Is God real?

is God real it’s a fair question God or

the concept of a God is talked about a

lot but we don’t see God and we don’t

hear him so can we really be sure that

there is one and you know sometimes we

can get really curious about God’s

existence especially when it comes to

thoughts about death like if there’s a

God and if there’s a heaven and a hell

where will we go and can we know that

for sure as a former Bible teacher many

of my students have asked me how do you

know God is real and I normally respond

with three thoughts thought number one
You dont need to see

you don’t need to see in order to


now suppose we went to an art museum and

imagine us seeing a painting of a

beautiful landscape and you told me wow

that artist is good and I looked to you

and say ah well you can’t be too sure

there’s an artist I mean can you see the

artist give me direct evidence that

there was an artist and as you look to

find the artist’s name on the painting

you find that the artist is unknown to

which I’d say see you can’t see the

artist there’s no proof that they

actually existed therefore this painting

doesn’t have an artist and this

obviously is an illustration you see

from what I found people always believe

in what they don’t see yet many people

don’t like to use that logic when it

comes to the subject of God for example

if I look at a skyscraper I don’t need

to see the architect in order to believe

that there was one if I look at a

painting or a sculpture I don’t need to

see the artist and if I see a tray of

sushi I don’t need to see the chef

responsible for making it because sky

scrapers art pieces and dishes are all

complex and require an intelligent mind

in order to bring them to existence and

the facts that they are complex is

reason enough to believe that someone

was responsible for their creation even

if we physically cannot see the Creator

thought number two life is complex and
Life is complex

it needs to come from somewhere now

while buildings art and recipes are

complex our bodies are immensely more so

so I would argue that if we can assume

that skyscrapers and everything that we

talked about has a Creator we as people

must also have a Creator due to how

complicated our bodies are the human

body has a total of nine layered systems

that all must be working in order for an

individual to be healthy the

cardiovascular system contains the heart

and blood vessels working so it can get

your body that oxygen and nutrients it

needs the endocrine system produces

hormones that contribute to your overall

growth the digestive system breaks down

the food and liquids that we consume and

turns it into energy the respiratory

system helps us to breathe which is a

little important the excretory system

removes all the waste and other harmful

things in our body the lymphatic system

is part of your immune system that

prevents us from getting sick the

nervous system contains the brain and is

responsible for anything requiring

thought the muscular system contains all

the muscles that help us to move and the

skeletal system obviously has all the

bones that give us something to slap

these eight other systems on and to give

you an idea of how much information your

body contains pay attention to this

quote from the National Institute of

General Medical Sciences six that’s how

many feet long the DNA from one of your

cells would be if you uncoiled each

Strand and placed them end to end do

this for all your DNA and the resulting

strand would be billion miles long

the same as about round

trips to the Moon you see your DNA is

your information it’s everything that

makes you you and all of it stretched

out would be billion miles long so

when it comes to where people came from

I believe that people are far too

complex and must have had an intelligent

mind responsible for creating them

to further my point imagine if we were

walking in a forest and we see a laptop

lying on the ground and I looked to you

and say do you know how this laptop got

here well this Forest had all the

elements needed in order to create a

laptop so after billions of years full

of lightning storms and the changing

environment this laptop came into

existence and while this all sounds

silly take out the laptop and insert the

evolution of humans in there I mean is

it possible that humans with their nine

systems and billion miles worth of

information somehow could have evolved

after billions of years and might I add

that if that scenario sounds unlikely

with the laptop how can that make sense

with people who are significantly more

advanced I don’t know but I feel like

many people make fun of Christians who

believe in the possibility that God was

responsible for the creation of people

when in my opinion I feel like that

belief makes more sense given how

complex people are
Jesus is God

thought number three Jesus Is God and

there’s plenty of evidence for his

existence now for those of you who are

thinking why should I trust the Bible or

believe in Jesus well one reason why one

might trust the Bible is because

according to Dr Sean McDowell in

the New Testament of the Bible has

historical documents supporting it

in McDowell’s article titled what is the

most recent manuscript count for the New

Testament he quotes how do the New

Testament documents compare with other

ancient books a stack of existing

manuscripts from the average classical

writer would measure about four feet

high yet the New Testament manuscripts

would stack to more than one mile high

and what does this one mile high stack

of information contain details about a

man named Jesus his life his death his

resurrection his church and his way to

get to heaven look I’m not going to

cover all the reasons why you should

trust the Bible in this video that video

is actually being worked on but we will

provide the link in the description

below once it’s uploaded but for those

of you who are genuinely looking for the

answer to the question is God real I

would consider what the Bible says in

John chapter verses to and verse

. in the beginning was the word and

the Word was with God and the Word was

God he was in the beginning with God all

things were made through him and without

him nothing was made that was made and

the word became flesh and dwelt among us

and we beheld his glory the glory as of

the only begotten of the father full of

grace and truth and if you were to

continue reading the book of John you

would see that the word who was God that

became flesh or in other words a person

was Jesus and according to over twenty

thousand historical documents that are a

mile high Jesus existed and he lived so

you can hear this message you are not

here on accident you were more than the

nine systems that allow your body to

function because you

Soul a soul that God created and gave

you so how did you get here on Earth

according to the Bible there is only one

God and this one God who is in the form

of three persons which we call the

Trinity God the Father God the son and

God the holy spirit this God created

everything the universe with its stars

and planets the Earth with its lands and

seas and in it he made the animals and

the first man and woman and when he made

them he gave them the ability to choose

why because God wanted to have a sincere

and genuine relationship with people and

in order for love to be real love must

not be forced but have a choice so God

gave the first man Adam and the first

woman Eve a choice to either obey him or

disobey him and they chose to disobey

and according to the Bible actions that

violate God’s righteous commands are

called sin in Romans it says for

all have sinned and come short of the

glory of God and Romans says for

the penalty of sin is death

to put things simply these passages tell

us that everyone here on Earth is an

imperfect sinner that has violated God’s

commands to be good and holy and the

punishment for such actions is death so

here’s the problem the god of the Bible

is the God of Justice and he is so holy

pure and perfect that he must not allow

any wrong act to go unpunished to let

any sin be ignored what compromise is

justice so he must give Liars the

sexually immoral the murderers and the

selfish what they deserve and that’s

death and death in the Bible is more

than just the physical stopping of the

heart there’s two parts to death

Revelation chapter verse but

cowardly unbelieving abominable

murderers sexually immoral Sorcerers

idolaters and all liars shall have their

part in the lake which burns with fire

and brimstone which is the second death

this second death is eternal separation

from God in a place of Eternal Flames

called the Lake of Fire also known as

hell and this is what I deserve and what

people everywhere deserve because of

their sin but the idea of people being

sent to hell didn’t sit well with God so

he made a way for people to be saved

from the punishment of their sins God

the Father sent his son Jesus to pay the

price for people’s sins Jesus being God

the son came in the form of a man as

read in the Book of John and he was the

only person to have ever lived a life

without any sin he was completely

perfect and the day he died he was

beaten without Mercy whipped and

mutilated spat upon and humiliated

and he was nailed to a cross why did

this happen because sin makes God angry

and full of Wrath so all of the Wrath

that God has against every lie every

murder every sexual sin every selfish

Act of greed and darkness all of the

anger that God had against every evil

act committed by people was placed on

Jesus Jesus was treated as if he lived

our sinful life and he died on the cross

to take away the death and divine wrath

that we deserved why do I tell you all

of this because the biggest reason why

you’re here on Earth right now is so you

can make this decision will you believe

that Jesus died for you and will you

surrender your life to him because I’ll

tell you right now God is real you are

far too complex of a person for you to

have just popped into existence and it

is Through the Bible that we know that

we originated from God but sin has

disconnected us from him because filthy

sin cannot be in the presence of a holy

and perfect God and sin has no place in

heaven but God in his love for people

made a way back to him you see according

to the Bible there is only one thing

necessary for you to go to heaven and

have access to God and it’s this

have faith in the fact that Jesus died

for you Romans chapter verse

therefore having been justified by faith

we have peace with God through our Lord

Jesus Christ and the word Justified here

means declared righteous so here’s the

good news

even though you’re a sinner that God has

great anger and wrath towards

God still loves you so he sent his son

Jesus to die on the cross for your sins

so you don’t have to pay that punishment

yourself in hell all you need to do is

believe that Jesus died for you and to

live your life according to that

knowledge and when you do this when God

looks at you he will no longer see your

sin because it was paid for at the cross

no there won’t be any anger towards you

anymore because if you have faith in

Jesus instead God will look at you with

peace and see Jesus’s Perfection and

sinless life because Jesus traded his

life for yours but the story isn’t over

yet the Bible tells us that Jesus didn’t

stay dead he rose again is still alive

and is coming again very soon and being

the King of Kings he will come back for

his people and will set up his kingdom

where we will all dwell safely for all


so I need to say this you need to make a

decision you don’t know when your life

will end and you can either pay for the

penalty of your sins yourself in the

Lake of Fire or you can allow Jesus to

pay for them through his blood please

see God’s love for you see the Salvation

that you can have through faith in

Jesus’s death for your sins pray to God

tell him you believe that he died for

you and help me spread this message to

as many people as we can so that more

people can own this truth

Jesus loves you

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