a shocking exposure about Seven Nations

worldwide the Holy Spirit has revealed

what is coming in the month of July

yesterday morning when I was in

prayer and trying to hear from the lot I

heard something very serious from the

lot that I feel so happy to release to

you right

now it’s about about seven nations in

the world who are going to face the

severe anger of God in the next

weeks the Lord has revealed who these

nations are and it is imperative for you

to receive this message until the very

end as your nation could be on the list

too remember you are not here


God has called you

here you are chosen by God to receive

these words because they are going to

change your mindset completely so pay

undivided attention for the next few

minutes and don’t dismiss this

Revelation Holy Spirit I pray that you

use this video I pray that you touch

this individual who is about to hear

your word and I pray that you bless them

I pray that even now your presence is

just going through the screens meeting

us meeting this individual exactly where

they are in Jesus mighty name

amen now this is what I heard God spoke

to me he

said to my beloved children in the body

of the

Christ I the Lord your God am alerting

you ahead of

time about the overthrow of Seven

Nations coming in the next

weeks my

children I can over through Godless

Nations and their

leaders and I

will your enemies were allowed to go so

far so you could see who they really are

to awaken my glory in each of you and to

seek me for Authority freedom and

everything that already belongs to

you these nations once great in their

own eyes have turned away from my

Commandments and have allow Darkness to

Rin in their herds and lands

their leaders have become corrupt and

their people have embraced sin as a way


life the cries of the innocent have

reached my

ears and I will no longer stay my

hand my

children I must revealed to you out of

these Seven


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