark on a journey to conquer the promised land that I have

saved for you if you were to acquire this new found awareness unleash

yourself from the shackles that are holding you back for you are strengthen anded by The Bravery that my speech has

implanted within your entire being as a result of My Sacrifice and

Resurrection you would come to the realization that Victory is already for you please feel free to come and engage

in conversation with me with a heart that is filled to the brim with

appreciation and humility my doors are always open I will tell you about my

love in a way that only I am capable of doing take a seat next to me and look at

me with eyes that are filled with faith you are extremely fortunate and have

unrestricted access to my power everything that I have is at your

disposal just as I have promised and described in the inscription ask and you

will receive I will support you with honey and provide you with the finest

Provisions I will deliver what you ask for you have a crucial part to play so

try not to give up or lose hope since you have a role to play because my love

for you is beyond explanation you should have faith in it experience it and

proceed with unflinching faith along your path deeply understand this truth I

never lie and I am always by your sigh I am always here for you as I profess my

tremendous love for you from the deps of my heart I also yearn for an end to the

suffering that you are experiencing I am aware of the challenges you face and can feel your

strength dwindling as you make an effort to hide your pain and give the impression that you are capable of

withstanding those challenges on the other hand I have a deeper understanding

of you than you do of yourself although you may be able to fool the mirror I am

able to see your genuine nature which is your spirit and your heart in spite of

the fact that you have shown courage please do not be afraid to confide in me

about the difficulties that you are carrying as I pull you up I will collect

every Terror that you shed please put an end to your uncertainties and hand over

your concerns to me I will take care of them on your behalf being my child be

stows upon you and your loved ones an innumerable number of blessings and

Marvels that will profoundly affect you and your loved ones as the Fulfillment

of my promises takes place within you you will feel Joy and contentment fill

your heart rest assured that I will never leave your side without your permission my angels are keeping watch

over you protecting you and making sure that you are safe reach out to me in

prayer each morning and you will see how my soft love fills your day bringing you

come whenever you choose to do so in the event that unforeseen difficulties arose

all you need to do is have a conversation with me and I will shed

light on your route directing you towards the appropriate choices in order

to instill confidence in you and guide your you confidently long your trip I

will impart wisdom and provide indications to reassure you I want you

to know that I will always be here for you due to the fact that you are

deserving of nothing less I have always looked for the finest for you as long as

your heart continues to be unwaveringly loal to me and is filled to the brim

with good intentions you can ask for something and it will be provided to you

in accordance with my Divine will due to the fact that you are a treasured child

of the all powerful God I am always by your sigh making certain that no one can

oppose you or give you any damage it is with affection that I lead you through

each and every stage of the voyage walking beside you an revealing new

avenues for your travels with me by your sigh everything you do in my name will

be blessed and you will experience abundance and prosperity in whatever you

do I will be your friend due to the fact that I am the only person who possesses

the knowledge to mold your destiny your hopes and Ambitions will come true due

to the fact that I your all powerful God am am always by your side your family

will be blessed and the results of your your efforts will be positive my

presence surrounds you protecting you from dangerous Spirits major illnesses

and the dangers of hatred and bit as a result Misfortune will not be able to

penetrate the walls of your home every member of your family is encircled by

the Heavenly protection that your Holy Spirit provides it is my unwavering

commitment to Faith fulness that I have bestowed upon you and it will last for

all of eternity you should always keep in mind that your faith ought to be as

tenacious as a mustard seed which despite its diminutive size develops

into a towering tree the same is true for you I am aware of the heights to

which you will eventually Ascend the power of my word is so great that if you

were to tell mountains to move in my name they would comply with your demand

I am the one God who is trustworthy so you should never doubt me regardless of

the circumstances that present themselves I will never give up on you

my love for you is an ending please keep in mind that I am aware of every aspect

of your being including your feelings thoughts and actions because of this I

acknowledge that you are worthy of all the love that I have to offer considering that I am the one who

fashion you in my image no one else has a better understanding of you than I do

please let go of any and all feelings of hatred and the desire for Retribution as

an alternative I strongly encourage you to pray for those who have harmed you

hoping that they will eventually find their way to me I may not have imparted

my lessons and Commandments upon their life yet you should nevertheless entrust

them to my care since I am capable of Performing marvelous acts the truth will

be revealed to them once I have penetrated their hearts please do not

waste your time on unimportant concerns instead direct your attention to me and

the promises I have made and get ready to accept everything that I am will

willing to bestow upon you for you I have been by your side ever from the moment of your birth and even before

that and I have witnessed your development as well as the challenges

that you have encountered unquestionably you are a very courageous

person and I am here to provide you with the fortitude to keep going when things

get difficult all that I want of you is that you continue to have trust in me me

for I am on the verge of utterly transforming your life in the future you

will be able to observe the mening of past wounds and there will be no more

suffering today is your day this is your time lift your hands commit your heart

to me and embrace the opportunity to live aresh be filled with happiness for

this year contains the potential to bring about significant changes in your life life provided that you remain

steady in your acceptance of the wonderful love that I send to you today

the purpose of my presence is to instill you with courage and to eliminate all of

your concerns but your faith in the fact that every difficulty you face serves a

purpose and that Beyond every difficulty lies a Wellspring of kindness waiting

for you to discover it in the same way that I do I want you to think of

yourself as being immensely significant and treasured despite the fact that you

have performed actions in the past whether they were successful or

unsuccessful my love for you continues to grow the challenges that you have

already overcome are nothing more than Stepping Stones on the path to something

truly remarkable for you and your family refrain from wasting your time and

energy on finding faults among the people you hold dear since change is on

the horizon they are developing in terms of insight wisdom and spirituality under

my direction there in mind that this difficult phase will eventually come to

an end your household will once again be characterize by tranquility and Harmony

and your family will ReDiscover the joy that they once knew on the other hand I

strongly encourage you to turn over all of your worries and petitions to me

first do not allow anything to disrupt the peace that you feel within yourself

or to diminish your faith by speaking compassionately and avoiding words that

could potentially cause damage you can work toward achieving the joy that you

seek it is important to refrain from making comparisons and behaviors that

could potentially hurt the sentiments of other people despite the fact that there

are rules to follow at home you should refrain from yiling at anyone or

criticizing them take a moment to gather your thoughts before tempting to correct

your relatives please allow me to fill you with hope and strength as you take a

minute to seek counsel that I can provide at at every moment of the day

including while you are sleeping I will be by your sigh assisting you in

providing your loved ones with counsel that is filled with love for the purpose

of allowing you to fantasize about the beautiful plans I have for you I will

keep a watchful eye on you and communicate with you through my lessons

after you have awoken you will discover that you are brimming with happiness and

vigor and that you are able to face any obstacle with composure rest assur that

I will not put you in a situation that is unreasonable or beyond your ability

to handle trust that you are able to continue even if you are experiencing

feelings of being overwhelmed since you are already on the

path to Triumph you will find the rewards of your perseverance and the fruits of your work as you rise and

March forward without complaining or feeling hopeless just a few steps

further you will find the rewards of your dedication please accept this as my

way of expressing my gratitude for your unwavering commitment and unwavering

will to see this through to the end I give you the power to triumph over

challenges while keeping your head held high demonstrating tenacity and dignity

in the process because you possess such a high level of strength you will not be

afraid to encounter serpants I protect you from all kinds of evil including

scorpions demons that are dishonest and other sorts of evil making sure that

nothing and no one and hurt you I hope that you are filled with steadfast

confidence that you have an indestructible spirit and that you are

able to cling to the knowledge that the wonderful things that you are looking forward to will soon come to pass the

faith that you have in me the glimmer of trust that you bestow upon me each

morning as you open your eyes is a source of immense pleasure for me I will

unveil to you numerous Marvels that I will bring into your life and exchange

for your love and support I have a great deal of concern for you and as I think

of the wonderful future that lies ahead of you I want you to realize this truth

you should not be afraid of the obstacles that life presents avoid

difficulties or avoid confrontations you can face your problems headon with my assistance and

by courageously holding my hand make a solemn vow to me that you will maintain

your composure and refuse to let your feelings to carry you away or any

disease to hold you back I am your supporter caregiver provider and healer

I am caring for you I make sure that you have what you need that the fruits of

your labor are increased that your faith is strengthened and that your thoughts

are stable above all else I want to establish in your heart airm belief a

steadfast trust that my love for you is Limitless I do this today my love is

unchanging and will always be there to support you in anything you do even if

you make mistakes or stumble the journey that his life is filled to the brim with

delightful surprises numerous possibilities and growth that ultimately

leads to bigger accomplishments or accomplishments everyone around you is

enlightened by the faithful gaze and self- assured smile that you exud your

relationships particularly with your family are a reflection of my power and

love and they demonstrate the Marvels that I am able to work in the hearts of

those who open themselves up to me I want to reassure you that every

difficulty you encounter serves a purpose yet you you should not be afraid of it nor should you allow anxiety to

disrupt your soul continue on this route with determination for I am always at your

sigh providing you with love peace patience and fortitude and infusing your

existence with joy and Tranquility while you are on this journey there is no

limit to the magnitude of my affection for you and your tenacity never ceases

to astonish me I exhorted you to be courageous and you replied with

extraordinary Zeal battling fiercely beyond what I wanted of you my

commitment and faithfulness are demonstrated by the activities you take

the seeds that I planted within you have Blossom and produced great results and I

am delighted to see how they have developed rest convinced that better

and more favorable times are on the horizon all of your hopes and desires

are being surpassed and you are making steady progress toward a kingdom that is

filled to the brim with blessings and happiness I am aware that there are

instances when you may have a different perspective on things your feelings may

reach a low point when you start to experience feelings of envy and

rejection from others other people even from those who are close to you it is

not uncommon for people who profess to love you to fail to recognize the

positive qualities that you possess instead they are always looking for ways

to make you feel awful by rehashing the past and bringing back memories that are

intended to hurt and break your soul as you listen to me today however you

should make the following decision just as you have demonstrated your faith and

strength in the midst of suffering you should likewise Embrace an attitude of

Victory right now never give anyone the power to undermine your efforts to do

good and never give them the opportunity to manipulate your emotions put your

faith in what I say and make sure to keep the commitments I’ve made to you it

is important to keep keep in mind that you are mine I will engulf you in my

love and defend you against anyone who attempts to make you feel angry or make

fun of your beliefs therefore you should disregard those unfavorable thoughts

come take a break with me whenever you find yourself in a situation where you

are surrounded by problems where you are confronting fights where you are feeling

fatigued or where you you are overwhelmed by options and your spirit

is feeling down the presence of my presence will bring you both calm and

optimism despite the fact that your problems may appear to be insurmountable

they do not compromise your value because I am responsible for your well-being be aware of the fact that I

did not bring about your problems but I assure you that I will use my power ful

hand to pull you out of each one it has never been my intention for you to go

through more than you are capable of enduring I would never present you with

a challenge that is too difficult for you to Bear your heavy burdens will be

lightened by me since I do not want you to feel as though you are drowning in them despite the fact that you may be

experiencing feelings of isolation or despair your future shines so brightly

that some others may attempt to steal your Delight however keep in mind that

you have the ability to choose how you will react and that your faith is like a

sword that can cut through any boundaries that you encounter you will be brought down by negative ideas and

feelings if you allow them to enter your mind and take hold on the other hand if

you make my my spirit a priority in your life and heart you will emerge

Victorious at this point I have fulfilled my role I have rescued you and

victory is waiting for you you are now responsible for maintaining your strong

stance exactly as you have been doing up until this point this information is

being convey to you at the perfect moment you are on the edge of reaching a

spiritual level where Miracles can occur on a daily basis do not go back you have

already made too much progress it is imperative that you do not let your

previous struggles Terrors and efforts to go to waste at this point in time it

is irrelevant whether or not your family recognizes the efforts that you have

made keep your attention on the objective your faith and your ability to

make decisions are more powerful than steel continue to be brave and do not

give up a lot of people have given up on their goals and are unhappy with their

circumstances but you have a different future in store for you my presence is

all about you and my spirit is the one who rules over your house and abundance

of blessings and presentence will shower down upon you flooding your home with

delight the windows of heaven will open upon you the forgiveness and unity that

are waiting for those who turn their hearts back to me are waiting today you have nothing to worry about because I am

right here with you because I am your God you need not become anxious you will

be provided for by me I have bestowed upon you the power to provide you with

assistance and support with intent seal Heavenly blessings have been placed upon

you in order to make my goodness manifest in your family and to expand

your friends relatives and neighbors beyond your immediate circle of

acquaintances you will be the channel via which healing will spread to a great

number of people and their homes the beginning of this great trip has arrived

and I strongly encourage you to come and listen with me each morning consider the

Miracles that you have already experienced and the ways in which my word has helped you overcome obstacles

that you believe were insurmountable along your journey please do not go back

on your word or throw away everything you have accomplished I have been there

for you up until this point from this point forward even more benefits will be

bestowed upon you you however it is my hope that you would greet each Dawn with

thankfulness and a warm welcome to my words The Tempest that you have been

experiencing has finally come to an end your problems are history the clouds

that are standing in the way my brightness are dispel as my breath travels across your horizon a new day

has begun for you and from this point forward you will walk on firm footing as

you make your way toward my blessings where you will find yourself in a state of profound calm and unlimited enjoyment

I pay close attention to your prayers and I am there in the midst of the

silence because I am concerned about you I find the prayers that you say to be

like beautiful Tunes your anguish will blossom into happiness and your

suffering will be turned into a cause for celebration I I want you to know

that you should never question my assurances once I make a commitment it

is as good as fulfilled due to the fact that my love is beyond your

comprehension you are unable to comprehend the lengths to which I would go for you I will embrace you bless your

home and shower blessings upon you like rain which will cause your life to

Blossom I will do all of these things at the beginning of each day you will be

able to see the arrival of positive things and experience thankfulness for

them the birds will sink for you as you arise and as you see my excellent works

all around you your heart will be filled with gladness as you listen to their

songs significant shifts are on the horizon for you and your family and this

is the moment when you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor and The

Bravery you have displayed in spite of the challenges you have faced you have

maintained your faith and shown that you are strong my heart has been profoundly

moved by each and every prayer song of praise and gratitude and petition that

you have offered upon my behalf it is incredibly lovely and my children trust

in me even a adversity Rising their hands and

exclaiming with all their hearts dear God I love you that simple confession is

all I need to hear because I know you mean it you cannot deceive me hold on

for soon you will be experiencing days that are filled to the brim with gifts

your Victory is Drawing Near while some may have chosen the path of least

resistance you have prayed and worked hard to achieve your goals now is the

moment to take pleasure in the Harvest that your faith and thankful heart have

produced you are going to be showered with an abundance of joy and the sky

will open up wide for you due to the fact that my love for you is Limitless

my adoration should constantly be surrounding you there is no limit to the

extent to which I want to bless you and my love for you encompasses you in its

entirety in the event that you are looking for me I will be there it is not

dependent on your feelings or emotions you should know that I am right there by

your side even in times of turmoil and loneliness when you feel as though you

have been abandoned the day before yesterday I was with you and I am here

with you right now I will never leave your I therefore please do not give up

hope when things become difficult all you need to do call upon me be careful

not to give into the dangerous lies that other people may tell you to put it

simply I adore you you are mine and you are of much greater value and you are

now aware of I promise that I will never abandon you I will always be physically

present present with you because of your unwavering faith and unwavering drive

you have already triumphed over a great number of obstacles and endured

difficult times you have seen how things that appeared to be unattainable became

attainable as a result of your steadfastness in your trust and my words

and in my love take this into consideration who can stand in your way

because I am the one who determines your future I want you to take the next step

in your life and make the most of the spiritual gifts that I have in store for

you here on Earth you are a Fearless spirit and I am glad to name my own and

I am the almighty and you are a treasured member of my family to ensure

that you are able to live a life free from anxiety and illness I have set my

angels to keep watch over you you will soon be brimming with thankfulness for

all the wonderful things that are coming your way that you will be jumping with

pleasure and that you will be filled with unlimited happiness always keep in

mind that I am the source of all the blessings that you receive thus have

faith in my plan continue to walk in faith remain humble and I will continue

to shower you with an abundance of blessings you will develop a greater sense of self assurance becoming aware

of the power that is within you and prepared to confront any challenge with

me at your side to ensure that you emerge Victorious when they see the

power that I have inside you those problems will quickly disappear at this

moment it is important for you to raise your head high and put the previous

wrongdoings and mistreatments you have been subjected to behind you without

losing faith in this person if you continue to drop your gaze and lose

sight of everything I have to reveal to you please stop I your God have ordained

that you will be blessed with goodness so lift your countenance and Delight in

the goodness that you will receive the promises that I have made to you you are

of the highest quality and I will never abandon you I gave you my word that I

will always be with you bestowing upon you the most precious blessings that I

have to offer I am the creator of all that can be seen and everything that

cannot be seen I will love you until the end of time and I am looking forward to

this wonderful event with great anticipation you are aware that that I

love you very much and you are able to sense it as I speak to you and you

listen to me I show you with an extraordinary amount of tenderness that

I am always with you regardless of the time of day or night whether you are

experiencing the best of times or the worst of times I am always on the

lookout for your safety making sure that you are provided for and a timely and

extract aate Manner and drawing your attention to the most beautiful aspects

even when you are in the midst of a storm I breathe my Divine breath upon

your life and I fill you with calm in the midst of your conflicts you will

discover me no matter where you are the moment that you call out to me and I

reply in a supernatural fashion is not only significant to you but it is also

so significant to me I send you the light for your mornings and the breeze for your

Daybreak I hope you enjoy your week my love envelops you with its Heavenly

warmth bestowing upon you the strength to travel firmly and converting the root

that formerly brought you suffering into one that brings you wealth the reason for this is to ensure that you have the

confidence to believe in my unwavering devotion knowing that nothing and no one

will ever be able to take you away from me in addition to being familiar with

your present and your past I am also familiar with the challenges that you

have faced in the past in this day and age I strongly encourage you to cling to

my assurances always keep in mind that I have been in your corner helping you to

stay on your feet considering that you’re a treasure and that you are mine

you have a life of future and a purpose in this world make sure that you do not

let your feelings and the experiences to drive you away from me on this

particular day I have made the decision to communicate with you in order to

reassure you my unwavering presence in your life and the promises that will

lead you to tranquil lakes and verdant Meadows you should not give into dread

or concern instead you should attempt to rid your heart of any ambiguity your

home your future your personality your dreams and your plans are all places

where I am in the process of working you should put your faith in me and allow me

to make my intentions for you a reality don’t be afraid to follow my example and

move forward with a absolute confidence confidence take note that I am standing

here with my arms wide extended ready to greet you I want to use my love to help

you get rid of any negative sentiments that are draining your energy and to

relieve any burdens that you are carrying you should stop battling against the current or relying

exclusively on your own power instead you should dive into the flow of my

spirit and feel secure if you take my hand you will be protected throughout

the day even if you find yourself in a difficult situation neither loss nor

humiliation will befall you I will come to your rescue and help you rise above

it don’t let anything or anyone prevent you from achieving your goals I hope

that your life is filled to the brim with happiness and love and that it is

so of obvious that everyone can see it I also hope that you are able to have

everything that your heart desires please make it clear to everyone that

you are my most treasured kid give me permission to guide you away from the

troubled areas you visited and into the peaceful roads that will take you away

from the problems of this world the reason I am reminding you of my vows today is because I love you and I want

nothing but the best for you I hope that everything works out for you if you have

the courage to confront the things that bring you down my ways will carefully

take you on roads that have been prepared to help you reclaim what you have lost it is important to keep in

mind that I gave up my life on the cross for you and then rose from the dead with

power in order to show the world how important I am am try to put some

distance between yourself and individuals who are trying to derail

your progress and bring you harm I have nothing but the intention of robbing you

of the blessings that I have in store for you it is impossible for those who

want to see you defeated without a peace purpose and a reason to exist to achieve

their goal of making you stumble by my side due to the fact that I will always

be by your side protecting and loving you there is nothing and no one that can

separate you from my side once you have made the decision to follow me with complete and utter assurance and

commitment due to the fact that I have forgiven you your previous

transgressions and mistakes have no place in your new existence due to the

fact that you have be become a new person you have nothing to be embarrassed of you are now free from all

forms of evil because my blood has cleansed you broken your bindings and

set you free do not ruminate on the past which I have long since forgotten

instead live fearlessly in the present now you are strongly incourage to begin

each day with a prayer in which you thank me for blessing you be assured

that I am always available to restore your trust strength and hope whenever

you are experiencing feelings of weakness or fear please do not hesitate

to discuss your concerns with me I will direct you to potential Solutions and

provide you with the answers you are seeking for right away my love for you is Limitless and will continue to exist

till the end of time for the moment you are able to sense that love I have the ability to destroy

any bad Force heal any illness and break through any ties of grief and need I

have the power to do all of these things I am here to provide you with support in

every way as long as I am there to support you no one will be able to tear

you down due to the fact that I am your guardian no one can ever defeat you the fact that

I am your Shield prevents anyone from cursing you you will never be

discouraged because my holy spirit is always there to give you a boost of

confidence enthusiasm and happiness because of this

you will never be affected by discouragement your difficult times will come to an end if you have complete

faith in my care and love if you have the conviction that I am

constantly by your sigh and if you cling to what I am telling you today this is

especially true when you are confronted with a severe case of Despair or when

life’s assaults force you into a state of desperation and uncertainty take

close attention I am the one who is communicating with you I am the all

powerful God the one who created everything your parent Your Leader your

companion and the one who rules over your life I am always ready to assist

you whenever you are in need of assistance I am merely requesting your genuine devotion and faith in me the

challenges that life throws at you could seem at the most inopportune times but I

am aware of the suffering that you are going through on the inside I understand

that you do not wish to give up I am willing to forgive you and offer you a

new beginning if you come back to me and state that you are sorry and that you

are prepared to be faithful to me no matter how many times a good person

stumbles my kindness will always be there to pull them up and get them back

up again because of the love that I give you will not be misguided in any way and

there is no limit to The Compassion that I will show you take a stand against

those who live a lie who misuse my name and who take advantage of other people

they may give the impression of being trustworthy but at their core they are

dishonest instead you should be vigilant and avoid falling into their traps

Please be aware that I have a plethora of benefits in store for you you

together with those who have committed themselves to my message with all of their hearts are the recipients of Love

mercy and forgiveness on the other hand I am also a fire that consumes guarding

the people I care about and ensuring that they do not fall into the hands of

the one who devours on account of this I am speaking to your spirit directly

today and I am imploring you to pay attention but what I have to say and to

open your ears I yearn for your personal Liberty and I yearn for your recovery

each morning I invite you to come and pray I you listen to my word you should

put your life and your family in my hands and you should have complete faith

in the beautiful plans that I have created for you

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