I’m Your Refuge | God Says

my beloved do not dwell on the past the past holds lessons for you but

it should never become your focus you cannot undo what has already happened no matter how deeply you might

wish to change it instead come to me and pour out your heart remember that I am

your Refuge trust in me at all times when dark clouds of worry surround

you reinforce your confidence in me by frequently saying I trust you Jesus

these simple words can immediately brighten your day childlike trust in me blows away the dark clouds of worry I am

doing a new thing in your life be vigilant and watch for all that I am

accomplishing around you ask me to Open the Eyes of your heart and mind so you

can see the numerous opportunities I have placed along your path do not become so stuck in routine

that you miss the newness I am bringing forth remember I can make a way where

there seems to be no way with me all things are possible this is the day I

have made I invite you to rejoice and be glad in it as you share it with me the

more you invite me into your life the more joy you will experience talk with me about everything

that concerns you whatever is on your mind these conversations will transform

the way you think if you’ve been preoccupied with trivial matters bringing me into your

thoughts helps you see how insignificant they are if you are stuck in the past

yearning to change what has happened my presence lovingly draws you back into the present whatever you are facing I

can help you handle it better seek to find joy in this day I

have made for you I’ve hidden small Pleasures along your pathway search for

them and thank me for each one you find many of these little Delights are

unique to you as I know you so intimately Rejoice for I Am With You

Always beloved I am your strength and your joy it is vital to keep your joy

alive especially in times of adversity when you struggle guard your thoughts and words carefully if you focus too

much on what is wrong you will become discouraged and your strength will be sapped

turn to me as soon as you realize this is happening praise me speak or sing

words of worship and read scriptures that bring you Joy remember your problems are temporary

but I am Eternal as you Delight in my unfailing love your strength will increase this is

the joy of the Lord which is yours for all time and throughout eternity let my consolation bring joy to

your soul when anxiety Wells up within you come to me and pour out your heart sit quietly

in my presence while I comfort you and help you see things from my perspective I will remind you of your

heavenly destination and Infuse my joy and peace into your heart mind and

soul even in the midst of severe suffering my spirit can give you Joy

when fear and joy coexist do not let fear keep you from experiencing my joy

my loving presence is yours to enjoy every day no matter what is happening remember nothing can separate you from

my love I am always accessible to you Beloved the more often you turn your

thoughts to me the more you will enjoy my perfect peace train your mind to

focus on me and I will keep you in perfect peace your trust in me demonstrates your faith even in the

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