I’m a God of Miracles | God Says

my beloved child do not lose heart for I am about to deliver something

extraordinary into your life in these moments when your soul is weeping and

your heart is aching Let My Embrace of Love comfort and hope surround

you never think for a moment that you are alone or forgotten I have always

been right beside you even when the darkness seemed unending today cherished one IM NSE

yourself in my overwhelming love and grace I am holding the miracle you have

been dreaming of in my hands lies a blessing so powerful it will renew your

strength bring Health to your body and Usher Prosperity into your life this is

the miracle you have eagerly anticipated fervently prayed for and deeply desired

through all your trials and tribulations your faith never wavered my child

I understand that throughout your life you faced many challenges that have tested your spirit and left marks on

your soul you’ve endured illness pain sadness and

despair yet through all these trials your faith has remained strong you held

on believing firmly that I would hear your prayers that’s why I want you to

remember that my love for you has never waned even in the hardest times I was

right there with you you are my beloved child and my greatest wish is to see you healed thriving and

successful in every aspect of your life do not give up my child never allow

yourself to be disheartened or let difficult situations cause you to lose sight of my

words I know the burden can sometimes feel unbearable as if the whole world is

against you as if your strength is slipping away but I assure you in your

darkest moments when it seems all hope is lost I am even closer to you than you

might think I am holding your hand and leading you through the storm life brings many

challenges and trials but each one is an opportunity to grow and learn in my

hands even your toughest experiences can become valuable lessons that will strengthen

you just maintain faith and patience beloved child because sometimes the most

profound blessings are hidden behind the toughest trials so press on my child remember you

have a purpose in this life and it is far greater than you might realize greater than any illness or hardship on

this Earth therefore when you feel overwhelmed and unable to see the bigger

picture hold fast to me speak my words in me you will gain a wider

perspective for I am intricately weaving every detail of your life into a magnificent and unique tapestry that

will turn all things to your advantage do not fear what tomorrow

holds dear child nor worry about the judgments of others for in my hands your future is

secure in my hands all things are possible you might not fully grasp the

plan I have for you right now but I promise you it’s a plan filled with love

and hope I am quietly working behind the scenes orchestrating miracles in your

life when the time is right you’ll witness the fruits of my love and care

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