my dear child I am your God your Guiding Light your

my dear child I am your God your Guiding Light your

strength the Wellspring of Grace and compassion that satisfies your yearning for tranquility and restoration during

your most challenging times when hope seems Elusive and despair tightens its grip on your heart feel my presence as I

extend my hand to lift you from the Shadows into the light Envision yourself as a majestic

Eagle soaring on currents of my strength as I mend your wounds and nourish your

spirit with Timeless truths and words Behold as I unlock the gates to

Realms unknown granting you the strength to Traverse life’s dangers with safety

much like a skilled Navigator sailing stormy seas without fear today’s message

is a symphony of Tranquility harmonizing discordant notes within your being rest

assured that my Vigilant gaze guides you towards Redemption as Dawn breaks on the

horizon I witness the daily challenges you endure Temptations lurk like hidden

traps and adversaries plot your downfall you may feel abandoned as even

the closest bonds Fray in times of trial nevertheless rest assured my presence

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