God is speaking to you right now I will carry out what I have promised unlike

other people I am not dishonest if someone has faith in you show them

loyalty if someone has faith in you don’t let them down enter my presence if

this is how you have stumbled I’m sorry if you want to change the world use your

gifts to help those in need or Mentor the Next Generation then do it from the

bottom of your heart I will be your rock in the middle of a storm the foundation

upon which you will construct a life of deep fulfillment an ending joy and

Tranquility so do not be afraid my infant I will always be here for people

that are hurting and feeling alone always keep in mind that I have the

utmost regard for your body my Priceless creation’s Earthly home your spirit

already exists in harmony with the Divine when you focus on things above

recognize that I am genuine being a true friend with nothing but the best

interest of the both of us I listen to you I console you despite the enemies

constant attempts to obstruct you your goal remains evident you need not worry

though because I’m going to remove every barri barrier in your way and allow you

to come back to me you’ll be back tomorrow more committed than ever your

steady faith and self disciplined demeanor honor me beloved you have a

burning desire to positively impact other people’s lives and I can see that

child remain resilient in spite of any plots the adversary attempts to implant

between us you you have the ability to live a vibrant and purposeful life my

dear Warrior there are those who are on the verge of death therefore you must

not become weary or complacent stay close by my love always there to support

and uplift you I am by your sigh long concealed the gospel is suddenly made

public it was this reality that ens snared my dear disciple John on after

you hit the Subscribe button you may join our community and allow this truth

to permeate every area of your being to heal the secrets you’ve kept hidden I am

here my beloved walk in the assurance that you are mine both now and always

you become transformed from yourself inside out when I take on your troubles

and replace them with a miraculous calm if you believe believe what I say you

will receive blessings rely on my superhuman strength and let go of your

concerns if there are obstacles in your weight don’t let them intimidate you to

help you go in the proper direction I’m at your sigh always keep in mind that

your religion is a solid anchor rather than only a tranchet feeling despite

everything that has happened to you you have experienced both Joy and sadness

and afraid to make new connections and offer up frequent prayers for hand

alongside your traveling friends remain hopeful like King David who twirled

about me with great force follow his example be grateful and joyful without

fear March toward Victory with unshakable courage to take the lead in

your household and Comm Community is what I’m inviting you to do you are the


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