I’m forever by your side | God Says | God Message Today

I hear you when you call out to me my dear child and I here always listening

you are looking for answers and I am ready with the solution you seek a path

forward I offer a transformative miracle that will renew your spirit you yearn for a sign a proof that

your struggles will soon pass today I give you that sign treasure every word I say absorb

every letter for as you hear my my voice find comfort and faith in my sacred

promises I will Comfort your soul and administer Justice I will confound those who Envy

you and dismantle the plans of those who malign you with deceit and falsehoods when they witness your

Triumph their threats will dissipate and their faces will bear the mark of

Shame know this I am Forever by your side affirming that I have never

abandoned you in those moments you felt isolated I was your steadfast

companion you doubted your strength yet you found that amid your turmoil my

power shielded you and my blessings prospered your path your faith grows

stronger your spirit rejuvenates and with renewed Vigor you face every

challenge assured of Victory I have come to enrich your life

with boundless strength to Cast Away your fears and and uncertainties to refine your character and bring peace to

your household I grant you Mastery over your words urging you to inspire trust

in me and prioritize me in your life and the lives of others with faith in me defeat and

failure are not in your future it may not always be easy but

know that my love surrounds you and my care fortifies you each day through Joys and hardships through

moments of bliss and Times of trial when endurance seems beyond reach my Holy

Spirit Will reshape your thoughts priorities and emotions In the Heat of battle you will

discover you can achieve greater victories fulfill dreams conquer adversaries and break free from Old

Habits you can accomplish all things because my love empowers you and in my care you are profoundly

secure feel my presence now in this very moment I have been here all along

perhaps you didn’t notice amidst the swirl of your daily trials your sight may seem fogged your spirit downtrodden

yet here I am encircling you with my boundless love offering my hand to

steady you should you stumble I am right here to lift you up I am here to guide you

out of the Tangled Maze of your thoughts to liberate you from a confinement that cannot truly hold you

you may face doubt it might whisper to remain stagnant but you must command it

to leave to Free Your Mind and Spirit to vanish without

return stand firm speak to your challenges with courage command them to

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