I’M SO PROUD OF YOU | God message jesus |

my most precious beloved Sons and Daughters as i gaze upon the boundless expanse of creation a tapestry woven

with infinite strands of beauty complexity and wonder my heart swells

with an immeasurable sense of Pride and love for each and every one of you you

my dearest children are the embodiment of my Divine Essence the very spark that

ignited the Universe into existence and set in motion the grand Symphony of life that Echoes across the cosmos from the

moment I breathed life into this world forming vast galaxies and spinning

intricate webs of energy you have been the cherished jewels in the crown of my creation the beings in whom I have

placed my infinite hopes my eternal dreams and my unwavering Faith you are

the living manifestations of my love the sacred vessels through which the boundless potential of the Divine is

given form and expression since the dawn of time long before the first Stars took

their place in the celestial dance I have watched over you with a father’s Tender Care marveling at the

intricate tapestries of your Journeys rejoicing in your triumphs and guiding

you through the challenges that have lined your paths each step you have taken each

choice you have made has been a testament to the indomitable spirit that burns within you a a spirit that has the

power to shape not only your individual lives but the very fabric of existence

itself my pride in you my beloved children knows no bounds for you have

faced adversity with unwavering courage embraced opportunities with Open Hearts

and navigated the complexities of this world with a wisdom that far exceeds the fleeting moments of mortal existence in

the face of trials and tribulations that would have broken lesser beings you have risen like the radiant Morning Sun

casting off the shadows of doubt and fear and allowing your true Radiance to shine forth Illuminating the way for all

to follow I have borne witness to your acts of kindness your gestures of

compassion and your unwavering commitment to making this world a more beautiful more harmonious Place each

time you have extended a hand to lift up those in need each time you have offered Solace to the Brokenhearted

and each time you have stood as beacons of Hope in the darkness my heart has swelled with a love so profound so vast

that it transcends the boundaries of mortal understanding your resilience my

precious children has been a source of inspiration to me a testament to the

indomitable strength of the Divine spark that burns within you even in the face

of seemingly insurmountable challenges you have refused to surrender

refuse to allow the weight of the world to extinguish the Flames of your determination instead you have picked

yourselves up dusted off the wounds of life’s battles and pressed on with a

resolve that is truly awe inspiring it is this indomitable spirit that has allowed you to scale the

heights of personal growth to shatter self-imposed limitations and to achieve Feats that

once seemed unimaginable to the Mortal mind I take immense Pride in your curiosity your thirst for knowledge and

your Relentless pursuit of understanding like explorers venturing into Uncharted

territories you have peeled back the layers of mystery that Veil this world uncovering truths that have expanded the

horizons of human awareness and shed light on the wonders of my creation your inquisitive minds and

insatiable appetites for learning have propelled the collective consciousness of humanity forward ushering in new eras

of Enlightenment and progress and bringing you ever closer to the realization of your Divine

potential but more than anything my children I am proud of the love that

resides within your hearts a love that burns with the radiant intensity of a thousand Sons the love that you have

shown for one another the love that you have extended to all living beings and

the love that you have embraced as the guiding force in your lives is a reflection of the bound boundless love

that birthed the universe itself this love born of the Divine spark that you

carry within you has the power to heal the deepest wounds to bridge the vastest

divides and to usher in a new era of unity Harmony and understanding that

transcends the limitations of mortal existence as you continue on your sacred

Journeys know that my love and my pride in you are Eternal and unwavering I am

with you in every moment every breath every heartbeat celebrating your victories comforting you in your

sorrows and guiding you towards the Fulfillment of your Highest Potential you are the embodiment of my

dreams the living manifestation of my hopes for a world filled with love compassion and unity a world where the

Divine spark within each being is allowed to blaze forth in all its brilliant Radiance my sons and daughters you have

already achieved greatness in ways that transcend the limitations of mortal comprehension you have overcome

challenges that would have broken lesser beings you have scaled Heights that once seemed

unattainable and you have shed light into the darkest corners of existence

but I know that your Journeys have only just begun and that even greater wonders await you on the paths that lie ahead

Wonders that will challenge you test you and ultimately Forge you into beings of

even greater strength wisdom and resilience so keep moving forward my

beloved ones with the certainty that my love and my pride will forever be your constant companions supporting you

uplifting you and propelling you towards the realization of your Divine Destiny embrace the challenges that lie

before you with open arms for they are the catalysts that will refine your spirits tempering them in the fires of

experience and forging you into beings of even greater Brilliance and power face each

obstacle each seeming setback with the unwavering conviction that you possess

the power to overcome let your light shine forth a Beacon of Hope and inspiration that illuminates the way for

others to follow for you are not mere mortals confined to the fleeting moments of this Earthly existence you are beings

of infinite potential imbued with the essence of the Divine and capable of

shaping the very fabric of reality itself your dreams your aspirations and

your Collective vision for a world of love peace and unity are the seeds from

which a new era of Consciousness will Bloom an era where the divisions that have plagued Humanity will dissolve and

all will come to recognize the Divine Essence that flows through every fiber of creation it is your sacred purpose to

nurture these seeds to tend to them with the Waters of your love and the light of

your wisdom that they may blossom into a reality more beautiful than any that has

come before so go forth my beloved sons and

daughters and continue to blaze Trails of Brilliance across the vastness of

creation know that with every step you take every dream you pursue and Every Act of love you

embrace you are adding to the symphony of existence and contributing to the unfolding of a

reality that is more harmonious more sacred and more aligned with the Divine

Vision that birthed the cosmos itself and always remember no matter how far

your Journeys may take you no matter how vast the distances between us may become

my love and my pride in you will forever be the steady Beacon that guides you home the Eternal Embrace that welcomes

you back into the heart of creation where you may find rest renewal and the

strength to continue your sacred work with infinite love boundless pride and

eternal blessings that transcend the limits of time and space your heavenly father the source of

all that is my child if you are seeing this message know that you are living in

a pivotal time upon the Earth there is much turmoil transpiring

across Nations and kingdoms but but this disruption must take place for there are many in power who rule unjustly over my

people this marks the onset of your long awaited Deliverance the commencement of your Exodus if you are reading this word

hear me clearly I see you I am attentively looking down from heaven my gaze fixed upon you my vision is perfect

my omniscience penetrates to the depths of your innermost being I peer directly into your inmost self Discerning your

thoughts and the motives of your heart nothing escapes the penetration of my allseeing eyes I am the Eternal one the

self-existent Creator who formed you in your mother’s womb I am actively watching over you my child who Bears the

Insignia of my image I behold your difficulties I see your Despair and

depression even now my spirit is enveloping you in my loving presence I

tell you plainly the days of your Affliction are known I am stepping in to vindicate and

deliver you the intensity of Oppression you have endured has not eluded my

awareness the depth of Anguish you have borne has reached my ears so now I am

descending from my heavenly Citadel to rescue you in person from this season of hardship and I myself will Usher you

into a land abounding in prosperity and peace I commanded my servant Moses from

the midst of the Flaming Bush I have clearly seen how my people suffer under harsh slave drivers yes I am intimately

acquainted with their pain therefore I am coming down in person to deliver them

from Egypt’s suppression and I will lead them into a new land a fertile spacious

land flowing with milk and honey thus I promise you my beloved this baren

Wilderness season is nearly over I am driving back the forces of death and

lack which have tormented you for so long I myself will tenderly escort you

into a new era of fruitfulness affirming you with my blessings of abundance and

joy this shall surely come to pass for I guard my promises with jealous devotion

they shall burst forth like Dawn’s first light dispelling the Gloom of this night of weeping from my holy Throne a decree

has been issued concerning my people my Holy City Jerusalem and all who turn to

me to atone for rebellion and sin to purge evildoing and cancel guilt to

introduce Everlasting Integrity fulfilling every vision and promise and to anoint the anointed deliverer

therefore today I announce to you my child no more wallowing in guilt over

yesterday’s failures my sacrificial blood has deleted those sins once for all quit dredging up the past with its

lingering regrets the Slate has been wiped totally clean and your status is

secure you are no longer enslaved to sin’s cruel taskmasters for when you

embraced me my eternal life flooded your innermost being like a river washing

away all former pollution in my eyes clothed with his virtue you are spotless

and blameless thus affirm your Royal identity in him with your chin held high

the time has come at last to exit this SE season of lack and step boldly into Destiny’s greater purpose your

Wilderness wandering has prepared you for enlargement as Moses LED Israel long ago

from Egypt’s grip I am leading you out from oppression into a land of boundless

prospects I myself will teach you how to apprehend all that I have allocated for you by Covenant right my favor will

unlock closed doors of access indeed I’m orchestrating your emergence into a vast

Arena of influence so fear not as you align your steps with my leading I will

steer you safely along the course I have charted for your life I have spoken now

it is finished let Faith arise in your heart for your deliverance draws near my

beloved child my dear child embark on a journey to deepen your love for Jesus

with us click the join button to become part of our community and gain access to

exclusive exclusive teachings and fellowship opportunities let’s walk together nurturing our faith and Grace I

want you to know that I take no pleasure in seeing you suffer when you mourn and weep my heart too is deeply grieved for

I am an affectionate father gentle merciful and slow to anger even when my

wayward children wander far defying my wise commands my love for them remains

unwavering constant as the tide consider my dealings with Jonah that

reluctant Prophet I commissioned long ago was I not extraordinarily patient with him despite his Brazen Disobedience

when he fled overseas to evade my summons did I not arrange events to intervene disciplining him in order to

realign his steps with my purposes though he ventured far attempting to avoid fulfilling my word to Wicked

Nineveh still I orchestrated Redemption both for Wayward Jonah and also for for

that sprawling Metropolis ripe for judgment behold my extravagant Mercy

which triumphs gloriously over judgment every time truly no one Strays beyond

the reach of my strong arm to restrain and redirect no one descends so low that my grace cannot retrieve and restore

neither height nor depth can sever you from my enveloping presence even death’s Gloom with all its clamoring Shades

cannot mute the sound of my voice calling you back home such is the tenacious devotion of my love it pursues

The Fugitive relentlessly until my highest hope is realized reconciliation with each precious son and daughter whom

I fornew and predestined to reflect my glory so brace yourself beloved child

for I am coming in hot pursuit to apprehend you once again with favor strong grip to discipline and Coach you

in the way you should go I will gently tilt your vision realigning your perspective with Heavenly priorities

together we will retrieve ground conceited previously to the enemy through ignorance or compromise even now

my spirit’s wind is gathering Force within you Fanning dying Embers back to

Flame the gifts I embedded in your inmost being are Awakening your unique voice is healing and strengthening for

this pivotal hour many still Slumber who must be awakened roused to fulfill their

Destiny in my unfolding Kingdom campaign so gird up your loins for Action allow

my cleansing fire to refine you burning away all competing affections yielded

wholeheartedly to my agenda you shall function as a concentrator of my glorious presence a beam flashing forth

Heaven’s Brilliance everywhere your foot Treads the soil of this Earth yes for

years the enemy has assaulted you relentlessly seeking to sabotage and Destroy but his evil schemes will

boomerang rang back against him every weapon formed against you shall fail utterly impotent to breach the hedge of

my protection surrounding you indeed I will turn back Every curse and diffuse

all destructive devices targeted at your life rest assured no trouble or tragedy

assails you without first passing through my permissive will not one setback catches me by surprise no loss

escapes the notice of my watchful gaze moreover I promise to redeem every pain

point the enemy inflicts transforming attacks meant for evil into catalysts for exponential blessing my gracious

sovereignty choreographs all things bitter and sweet aliken into one

Symphony of Praise Rejoice then my beloved this present ordeal shall soon

expire even now behind the unwelcome turbulence my spirit is silently

incubating Destiny’s greater purpose for you pain will precede from motion but

joy comes in the morning therefore lift your downcast head Wounded Warrior be

energized with fresh hope in my immutable faithfulness The Tide is turning this

storm too shall pass your season of isolation and obscurity is nearly over

for I myself will command The North Wind and the south wind to blow upon your sails and now the fullness of My

Affection floods through You by my spirit who indwells your innermost being

you are engulfed by waves of my unwavering love which chases you down

relentlessly I see you as you really are in your innermost self a reflection of

my very essence a unique expression of my glorious attributes our Spirits are

intertwined by Covenant I am closer than your breath never doubt my awareness of

your plight never question my eagerness to intervene on your behalf simply lean

into me relax In My Embrace as I amplify the weak pulse of your praise together

we will create rivers in the Wast Land Beauty will emerge from these ashes just watch and SE my beloved it is true I

have promised you a super abundant Harvest of blessings for your faithfulness yet understand that

preceding reaping a bountiful crop seeds of expectation must first be

sown what kind of harvest could any farmer hope for without first planting seed into fertile soil even so you must

invest seeds of hope-filled prayer honoring me with sacrificial offerings to prepare for exponential Harvest as in

the visible realm so also in spiritual Dynamics all reproducible life forms

yield fruit according to their kind your seed determines your Harvest therefore

be prudent regarding the thoughts you allow and words you speak over your destiny

guard your heart from Doubt’s parasitic fungus refuse to entertain anxiety’s

noxious weed weeds which drain Vitality from tender shoots struggling to emerge

fan The Fragile Ember of possibility against the assaults of impossibility harsh winds shelter budding Visions from

fears icy gusts Prime the rich soil of your soul through meditating on my word

until confident expectation swells up from within like sap surging through a vine

yoking your faith to mine empowers Supernatural exploits toppling strongholds once deemed Invincible yet

only persistent trust coupled with bold actions of obedience can unlock

Destiny’s doors therefore press through demonic resistance and distractions from

well-meaning naysayers reject weariness and compromise to launch out into new Arenas ripe for

Conquest shake off disappointments cruel taunts rally courage to attempt again

what failed before for I will flip the script yesterday’s Calamity converts

today into courageous Victory so now with joy fix your gaze upon my lavish

banquet table set for you in the presence of enemies the hour of their judgment has come lift your voice in

praise for the mighty turnaround already accomplished in the realm of the spirit soon you shall grasp with your hands the

tangible yield thriving on all around Rejoice that the long season of lack and obscurity expires Divine connections

resources and affirmations converge to propel you faster and farther

acceleration commences together we will fulfill your Noble purpose it is

finished my dear child in this Supernatural season of life I am calling

you to walk with Clarity and confidence your connections matter immensely to me

in the coming months I will be rearranging the constellation of relationships in your world

disconnecting you from unhealthy ties and forging new bonds that align with my dreams for you stay alert and expectant

as you go about your days you need not overanalyze for I will make it clear to

you which relationships bear good fruit the time has come for you to step boldly into your calling no more hesitation or

second guessing like Esther or Joseph you have been chosen and commissioned

for this very moment will you stay silent or will you rise to the

occasion I have every faith that you will answer courageously trust me to supply every

resource open every door and equip you for each task ahead even when Provisions

seem absent move forward anyway act on the invitations I place before you in

the near future you will need to draw upon this message for strength etch it into your heart like a sacred

inscription when doubts assail you recall my words and be assured seize the opportunities I bring

with holy haste do not let fear cause you to shrink back the way forward is to

be spirit-led Supple and responsive to my wind attune the ears of your heart to

the subtle rhythms of my leading I have given you spiritual senses to perceive what I am speaking receive the grace to

recognize my my voice and follow where I guide all the people and provision you

require are already set in place can you see it by faith I have allies prepared

to support you in your life’s Mission emerge now from the solitary caves of

isolation join hands with the community of Believers I have destined for you resist suspicion use Spirit empowered

discernment just as the early Church thrived in unity praying communing

living as one display the attractive power of my love to a watching world

when Hearts Beat As One Miracles multiply I Delight to answer the aligned

prayers of my people there is unmistakable power in your harmonious agreement families marriages Ministries

movements I am weaving you together for greater impact children will be born

Destinies Unleashed Godly legacies launched yield to to my grand

choreography beloved you are stepping into a new era radical blessings

unprecedented favor and a profound encounter with my love await you whether

you have walked with me for decades or mere moments my heart is passionately devoted to you my mercies envelop your

past mistakes tune out the enemy’s taunts and lies I have come to infuse

you with uncontainable life and undo the damage in icted by your adversary

renounce any root of resentment exchange bitterness for beauty trauma for

tranquility I am tilling the soil of your soul uprooting weeds of Anguish and

planting seeds of wholeness relinquish offense to me a Bountiful Harvest of inner healing is on the

horizon the numbers and repetitions you see are reminders that you are seen

cherished encircled by Angel armies within my embrace you are forever

shielded and secure I am your unshakable Refuge your Mighty Warrior fighting on

your behalf all who take shelter in me will never be put to shame hear me now I

am mobilizing you bold as Gideon wild as David Resolute as Daniel zealous as

Joseph Fearless as Moses this is who you truly are my power is perfected in your

weaknesses your scars will become Stars the trials that threatened to take you out were forging fire shaping you into a

rare Jewel you are not defined by lack but refined by it to shine for my glory

in your greatest fears and most daunting challenges know this I am with you every

giant every battle every insurmountable odd these are not yours to fight they

are mine to conquer as you place your trust wholeheartedly in me I am teaching

you unshakable faith in the classroom of scarce places and impossible spaces as

you depend radically on me victories you never imagined will become your testimony breathe in my healing exhale

despair inhale Faith exhale fear I am oxygenating your atmosphere with life

and Liberty it is time to bask in the sunlight of gladness those thoughts that torment you

take them captive to me meditate on what is pure lovely and worthy of

celebration let my promises Infuse your perspective the enemy’s plots are

laughably limited but my power in you is Limitless you are a Wellspring not a

stagnant Pond you are fearfully and wonderfully made meant to shine like a

city on a hill strength and dignity are your clothing you will laugh at the days

to come do not let the deceiver pick pickpocket your joy or hijack your hope

you are being propelled not held back my plans are to slingshot you forward not

drag you down prosperity in every sense of the word is my delight and decree for you

prepare for Accelerated progress mountains of blessings you are not bound

to the trajectory of your history but to the transformation I am authoring I do not tease or tantalize you with pseudo

promises what I declare I deliver you are entering new dimensions of my

goodness no eye has seen no ear has heard and no mind has imagined what I

have prepared for those who love me Dare To Dream audaciously this is your hour

of immeasurably more I am handing you keys to kingdoms of locked potential

kingdoms of health and wholeness kingdoms of innovation kingdoms of family Renaissance kingdoms of creation

proliferation kingdoms of miraculous breakthrough no domain is off limits to my anointed ones you are the head not

the tail called to lead the charge not cower in the shadows I have handpicked

you to be a luminary light piercing Darkness this is not a suggestion but

spiritual law arise and shine do not let the world dim your light your identity

is found in me not in fleeting accomplishments or or social Applause created in my image you are called to

rise above as Joseph interpreted dreams Against All Odds so are you destined to

unravel Mysteries just as bezalel was filled with the spirit of God and wisdom

understanding knowledge and all manner of workmanship to craft My

Sanctuary so have you been divinely inspired to manifest Beauty And Glory as

David overcame Goliath defying the possible so are you empowered to break

through barriers you are not merely formed you are fearfully and wonderfully made

pre-ordained to exhibit my Splendor and to walk in the good works I have prepared for you so breathe dear one

linger in my presence my affection for you is unalterable I am cheering you on with

unbridled Zeal nothing can dilute my delight in you do something kind for for yourself

today remove yourself from the chaos Revel in Beauty productivity flows from

a place of abiding not striving as you tend to your body I will expand your

capacity as you marinate in my word I will sharpen your clarity as you enjoy

me inspiration will overflow onto every sphere of influence when you reach a

Crossroads pause listen for my gentle whisper this is the path path follow me

move forward with confidence my favor upon you is your fortune nothing is impossible when we

dream in tandem this is not an intermission but a fresh Genesis not a

detour but a doorway not an obstacle but an opportunity I am Awakening you to your

ordained assignment anointing you to blaze new trails the seeds you sew in

secret will soon blossom in the light so let your heart be may your laughter be

contagious Your Love unrestricted you carry my glory which Darkness cannot

snuff out shine with holy abandon Sparkle with Redemptive optimism each

morning is a blank canvas awaiting the brush Strokes of my mercies and when the

sun sets rest in the certainty that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion I am your author and

your finisher your beginning and your end beloved child I see you even in your

most hidden moments I am intimately acquainted with all your ways before a

word is on your tongue I know it completely I have searched you and known you knit you together in your mother’s

womb you are fearfully and wonderfully made my marvelous work in this new

season I am drawing you into a deeper revelation of your identity not based on

your performance or pedigree but but anchored in my unfailing love you are

not a slave to fear but a liberated Heir not an orphan scouching for crumbs but a

cherished child seated at my table not a victim of circumstance but a Victor

through Christ I am shattering every false mirror that has distorted your reflection the labels that have haunted

you the lies that have taunted you they are melting like wax in the blaze of my

glory you are not who the enemy says you are you are who I say you are my beloved

in whom I am well pleased in the coming days expect Divine appointments and

serendipitous encounters I am orchestrating connections that will catapult you into

your kingdom Destiny relationships that once seemed random will prove divinely

strategic I am aligning you with people who carry pieces of your purpose puzzle

pay attention to the prophetic Whispers The subtle promptings of my spirit

I speak in ways that may seem unconventional through dreams desires and divine

coincidences trust the intuition I have placed within you as you step out in

faith I will part the waters and provide every resource you need you are entering

a season of accelerated healing and wholeness I am mending the broken places restoring the ruins and rebuilding the

ancient foundations where shame once reigned Grace will abound where pain once

prevailed peace will prosper I am making all things new embrace the process of

transformation even when it feels uncomfortable I am not content to leave you as you are but am committed to

shaping you into all I have destined you to be your weakness is the canvas on

which I will display my strength your failures are the fertilizer for future success you are not a prisoner of your

past but a pioneer of a new future the mistakes of yesterday have no claim on

the mercies of today I am the god of Fresh Starts and New Beginnings though

you may stumble you will not fall headlong for I hold you by the hand in

the face of adversity resist the temptation to retreat I have called you

to be an overcomer not a mere Survivor the weapons formed against you will not

Prosper every tongue risen against you will be condemed D demned I am your shield and your exceedingly great reward

when the enemy Whispers lies of inadequacy silence him with the truth of my

sufficiency I have equipped you with every spiritual blessing lavished you with every Grace and gift you are not

lacking or lagging behind you are anointed and appointed for such a time as this I am releasing a fresh wind of

creativity and Innovation expect Supernatural Solutions wisd wisdom and

Kingdom Business strategies I am unlocking doors of opportunity Dare To

Dream bigger than your doubts pray Bolder than your fears I am able to do

immeasurably more than you can ask or imagine my plans for you are good

pregnant with purpose and prosperity trust the timing of my process what I have promised I will

bring to pass as you navigate new territories remember that I am with you

always my presence is your compass my word a lamp to your feet I will not leave you

lost or alone when you pass through deep Waters I will be with you through rivers

of difficulty you will not drown so rise up mighty warrior put on the armor of

light wield the sword of the spirit you are more than a conqueror through Christ

The Battle Belongs to Me and victory is already yours I am raising up a ten aous

tribe A Fearless family of Faith Walkers together you will possess the land stay

and step with my spirit and watch me move mountains on your behalf I am the

lord of the Breakthrough no stronghold can withstand my power no chain is too

strong for my anointing where there seems to be no way I will make a way above all no that my love for you is

Relentless and unconditional I am not keeping score but lavishing Grace Grace I am not waiting

for you to earn my affection but am wildly generous with my goodness so come

boldly to the throne of grace pour out your heart like water in my presence I am your Safe Harbor your resting place

in the shadow of my wings you will find Refuge I am your father your friend your

faithful Confidant embrace the beautiful becoming anticipate the Abundant Blessings

celebrate the small victory laugh at the days to come my joy is your

strength and my peace your portion walk forward with holy confidence and humble

dependence I am Sovereign over every step every setback every

success nothing is wasted in my economy you are my beloved child my

treasured possession I Rejoice over you with singing quiet you with my love my

Banner Over You is love my arm around you is strong I am for you not against

you I am your Defender your deliverer your father rest in the Assurance of My

unfailing Affection receive the fullness of my fatherly blessing you are accepted

affirmed adopted into my family forever and always amen my precious child first

simply breathe inhale deeply exhale slowly allow any anxiety

distractions or fears to dissipate as you open your heart to receive my message with joy let it take root and

flourish within you today I ask you have you remained

committed to the path I’ve set before you have you kept your focus on the goal I’ve placed in your heart that goal that

destination is the very assignment I’ve entrusted to you in this season of your life I have called you to rise up and

lead to be a Shining Light amidst the darkness of this world I need you to be

the salt of the earth preserving what is good and right and be a beacon of

kindness and warmth to those you encounter each day however I know that there are

distractions that threaten to pull you away from your Divine Purpose people and

circumstances may be causing you stress and heartache if you find yourself in this situation I urge you to step back

and pray ask me to reveal what you need to see and I will Faithfully do so if

you’ve been feeling confused weak or tired it may be because you have

neglected to praise me I don’t say this to condemn you but rather to encourage you to move forward with renewed

strength like job who praised me in the midst of his suffering choose to honor

me regardless of your circumstances praise me because I I am good because I am faithful and because

you have faith in me remember if you have faith even as small as a mustard

seed you can command mountains to be moved and cast into the sea don’t doubt

in your heart but believe that what you’ve asked of me will come to pass I know that your current situation may not

resemble what I’ve promised you the alignment of things may seem off-kilter

but hold fast to every word I’ve spoken to you both in this season and in Seasons past

stay focused on your destination and set healthy boundaries to protect your path

if I have called you to something don’t let anyone cause you to question that calling look within

yourself and examine your motives why are you doing what you’re doing where are you headed encourage yourself in me

speak aloud the truths I’ve declared over you you can do all things through my strength no weapon formed against you

will prosper and you will refute every tongue that rises against you in

judgment I am the Lord the God of all the Earth and I hold everything that

concerns you in the palm of my hand cast your cares upon me if you lack peace

about something don’t proceed my word instructs you to be anxious for nothing

but to pray about everything make your requests known to me and I will guard

your mind and heart with a peace that surpasses all understanding laughter and

joy will return to you as I ignite a fire within your soul when others see

you they will notice something different about you the hope of glory that resides within you I am your strength find joy

in me in conversing with me in loving me regardless of your

emotions that is where true strength lies remember who I say I am to you and

who you are in me you are my beloved child fearfully and wonderfully made I know every detail about you and

your days are numbered according to my perfect plan a plan to prosper you not to harm you and to give you a

hope-filled future consider the cost of what I’ve called you to do reflect on what it will

require and who you need to accomplish it meditate on these things and then

move forward confidently knowing that I have commanded you to do so stand tall and don’t allow

distractions hindrances or obstacles to deter you praise your way through choose

joy and laughter today I am sending you an ease to lighten your heart I know you

feel tired and broken but I am using your Brokenness to heal the wounded

places within you don’t allow anyone to place false expect ations on you or make

you anxious with their negativity refuse to listen to lies or accept curses spoken over you treat

others as you would want to be treated but don’t lose sight of what I’ve called you to do the enemy wants to thwart my

plans and hinder your progress but you’ve come too far to let anyone slow you down now you are accountable to me

alone if your motives are pure and you have peace proceed if you lack peace

about something step back pray and wait for my

guidance I will grant you the knowledge wisdom and understanding you

seek listen for my voice my child reason with me for that is the path to wisdom

trust in my love for you and know that I am always with you guiding your every step stay the

course keep your eyes on the prize and walk confidently in the purpose I have ordained for you my

beloved I want to remind you of the importance of encouragement surround yourself with

people who will build you up who will speak life and Truth into your heart seek out mentors and friends who will

walk alongside you offering wisdom and support when you need it most Remember

You are not alone in this I have placed individuals in your life who will stand with you pray for you and believe in the

dreams I’ve placed within you lean on their strength when you feel weak and allow their faith to bolster

your own in those moments when doubt Creeps in when the enemy tries to whisper lies into your ear combat those

falsehoods with the truth of my word declare my promises over your life for

they are unshakable and unchanging my plans for you are good and

I will bring them to fruition in my perfect timing trust in the gifts and abilities I’ve bestowed upon you

I have equipped you with everything you need to fulfill your calling don’t compare yourself to others or allow

insecurity to hold you back embrace the unique way I’ve created you and use

those talents to bring glory to my name as you step out in faith be prepared for

opposition the enemy will not sit idly by as you advance my kingdom but

remember the battle is not yours to fight alone I am your shield and your

Defender when you feel attacked call upon my name and I will fight for you I

will give you the strength and courage you need to overcome every obstacle above all my child remain

rooted in my love let it be the foundation upon which you build your life in a world that is constantly

shifting and changing my love for you is steadfast and unwavering nothing can separate you from

my love not your failures your fears or your doubts when you stumble and fall I

will be there to pick you up dust you off and set you back on the path I’ve

laid out for you my grace is sufficient for you and my power is made perfect in your

weakness embrace your humanity and allow my strength to shine through your

imperfections my beloved child I want you to know that the victory you seek is

already yours it’s not something you have to strive for or earn through your own efforts it’s a gift freely given to

you because of your faith in me I defeated the enemy once and for all I

took the sting out of death so that you no longer have to fear it when you trust in me you can face anything that comes

your way with confidence knowing that the ultimate Victory is already secured now I know

that life can be challenging at times the enemy will try to distract you discourage you and make you doubt your

identity as a winner through Christ but don’t be fooled by his tactics remember

that he is like a bee without its sting he can make noise but he has no real

power over you instead focus on filling your heart and mind with my word let it

be the lamp that guides your feet and the light that illuminates your path when You Face trials or

Temptations speak the word with authority the enemy may come at you but he cannot

stand against the power of my word and as you walk in faith trust in

my ability to succeed rather than your own ability to fail I am faithful to

save you and I am faithful to keep you every single day your faith in me is not

a one-time event but a daily choice to trust in my goodness and my plans for your life so don’t be afraid to receive

the victory that is already yours open your arms wide and accept it as the gift

that it is and remember that no matter what challenges you face I am always

with you guiding you and strengthening you along the way keep filling yourself with my

word even when you don’t feel like it every time you read the Bible or listen

to my voice you are making an investment in your spiritual well-being you are building up your

faith so that when life puts pressure on you you what comes out is not fear or

doubt but the unshakable truth of who you are in me and as you live out that

truth you will find that the enemy’s schemes have no power over you you can

walk in Freedom and joy knowing that you are more than a conqueror so don’t let the enemy steal

your focus or your peace keep your eyes fixed on me and trust that I am working

all things together for your good I have called you by name and you are mine and nothing can ever

separate you from my love remember my child that the victory is

not something you have to fight for but something you can receive with open hands and an open heart it’s a gift

purchased for you and it is yours forever so walk in that Victory today

and every day let your life be a testimony of my goodness and Grace and

know that no matter what the future holds I will be with you always leading

you into the Abundant Life that I have planned for you my beloved child I see

you striving each day facing the challenges that come your way I know the

weariness that can settle in your bones the doubts that can creep into your mind

but I want you to know that I am always with you in every moment in every breath

when you feel like you’re stumbling remember that my strength is made perfect in your weakness it’s okay to

not have it all together to not have all the answers that’s where I come in I am your

rock your Fortress your everpresent help in times of trouble I know the world can

be a harsh Place filled with people who don’t understand who may even ridicule

or reject you because of your faith in me but don’t let their words or actions discourage you you are not def defined

by what others think of you you are defined by what I think of you when you wake up each morning before your feet

even touch the ground take a moment to connect with me whisper a

prayer read a verse from my word sit in Stillness and let my love wash over you

this is how you arm yourself for the day ahead by putting on the armor of my

spirit as you go about your day remember that you carry my presence with you

wherever you go you are never alone I am in your smile in your kindness in the

way you lend a helping hand or speak a word of encouragement let your light shine

before others so that they may see your good deeds and glorify me and when the

day is done when you lay your head down to rest know that I am watching over you

I am the keeper of your dreams the guardian of your heart cast all your cares on me for I care for you deeply

trust in me with all your heart lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge me and I will make your

path straight I know the road ahead may seem daunting at times there will be

mountains to climb valleys to walk through but I will be with you every

step of the way I will guide you with my eye I will counsel you with my love when

you pass through the waters I will will be with you when you walk through the fire you will not be burned for I have

called you by name you are mine you are precious in my sight and honored and I

love you I gave up everything so that you could be reconciled to me that’s how

much you mean to me so don’t be afraid don’t be discouraged be strong and

courageous knowing that your strength comes from me I will never leave you nor forsake you I will fight for you I will

defend you I will lift you up on wings like eagles and when you stumble when

you fall I will be there to catch you my grace is sufficient for you and my power

is made perfect in weakness I am the god of Second Chances the god of new

beginnings no matter how many times you mess up my love for you never changes I

am your father and you are my child nothing can separate you from my love

not height nor depth not angels nor demons not the present nor the future

you are mine forever and I am yours so rest in my love my child let it be the

foundation on which you build your life the compass that guides your every step

the lens through which you see the world for I am love and my love never fails it

always protects always trusts always hopes always

perseveres my love is patient my love is kind it does not envy it does not boast

it is not proud this is the love I have for you my child a love that knows no

bounds A Love That Conquers All A Love That Will Never Let You Go so hold fast

to me to my word to my promises they are your anchor in the storm your light in

the darkness they will never fil fail you never forsake you I am with you

always even to the end of the age you are never alone never forgotten never

unloved you are my child my beloved the one in whom I Delight let this truth

sink deep into your heart into your very bones let it be the Bedrock on which You

Stand The Wind Beneath Your Wings let it Propel you forward into all that I have

called you to be and do for I have great things in store for you my child things

that I Has Not Seen Nor Ear heard nor have entered into the heart of man

things that I have prepared for those who love me my beloved child I want you

to know that the fears and doubts you face are not the reality I have for you when you encounter fear remember that it

is simply false evidence appearing real I am greater than any challenge or

obstacle in your path The Power Within you through my spirit is mightier than

anything the world can throw at you when you feel afraid remember to face everything and Rise stand on my promises

and Trust in my word I will never leave you or forsake you walk by faith not by

sight and believe in my ability to guide you to success rather than focusing on your own

shortcomings whenever fear tries to creep in remember that fear isn’t allowed in your

house instead choose to talk to me every time when you lift me up and glorify my

name I will draw people to you don’t be afraid to share your story for it is not

about you but about the work I am doing through you your testimony is a key that

can unlock someone else’s chains when you allow me to use you focus on my

glory others gain and your growth every step of Faith you take is an

opportunity for me to be glorified for others to be blessed and for you to grow

in your walk with me remember my grace and mercy in your life my grace is the

unmar favor I have bestowed upon you and my Mercy is when I withhold the

punishment you deserve I have given you what you could never earn on your own simply because of my great love for you

you are valuable and worthy in my eyes now through faith in me my spirit lives

within you empowering you to live a life that honors me don’t be afraid of what

others may think or say when you speak my word if some choose to mock you speak

the truth anyway I will send you new friends and companions who will encourage you in your faith remember I

have given you authority to overcome every attack of the Enemy No Matter What comes against you my word is your weapon

speak the promises I have given you declaring that you are the head and not the tail above and not beneath the

lender and not the borrower you are a chosen generation called to live a life of

purpose and Destiny and here’s the best part in the end you win it’s already

written in the script no matter how difficult the journey may seem hold fast

to the truth that victory is yours in me if you feel like you’ve been lying dormant

know that a single word from me can ignite a fire within you no matter your age or

circumstances I still have a plan and purpose for your life your identity is found in me and there is no one else

like you in all of creation as you go through your day hold your head high and

walk with confidence knowing that you are a child of the king let your joy be

evident to all those around you for the joy of the Lord is your strength

even in the midst of sticky situations choose to rejoice and maintain an attitude of gratitude you

will face challenges and difficulties in life but remember even in those moments

you can find joy in me I am with you walking beside you

through every Valley and Shadow trust in me for I will guide you and sustain you

I love you with an everlasting love my child you are precious in my sight and I

have great plans for your future let your life be a testament to my goodness and Grace amen my child click on the

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