Is Muhammad mentioned in the Bible?

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today we are going to talk about an

interesting of course argument that you

hear about over and over again has to do

with the idea that Mohammed is found in

the Bible and let me tell you this as a

form of Muslim I honestly find this

argument laughable for a one reason the

reason is I’ve always believed the Bible

is corrupt so how can I go to the Bible

to try to find something that supports

my own belief when I’ve already

discounted the source that I want to use

to prove my own belief with that in mind

I want to turn it over to dr. David Wood

well you’re you’re you’re absolutely

correct there in the absurdity of so

many Muslims claiming that the Bible’s

been corrupted and then trying to show

us from the Bible that Muhammad was a

true prophet I mean even if you did find

something in the Bible saying that

Muhammad was a prophet if Muslims are

also saying that the Bible’s been

corrupted how would we know that that’s

not one of the corrupted parts but this

is Muslims do use this argument and

there’s a reason Muslims use this

argument the reason is that it comes

from the Quran it’s a claim from the

Quran that the Bible contains prophecies

about the coming of Muhammad and this

has to be in both the Old and New

Testament so let’s turn to the Quran to

see what Allah says about the Torah and

the gospel chapter verse of the

Quran says that those who follow the

messenger the unlettered prophet whom

they find mentioned in their own

in the Torah and the gospel it is they

who will prosper

so notice a couple things this means one

it means that Jews and Christians still

had the Torah and the gospel during the

time of Muhammad so that means that the

Torah in the gospel had been transmitted

down to the seventh century at least and

that’s interesting because we have

copies of the Torah and the gospel from

before that time so we know what the

tour in the gospel of the seventh

century said but it’s also interesting

and that it gives us a way to test

Muhammad’s revelations right if I say

hey I mentioned in the Bible or I

mentioned here I’m giving you an

opportunity to investigate my claims and

so the Quran here gives us an

opportunity to test whether Mohammed was

a true prophet

now Muslims for centuries have been

looking through the Bible to try and

find where it talks about Muhammad there

are many of these places we don’t have

time to go through all of them but we’ll

go through the best we’ll go through the

best according to them in other words if

you look up what this verse is talking

about in Yusuf Ali’s edition of the

Koran or many other editions of the

Quran when it says that Muhammad is

found in the Torah and the gospel they

give two main passages one from the

Torah one from the Gospel as their main

proof that Muhammad is mentioned in our

scriptures and so the main passages they

give are one from Deuteronomy and one

from John chapter so the Torah and

the gospel so we’ll look at the best we

won’t look through all of them we can do

that later but right now we want to look

at the best ones so the top prophecy

from the Torah is Deuteronomy chapter

verse some Muslims will also put

Deuteronomy which basically say

the same thing that God’s going to send

a prophet like Moses so Deuteronomy

verse the Lord your God will raise up

for you a prophet like me Moses speaking

the Lord your God will raise up for you

a prophet like me from among you

from your countrymen you shall listen to

him right now there are so many problems

with claiming that this is about

Mohammed but Muslims still argue it and

they’ll they’ll use arguments along the

lines of Moses was a political leader

and a military leader and a prophet saw

all simultaneously Mohammed and Moses

were like each other in this sense

because that’s what Mohammed was too

they both delivered a law to their

people so look at the similarities this

is what this is saying now just by

reading the verse you can already see

some of the problems a prophet like me

from among you who’s he talking to

he’s talking to he’s talking to Jews

from your countrymen which this

translates in his country it’s actually

brethren and Muslims will argue that

brethren here refers to their brethren

the Ishmaelites now the problem is

anytime anytime the Torah is talking

about someone someone else because they

are their brethren in a sense they’re

they’re their relatives it will say your

brethren who are and it will specify the

other group when it just says brethren

as it does even in the same chapter it’s

talking about your fellow Jews the

tribes primarily mm-hmm and so even even

if you just read what this is saying no

no Jew during this time would have

thought oh this is talking about a

prophet coming from among the Arabs

, years from now would have never

entered anyone’s mind and the setting is

important this is in the wilderness

they’re prepared to enter into the

prophet into the Promised Land where is

– male lies here there is no shamea

lights whatsoever yeah

and so even if we just read the verse

there’s something strange about

appealing to this but Muslims will say

Muhammad was like Moses in various ways

and and you can see why they would argue

that Muhammad and Moses were similar in

certain ways the problem of course is

that when the Bible talks about a

prophet like Moses we know what that

phrase like Moses meant in this context

and we know it from the book of

Deuteronomy itself this same book tells

us what this is referring to when it’s

talking about someone coming

like Moses correct so we’ll turn to the


verse Deuteronomy chapter verses

through this is the very end and says

that this prophet hasn’t arisen right

the prophet like Moses hasn’t come yet

says since that time no prophet has

risen in Israel like Moses notice like

Moses oh they’re talking about the

prophet like Moses since that time no

prophet has risen in Israel like Moses

whom the Lord knew face to face for all

the signs and wonders which the Lord

sent him to perform in the land of

Israel against Pharaoh all his servants

and all his land and for all the mighty

and for all the great terror which Moses

performed in the sight of Israel so

someone the Lord knew face to face and

for all the signs and wonders so many

signs and wonders that they would

terrify the unbelievers right right so

is that Muhammad right did Muhammad

perform miracles we just cover that we

have covered that right I’m I didn’t

have a single one so Muhammad performed

zero miracles so he certainly isn’t like

Moses in that sense what about knowing

the Lord face to face yeah Muhammad know

the Lord face to face absolutely not

Ayesha said in some traditions that he

never spoke to his Lord face to face we

know that it’s Gabriel that was

communicating with him so even according

to Muslim sources Allah doesn’t come to

Muhammad that’s right Allah sends a

messenger to Muhammad so is Muhammad the

prophet like Moses when we look at what

that phrase like Moses means in the

context of Deuteronomy can’t be wrong

God right so whoever this is applying to

and the apostles of Jesus believed it

was applying to him right he’s the one

who has such a close relationship with

the father that he can communicate we in

a special way with the father but also

Jesus is performing signs and wonders in

the presence of Israel so just looking

at what that means in the context of the

book of Deuteronomy makes absolutely no

sense but there’s another problem is

that the very same

passage Deuteronomy the very same

passage rules out Muhammad as a prophet

according to Deuteronomy Muhammad

can’t be a prophet at all

and here I’m referring to Deuteronomy

chapter verse so in in Deuteronomy

we find that that that God’s going

to send a prophet like Moses repeats it

in Deuteronomy right and then just

two verses later in the same passage

right we find this God says the same God
False Prophets

who says he’s sending a prophet like

Moses says but the prophet who speaks a

word presumptuously in my name which I

have not commanded him to speak or which

he speaks and the name of other gods

that prophet shall die so the same God

who says he’s sending a prophet like

Moses says I’m giving you two criteria

here that will allow you to spot a false


correct and the two criteria we have

here are if he speaks a word

presumptuously in my name which I have

not commanded him to speak so if he

gives a revelation and says this

revelation is from God and it’s not

actually from God that’s a false prophet

right or which he speaks in the name of

other gods so you promote polytheism

then you’re a false prophet so if you

speak in the name of other gods or you

deliver a message and say it’s from God

then it doesn’t actually come from God

you’re a false prophet why is this

important because Mohammed did both and

I’m not just referring to to the Quran

or something like that I mean even

according to Muslim sources Muhammad

promoted polytheism and he delivered a

revelation that didn’t come from God and

here I’m referring to what are called

the Satanic Verses

correct according to Muslim sources and

I have Muslim sources on the Satanic


and you can see how the story changed

over time the earliest versions of the

story Mohammed is receiving he’s

receiving verses of the Quran and then

Satan steps in tricks him into affirming

prayers to Allah a loose and manat

so these are the exalted cranes whose

intercession is to be hoped for exalted

cranes meaning their blackbirds who can

carry your prayers to Allah and so what

was saying is they’re basically

intercessors yes you still believe in

Allah but there are intercessors between

you and Allah the the goddesses a lot a

loose and manat so you can now pray to

them because they will take your prayers

to Allah and so Mohammed delivers this

to his followers he bows down in honor

of the revelation and his followers bow

down with him but here’s what’s

interesting the pagans bow down as well

the polytheists of Mecca bow down in

honor of the revelation as well because

they were overjoyed that Mohammed was

now affirming their goddesses so this is

according to the earliest versions of

the story

Muhammad receives this revelation his

followers bow down and the the

polytheists bow down as well but some

time later Gabriel comes to him and says

hey those verses that you revealed to

your followers saying that they can now

pray to Allah to loosen the knot Satan

tricked you into doing that Satan gave

you those verses so a couple of problems

here already one Muhammad couldn’t tell

the difference between the revelation

from God a revelation from Satan in

other words Satan could trick and

deceive him he supposedly God’s greatest

prophet according to Muslims but he

couldn’t tell the difference between a

revelation from God and a revelation

from Satan that’s according to Muslim

sources not according to me although I

agree so Muhammad receives this

revelation and then of course he repents

and those verses are wiped out of the

Quran and you still have the reference

to a lot to lose them or not but the

meaning changes by removing the part

about them being the exalted cranes and

so but what do you have here you have

Muhammad delivering a revelation that

doesn’t come from God and saying it’s a

revelation from God and you have

Muhammad promoting polytheism and saying

that you can now pray to these goddesses

and what’s interesting here is when we

read this in the context of Deuteronomy

saying that these are the criteria of a

false prophet and then we turn to the

history of October T which gives us


reaction once gabriel rebukes him for

promoting this message correct Muhammad

says this is the history of october t

volume page you can look up the

history of october dates available in
Muhammad is a False Prophet

PDF online go to chapter william page

where Muhammad says after the story

of the Satanic Verses he says I have

fabricated things against God and have

imputed to him words which he has not

spoken this is Mohammed saying he

delivered a revelation that didn’t come

from God

what was that revelation about it was

about praying to other goddesses

according to deuteronomy Muhammad is a

false prophet and Muslims claim that

they reverence and have respect for

Moses Moses would have told people to

pick up stones in stone Muhammad to

death as a false prophet for delivering

these verses but so Muhammad should be

overjoyed that he was among polytheists

instead of among Mo’s instead of around

Moses and his followers because they

would not have tolerated this sort of

thing oops I couldn’t I’m sorry I’m a

prophet but I can’t tell the difference

between a revelation from God and a

revelation from Satan that’s why I

firmed polytheism told you all it’s ok

to to pray to goddess is but you know I

changed my mind now the Gabriel came and

told me of course I can’t tell the

difference between a revelation that’s

coming through Gabriel and one coming

from Satan but you know Gabriel tell

it’s incoherent right they wouldn’t have

tolerated this so absolutely no notice

Islam’s best passage the favorite

passage of Muslims from the Old

Testament the prophet like Moses if you

just read the rest of the passage and

know anything about Islamic history the

passage doesn’t affirm Muhammad as a

prophet the passage says that Muhammad

was a false prophet it would have been

executed and during the time of Moses

and that’s basically selective

apologetics and do we ever find anything

else when we’re dealing with this

argument and from Muslims so notice

that’s the best one the best passage

after centuries of examining the

Bible the best Old Testament passage

Muslims can come up with to show that

Muhammad as a prophet was a passage that

specifically says Muhammad is a false

prophet who would have been executed

variously the other art

that I find baffling to me in the

scripture in the Bible for instance

whenever God wants to point to something

that was mentioned about a particular

event or a person usually that is quoted

or referred to one way or another here

we don’t find even a hint to dharana me

or Deuteronomy in the Koran

yes I mentioned that he is in their

books so what which books are we talking

to the Talmud we talking the Midrash the

Mishnah I didn’t know the difference

between them right exactly yeah he

quotes from that from the Talmud and all

kinds of sources and doesn’t know the

difference between them exactly so

that’s their best from the Old Testament

now what about their best verse from the

New Testament here of course is the

claim that Muhammad is the comforter of

John now by the way playing around

with passages that are about the Holy

Spirit would that be a good idea

according to Christianity of course not

oh yeah that’d be that’d be pretty bad

ladies and gentlemen that would be about

as blasphemous as you can get but most

Muslims don’t know what they’re doing

here so let’s uh let’s be patient with

them and read the passage so this is

John chapter verses to Jesus is

about to be taken away so his followers

are upset because he’s told them he’s

about to go he’s been announcing to them

that he’s going to die first they don’t

know what he’s talking about then it

finally starts setting in what he’s what

he’s actually telling them and he’s

telling them don’t be upset it’s not

like I’m just gone forever I’m going to

send you the comforter and so John

chapter here Jesus says I will ask

the Father and He will give you another

helper or comforter the Greek word is

Paraclete I will give you another helper

that he may be with you forever that is

now notice he identifies the helper as

that is the Spirit of Truth whom the

world cannot receive because it does not

see him or know him but you know him

because he abides with you and will be

you this is their best passage to apply

to Mohammed now if we even here again if

we just read the passage all sorts of

things jump out which should tell us

instantly this has nothing to do with


so what Jesus says I will ask the father

is God our Father according to Islam God

the Quran says allows a father to know

what so what what what is Jesus you’re

doing referring to God is father and he

will give you another helper that he may

be with you forever Jesus is talking to

his apostles here was Muhammad with

Jesus followers forever in what sense

was Muhammad with Jesus followers

forever because I mean that’s what

Muslims will try to say they’ll try and

say oh well you know because the you

know Jesus delivered the truth about

Muhammad and so the truth of Muhammad

it doesn’t say you know facts about him

or it says he will be with you he will

be with you right and so Muhammad if

this is Muhammad then Muhammad will be

with you forever

with Jesus apostles who died centuries

before Muhammad came along then we have

that as the Spirit of Truth

so here they’ll say Oh Muhammad was the

Spirit of Truth no this is just silly

start talking about Muhammad as the

spirit whom the world cannot receive

because it does not see him last time I

checked the world did see Muhammad or no

him but you know him the Apostles know

him because he abides with you Muhammad

abides with Jesus followers and will be

in you wait a minute Muhammad abides

with Jesus first century followers his

apostles years before his coming

and is going to be in the Apostles what

what is this this makes absolutely no

sense to think that this is referring to

Muhammad but it gets even better because

notice here in verse says he the

father will give you another helper

right in this same passage as Jesus

continues we have John chapter verse

Jesus says but I tell you the truth it

is to your advantage that I go away for

if I do not go away the helper will not

come to

you but if I go I will send him to you I

will send him to you now l-fatiha

according to Islam who sent Muhammad

Allah sent Muhammad Allah sent Muhammad

that’s right so Muhammad is sent by

Allah correct Allah is the one who sent

Muhammad according to Jesus here Jesus

says if I go I will send him to you

so the helper the comforter is sent by

who by Jesus

so Jesus sends the comforter that’s

correct the comforter is sent by Jesus

so let me get this straight

Muhammad is sent by Allah that’s right

the comforter is sent by Jesus that’s


now if the comforter is sent by Jesus

and Muhammad is sent by Allah then if

the comforter is Muhammad who would that

make Jesus that God of Muhammad so Jesus

according to Islam’s most trusted

prophecy about Muhammad in the gospel

Jesus is the God of Muhammad who sent

him absolutely and it backfires yet

again and so any Muslim any Muslim who

uses this argument we can say you’ve

just identified Jesus as your God thank

you for supporting the Christian message

things about the deity of Christ

now you’ve committed shirk now you have

to abandon Muhammad as a false prophet

and reject his Quran in his revelation

that’s correct and so it what’s what’s

really interesting here if Muslims would

just not pick and choose and be so

selective and oh here’s a part of a

verse I can use without actually reading

the passage notice Jesus says in in

chapter that the father will send him

and in chapter Jesus says that that

he will send him the father and son

together send the comforter that’s right

who is the Spirit of Truth the Holy

Spirit this passage is thoroughly

Trinitarian no no you

can’t understand you can’t make sense of

this passage apart from a doctrine like

the doctrine of the Trinity yes and this

is the place where Muslims go to try and

pull something out that supports Islam

not realizing that if we even took their

argument seriously if we even said for a

second Muhammad is the comforter well

then if Muhammad’s the comfort of and he

sent by Jesus and the father and

therefore that would make Muhammad the

holy spirit we have to reject Islam

because we still have we still have the

Trinity right and that would be that

would be false according to the Quran so

if we accept the Muslim argument we have

to reject Islam and reject Muhammad as a

prophet but I mean apart from that I

mean look at the book they’re going to

write the book starts off by affirming

the deity of Christ in chapter one it

ends with Thomas’s confession that Jesus

is his Lord and his God Jesus dies on

the cross for sins in this book over and

over again we have affirmations of Jesus

death resurrection and deity in this

book which thoroughly contradict the

Islamic message about Jesus

Muslims go right into the middle of this

book rip something completely out of

context totally distort the meaning and

that’s supposedly the proof of Islam

well guess what if that’s the proof of

Islam then Muslims have a have a serious

problem here right because that’s

correct Allah based the truth of his

religion on this Allah says you go to

that book you’re gonna you’re gonna find

references to Muhammad well we’ve looked

at the best – and not only the best to

not show that Mohammed is a prophet if

we look at their best – we find Muhammad

can’t be a prophet Old Testament or New

Testament according to the Bible

Muhammad was a false prophet and if you

know nothing else about Islam if all you

know about Islam is that Allah says go

to the Bible to learn the truth about

his prophet and when we go to the Bible

it’s one constant affirmation that

Muhammad’s a false prophet you already

know you already know that Islam cannot

be the truth and so any Muslim who wants

to know the truth about God about Jesus

you have to go somewhere else

somewhere other than Muhammad and the

Quran absolutely and also I kind of

laugh when Muslims whenever you pick up

verse from the Quran they tell you have

to put it in context so let’s put the

John in context in John the

Lord says I am the way the truth and the

life no one comes to the Father except

by me there you have the context by the

way aren’t those titles of Allah

exactly yeah absolutely so it’s obvious

that Muslims acknowledge that Jesus is

the way to heaven and I acknowledge that

God is called the father at the same

time so you cannot pick and choose you

cannot just selectively say I like this

but I don’t like that the Bible is

corrupt except for these passages and

those can go on and on now ladies and

gentleman hopefully you’ve enjoyed this

particular episode obviously this is a

deep topic there are so many other

passages Muslims typically use from the


for now you can go ahead and Google that

advise you to go for instance to a

number of websites that are very

reputable like answering – Islam org our

brothers for instance website which is

answering Muslims com

and there are many other reputable

websites that deal with that but Lord

willing in the future we will take care

of all of those one by one but these two

passages that we mentioned to you

Neutron Deuteronomy and in John

the two top passages used by our Muslim


so hopefully you find this explanation

very helpful to you and don’t be

surprised if a Muslim that you’re

dealing with brings up this idea that

Muhammad is in the Bible when just

earlier told you that the Bible is

corrupt don’t blame them that’s what

they’re told and with that says I look

forward of course to doing more episodes

with you brother can you give our

audience another basically a topic that

we might address in your future well the

the next topic we’ll be covering it sort

of sort of ends the main arguments right

there are other Muslim arguments but

this sort of closes out the ones you

hear constantly and that of course is

the the argument from scientific

accuracy the claim that the Quran is

filled with miraculous

scientific insights and that Muhammad

made miraculous scientific claims which

weren’t verified until centuries after

his death and therefore he must be a

prophet so this will be checking out

next thank you so much and thank you to

all of you until we meet again have a

blessed day

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