I’ll Break the Chains Holding You Back | God Message Today | Gods Message Now | God Message

just my word is enough to heal you the power that comes from what I say can

bring you life and lift you up you might think you’re not worth

having me come into your home but I’m telling you now your faith and humility

have caught my eye I want to come into not just your home but your heart

too there I’ll write the words that heal you with just a touch I’ll break the

chains holding you back I’ll take away your pain and all your fears worries and

troubles will fade away because even the sky listens when I speak I’m speaking directly to you

because I want to see you happy when you spend time with me it lets me hold you

close and show you how much I love you keeping you safe from harm this is what

I want to give you in this life so I’m asking you to believe with all your

heart and accept it the strength you’re looking for is ready for you to grab it

to wrap yourself in the healing and changing power of my Holy Spirit which is right here for you you don’t have to

keep living with the pain of the past or think that you have to face the bad

things you’ve done alone you live in a world full of trouble but remember it’s

a world I’ve already won over for you you’re a child of the almighty God and

that’s a promise trust me in every step you take and in every challenge you face because you

will come out on top I know there are times you find yourself crying for hours

sometimes not even knowing why let me tell you it’s because deep down you’re

longing to come back to me your heart misses me your spirit is searching for

me and everything in you knows that without me you can achieve nothing

it feels like life life is slipping away from you doesn’t it the peace and happiness you’ve been longing for seem

just Out Of Reach every day feels like your loved ones are drifting further

apart listen to me I’m right here with you right beside me there’s a spring of

blessings waiting to flu your life with everything you’ve been missing ready to wash away all

sadness dive into these Waters and let them clear away the sadness from your mind you won’t ever feel empty again

that’s my promise to you your faith has made things happen my word is all you

need today I’ve brought healing into your life you opened your heart to me and

I’ve made my home with you and here I’ll stay I’m looking out for you and your

family ready to bless you more than you could imagine invite me into your home

today open up every part of your life to me let my blessings flow in bringing

peace to your soul and comfort to your heart I’ve purified your home from all its faults with my breath I’ve brought

life into every corner I’ve cleared out the Clutter and the mess left by your trials you’re clean and forgiven now you

just have to accept it I’m not saying you’re perfect or that you won’t face Temptations you’re my

child and I love you but you’re also human there will be struggles but I’ll

always be there to help you up and support you as you move forward even when you slip up yes you’ll make

mistakes on your own I know fighting your battles might leave you feeling down mocked and ashamed as if you’re

covered in mud once again but keep your eyes on me I’ve called you into this battle and it’s

with my strength that you’ll be cleansed empowered and forgiven over and over again keep going no matter what stands

in your way your enemies full of Spite and without a shred of regret are jealous of the victory I’ve wrapped you

in they’ll do everything to attack you trying to shake the peace you found in me you’re hearing me and I know you get

it you love your family and want them to succeed which means facing challenges

headon working hard keeping faith and believing in what I’ve promised you

you’re set for blessings and your enemies can see it which is why they’re out to block your path they

underestimated you thought you were too weak never expecting you’d turn to me

admitting your flaws and mistakes that’s when I decided to forgive you lift you up and bring

Prosperity your way I’m always with you no one can make you feel small beat you

down or defeat you if you stumble I’ll pick you up this is my pledge to you

your family even those far off will experience my presence in a whole new powerful way take my hand get ready to

win I’m breathing fresh life into you sending blessings your way While others

shiver in fear you stand strong ready for whatever comes brimming with

courage you’ll walk in broad daylight under my watch and at night while you

rest I’ll whisper to your heart I’ll show you wonderful things guide you so

you can walk confidently tomorrow avoiding the traps by your hidden enemies I’ll protect you from harm lift

you up and carry you to a place of safety where you’ll find your blessing those who trust in me are like

eagles soaring high with shess focused on their path they know who they trust

and who loves them deeply and bravely they’ll fly high reaching for the sky

touching the Divine and on a Mountaintop they’ll find new strength and unbreakable Faith returning home

stronger filled with belief knowing they must keep seeking and serving me trusting and hoping never doubting the

powerful words that gave them wings to fly a different world awaits you one

unseen by others if you trust in me where others see only lack you and your

family will know security with your table always full I give you gifts to grow I plant in

you and your loved ones a confidence that can’t be shaken go out and gather take hold of the

bounty with certainty the master of this Garden is your father in Heaven I’ve

picked you to thrive on the land I’m giving you put aside your fears your

excuses and the reasons you’ve been holding on to you’re not just relying on what you can see anymore you’ve gained a

deeper awareness now if you face A new challenge turn to my words kneel down

and quiet your heart for a while I’m waiting in the Stillness and my holy

spirit will talk to you offering Solutions answering your

prayers and clarifying your doubts you’ve no need to fear the forces

against you or let any barrier stop you with resolve you’ll leap over

obstacles you’ll find renewed strength as if you were young again you’ll Stand

Tall against opposition not with physical Force but with the mighty support of my Holy

Spirit your victories won’t come from aggression or Force seek me I’m right

there with you in your room in your heart enveloping you the moment you call

I’ll answer just say the word I’m the one who empowers you with my grace and

love with me you can do anything your adversaries will scatter overcome by the

vibrant Faith within you I’m talking about blessings that will come knocking it’s not about luck or strength I bless

those I choose this isn’t a contest I don’t rank your successes or compare you

to anyone I’m here to have a conversation with you and to bless you because of my

love which is unwavering While others go to Great Lengths to earn my favor Dawning sadness

and undertaking significant act to catch my e they’re missing the the true

heartfelt Faith you have you’re convinced of My reality sure

in your belief you can pass through fires unharmed navigate through storms

without drowning you can command the chaos to calm and it will listen to

you I’ve entrusted you with the power to show my love through kindness to everyone you

meet miraculous events will happen when you reach out with gratitude and humility when you gen genuinely seek to

assist and do good my power doesn’t show itself in loud declarations but know this as you

seek me quietly behind closed doors I’ll honor you as you walk out in the world

Miracles and signs will follow making it clear I am with you you’ve received this

message take it in again feel it and accept it merge your faith with your

eagerness to know me and I’ll unleash my power over you stay humble in heart

grateful in spirit and you’ll be enveloped in abundance you’re in need of

a miracle of my intervention to release you from Pain confusion and worry you

crave my strength you long for sustenance peace a good night’s sleep and to awaken with happiness you need

love and my love is yours embrace it fully today hold fast to the faith that

keeps you going to the promise I’ve made I am your Defender your guide your God

holding you safe your friend and together we’ll celebrate when the blessing you’ve been waiting for arrives

at your doorstep I’m telling you just wait for it trust me it’s coming your way things

are going to change fill your mind with my promises that bring healing it’s time

to refresh your thinking to alter how you react to challenges whenever obstacles arise

remember I won’t leave you behind no matter how tough or painful

the trial you can hold on to my hand you know I love you how could I possibly leave you you’re my child treasured

deeply because of the love I’ve poured out on you hold on to my promises they are good real strong and true my promise

is forever my commitment to you is unending I’ll always be there for you

listen to me you’re under my care wrapped in love I’ve always been right

beside you never abandoning you you might be going through hard times but

don’t be afraid it will pass you may feel overwhelmed by sadness and doubt

but it’s time to stop struggling and worrying in my hands everything finds

peace remember today I’ve loved you with an everlasting love giving you strength

to climb out of Despair and filling your heart with happiness in my presence you

are and will be content as you face the storms outside

trust in me and Let My Words light your way your enemies might say you’re beaten

but my words comfort you and my Assurance stands firm don’t be scared or

hesitate because I’m with you through the worst of storms I’ll carry you close and when you

feel like crying I’m here waiting let out those tears you’ve been holding back

share your worries with me because your life is incredibly precious to me just as I’ve helped you before I’ll

keep helping you showing you my Endless Love in countless ways never doubt that

I’m always by your side protecting defending and caring for you meeting

your needs listening to your words and prayers and instructing my angels to

respond to your requests your active Faith makes me happy as you openly share your hopes with me

some might say you shouldn’t come to me only with your requests but I encourage you to seek me

with all your heart and I’ll take care of everything else there will come a time when you’ll

see that I know your needs even before you speak them it brings me joy to hear

you ask for something feeling the pulse of your faithful heart you’re aware of

my love for you and that I will respond what I appreciate most is your calmness

when my answers don’t come as quickly as you’d like your patience is delightful to me now you understand how to wait

trusting that I know what’s best for you and that I’m working out my plan in your life be

brave because I am surrounding you with immense strength the sad times will fade

away and joy and belief will fill your home and life again you already know

this I love you and your family Without Limits I’m going to bless you so much

that everyone will see how much I care for you my love is here to lift you up my

grace is never ending and my Mercy knows no bounds I hope these words give you the

comfort and confidence you need every day I’m ready to bless you to bring

peace and calm into your life along with all that is good even before you ask for

it things will turn out well for you and your loved ones if you anchor your faith

in what I’ve promised feed your soul and mind with my words let go of the things that push you

into loneliness away from peace and stop the habits hurting you your well-being is at risk your

drive is fading choose to stand up against those who lead you astray if

anyone tries to pull you down into darkness walk away

I’ve given you my love and forgiveness now I want you to be free from sin and

mistakes I’m here for you Arms Wide Open ready to listen and understand

everything you’re facing remember peace and calm are yours

even amidst the storm in spite of the challenges renew your energy stand

strong and keep going see the strength in yourself you were made to be

resilient and brave hold tightly to my hand with faith and

you’ll see miracles happen your family is blessed too your spirit uplifts many

even if they don’t say it your presence especially in tough times inspires

them when life throws surprises at you they notice your zest for life they see

where your strength comes from continue on this journey keeping your faith

strong without looking back you’ve built a life and home filled with belief pray

for those in your family who are resistant to change in their actions words and Faith don’t worry I’m working

on their hearts dive into my word every day let my promises be written in your

heart so each morning you wake up expecting new expressions of my love and care my dear child I cherish you deeply

hand over your sorrows and frustrations to me give me those those dreams you felt forced to let go those moments you

thought about giving everything up drop at my feet all those voices that whisper

you’re not enough I want you to know real love to truly grasp that there’s

someone who Ador you with an honest and pure love unlike anything you’ve

experienced this is the kind of deep gentle and mighty love I have for you

keep praying I long for you to be close to me safely wrapped in my Divine

embrace the despair trying to engulf you aims to pull you away to tear you from

my care and drag you across a harsh Wilderness but that’s not the future I’ve envisioned for you so today I’m

reaching out to uplift you to bring you peace chase away your worries and give

you the strength you’re searching for will you accept my love tell me now

do you take hold of my strength respond with the honesty of your heart promise

you won’t leave my side yet know this even if you try to go or if the enemy

attempts to pull you away I Won’t Let You wander off no matter where you find yourself I’ll be there ready to guide

you back to me the adversary of your peace will try to convince you that you’re utterly alone that I’ve turned my

back on you for your imperfections but that’s a lie I will never leave or forsake you nothing can

tear you away from my love not guilt not rejection not failure not judgment my

love for you is steadfast and Unforgettable you’re familiar with this truth I’m reaffirming it speaking it a

new feel your heart warming with the glow of my eternal love it’s

palpable I’m instilling in you A Renewed zest for life in spite of every daunting

challenge every hurdle every assault on your being from now on things will shift

you won’t be the same by welcoming me into your life you’re utterly transformed from within the past all

negativity every pain you’ve endured is now behind you today marks your rebirth

today you start to claim the Legacy I’ve set aside for you eternal life is Right

By My Side yet my holy spirit is here within you providing the strength you

need to navigate this life when you feel this spark ignite

your soul you’ll find yourself praising freely soon you’ll grasp the fullness of

my might I’ll guide you hand in hand to incredible places your songs of Joy will rise to me

all the weights you’ve been carrying will fall away you’ll see yourself through my eyes a precious Soul lifted

High to soar above challenges and claim victory once more you are not among those who shy away

from believing in my word who wake to embrace shadows and falsehoods feeling

lost by their own choice they’ve turned away from my love and care believing

Perfection is the key to earning my favor yet all I seek is a Heart full of

genuine Faith should naysayers try to dampen your spirits shut your door to

them reject their Hollow offerings and please for companionship

surround yourself with those who build you up who respect your space and don’t try to dominate every aspect of your

life or dict your family’s choices refuse to be chained by negativity

reject any notion of defeat or scorn cherish friendships with those who honor

you who stay out of your personal matters and refrain from spreading rumors Embrace those who uplift you

without ulterior motives who offer their support not for profit but from

sincerity your Journey of Faith is a personal dialogue between us I’m eager

to speak to unveil my plans for you if you’re longing to deepen our connection

find me in the quiet of the morning dedicate time when the world is still bring me your heart’s cries pay

close attention to the guidance I offer each day hold on to faith I’ll respond

in Myriad ways to you and your loved ones I will make my presence known call

out to me and I’ll reveal astonishing things through dreams and Visions

sharing with you my grand designs you’re being lifted to a place of witnessing the miraculous Embrace and

share these words with belief and immense blessings will be your Shield

tough days might arise but a day never will pass with a without my

love though challenges May Target you isolation will never be your plight my

love and Safeguard envelop you wherever you find yourself now take a moment to

listen close your eyes and let these words sink in have the courage to ask

for what you need support healing encouragement and the wisdom to achieve

your purpose pray not just for yourself but for your family and everyone you

hold dear though challenges may arise remember my presence is a constant in

your life I’m not far away you don’t need to raise your voice I hear your

Whispers your silent tears I’m right there with you when you reach out to me

in prayer I’m listening I won’t turn away from your please you approach me with genuine Faith having released anger

and bitterness choosing instead the path of forgiveness you’ve recognized the

immense power of being thankful fully aware of what a grateful heart can achieve your prayers filled with faith

are precious to me I view them with affection answering them with gentle

care Embrace these responses with patience trust and gratitude knowing the

blessings they will bring into your life I’m actively working in the lives of those you love show them their Worth to

you demonstrate your dedication to me and it will transform their lives in a

world that often leads them astray your example shines brightly guiding them

back to me I’m here waiting ready to offer my protection to even those filled with

doubts your love for them is enough I will bless and protect them from harm

and in time they’ll see their lives are shaped by my love not mere coincidence

they’ll come to appreciate your efforts those nights you spent awake in prayer every tear you shed for their well-being

storms will pass the ground May Shake but those who seek me will find Hope and Faith in

abundance while some may falter caught in confusion and unable to discern right

from wrong you will stand strong amidst the turmoil Your Vessel will be robust

propelled by my guidance towards your Haven when troubl Loom don’t lose heart

when you feel your resolve weakening face these trials with bravery clasp my

hand and proceed with boldness embrace my truth with sincerity if you truly believe hold your

head up and step into The Fray without fear I endow you with bravery and Assurance leading you towards a place

rich in blessings keep your eyes on me ignoring the distractions and empty

menaces recognizing my presence in your life Proclaim with confidence I trust in

you my beloved God say it out loud that I’m your guide and you’ll have

everything you need even if the ground shakes you’ll find Rest by calm Waters

feeding in Lush Fields I’ll feed your soul with the sweetness from Heaven leading you on the

right path don’t be afraid for I’m always with you this strong unwavering Bel will lift

you up even on your hardest days and through the toughest fights put your trust in me though your foes may be lost

in their chaos I will fill your life with peace and plenty my teachings and

gentle nudges will direct you making your spirit glow with Divine Light

kindness and love will be your constant Companions and my words will resonate within

you in my care you’ll spend all your days believing In Me Is straightforward

it just needs you to embrace your humanity and limitations living by my words brings joy and blessings every

single day hear me my child follow my guidance for it holds the truth stay

true to my teachings turn from wrongdoing and watch as your life transforms for the better my favor will

chase after you making Everything You Touch Thrive I encourage you to avoid the

Allure of the fleeting and the Superficial by living according to my teachings your life will take a turn for

the better remember sin only leads to hurt turmoil and

ruin while sin might seem to offer happiness for a moment its outcome is always sorrow and destruction turning

from sin opens the way to Blessings ignites hope and renews joy stand strong

my son and avoid the pitfalls my daughter sin Road only leads to loss but

by staying away from what keeps you from me and listening to my counsel you’ll see your life

transform my love will surround you and blessings will pour into your life like

a flood you’ll experience a profound change in your very being you’ll feel

wrapped in my love see your relationships Thrive your health improve

and your efforts succeed have no doubts my children for what I say is always true follow my

guidance and you’ll enjoy the fruits of your faithfulness endless peace and blessings will be yours every step you

take to do as I wish will be recognized for I owe nothing to

anyone remember I’ve given you the choice between a life filled with light or Darkness your decisions are yours

alone but they come with outcomes you must face choosing a life apart from my ways

will lead to sadness and confusion altering the path I’ve laid out for you

however if you Embrace a life of Truth love Justice and forgiveness amazing

things will happen blessings will chase after you promising a future filled with hope so I

encourage you to trust in me and believe in the words I speak I am the creator of

all the one who loves you without conditions this fact will never

change I am your father Always by your side there’s nothing too great for me to

do for you with your trust and complete surrender your life will change in ways

you never imagined I have the power to change any circumstance to turn sadness

into Joy lack into plenty worry into peace sickness into Health my children

trust in me have faith and you’ll see the Wonders I can work in your life give

yourself over to my plan and watch as every part of your life is beautifully

transformed by putting your faith in me you open up your life to my love and power there’s no challenge I can’t help

you overcome no issue I can’t resolve my understanding is vast and my wisdom

knows no bounds in surrendering to me you open your heart to incredible

changes and miracles you never thought possible possible my children I invite you to give every part of your life to

me to live according to my teachings in my love and kindness you’ll find the

power to overcome any Challenge and the calm to wait patiently don’t be scared

to move forward for you’ll see that what I want for you is good Flawless and

satisfying I always want what’s best for my children and there’s nothing beyond my capability for them so don’t lose

heart or feel like everything’s against you and don’t give in to the hurdles that might pop up on your

journey remember I’m with you every step of the way don’t be afraid or get tired

of facing tough times just keep faith and follow my path because nothing will

be too much for you I’ll make you strong wise and brave look up my child look

ahead and see the future I’ve prepared for you filled with grace and blessings don’t box yourself in or let life’s

waves drag you down aim to live by my teachings and turn your back on

wrongdoing you’ll see things start to improve I’m ready to shower your life with blessings success and prosperity

will be yours with me you can achieve anything you set your mind to keep going

walk in my Guidance the path of doing right I’ll take care of your every need

and won’t stop until I’ve done what I’ve promised you remember those who put their trust in me will have plenty in

all aspects your hard times and challenges will soon be over don’t lose

hope for I plan to honor your bravery my dear child listen closely to what I’m saying

today don’t give up or lose hope be strong and full of Courage don’t let

fear take hold of you or doubts fill your thoughts because even when the night is darkest and un certainty seems

overwhelming I’ll be right there with you walking through every Challenge and hardship I won’t turn my back on you I’m

here to support and shield you as you navigate through life so look up to the

skies and call out to me I’ll rush to your side I won’t ever leave you or

forsake you regardless of what you’re facing I’ll always be there with

you remember no night is so dark that it doesn’t lead to Dawn and with with each

morning new possibilities emerge every storm eventually gives way to calm

everything in this world is fleeting but my promise and those who believe in me stand

Eternal just as the heavens and the Earth will one day fade so will all current troubles and soon the challenges

you’re wrestling with will end believe what I say today is the

truth I won’t abandon you or let go of your hand because I am beside you wrapping you in in my love and lighting

your way with the most brilliant light give your all in every moment chase your

dreams and pursue your goals and plans relentlessly keep pushing forward Never

back down and ignore any negative talk about you don’t let harsh words or

rumors bring you down listen to my voice and heed my words in me you’ll find the

grace and favor needed to accomplish your Ambitions rely on me to achieve achieve your aims I’ll Grant you a peace

beyond all understanding a peace that frees and calms your spirit my child I am always with you

looking after you and I will richly reward your hard work and commitment all

that you’ve planted with passion and dedication you will soon Harvest then you’ll gather the rewards you’ve been

longing for filling your life with joy fulfillment and prosperity so never give in to hardship

stand strong with bravery and honesty in this life no challenge is too

great for you I will Empower you to conquer every trial and Temptation Be

Brave and Bold because no matter the severity or fear your circumstances may bring remember I am always by your

side keep in mind the tougher the trial the more significant the blessing will

be what seems like a massive struggle now will transform into one of your most

triumphant victories March forward my child with

steadfast and assured steps battle with belief and resolve always remember with

each step you take and every hurdle you encounter you’re never alone my presence

envelops you constantly offering the strength and Valor to press on even when

the path feels Steep and the loads burdensome know that you can surmount any barrier that comes your way maintain

the spark of hope alive in your heart through all tempests and trials for

endurance brings rewards and perseverance secures the victory bear in mind you are more

resilient than you think and with that resilience you’ll discover ways to transform challenges into openings tears

into laughter and fears into bravery don’t surrender Don’t Turn back

for your grit and faith will Propel you to Realms Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

place your trust in me believe in the capabilities I’ve endowed you with to navigate life’s trials and

tribulations for within you lies not just skills gifts and talents but a

formidable force that will steer you towards brightness even on the darkest days therefore my child proceed with

courage and rise with resolve for I accompany you at every juncture believe

that I will enact miraculous deeds in your life and that your labor every tear

and each prayer will be met with reward and fulfillment through my boundless

love let my love wrap around you and lead you to the thriving and Victorious

future I’ve envisioned for you never forget you are my cherished

treasure and I will forever be by your side guiding your dreams Ambitions and

desires with Endless Love realize that your narrative is still unfolding and

within its Pages you’ll encounter teachings affection and growth cling to

Hope knowing this challenging period will pass and when you reflect you’ll

recognize your growth and the distance you’ve covered all due to your fortitude and persistence hold on to your faith

even when you feel alone remember I am always with you my dear son my dear daughter aim to live a

life filled with love obedience and Holiness mindful of Jesus’s sacrifice

who out of immense love offered himself on the cross for each of you pursue a life free from immorality

and impurity of every kind turn away from greed and let no inappropriate words silly talk or crude

jokes come from you avoid any Behavior or addiction that leads to excessive Indulgence to a life

overrun by chaotic desires and passions instead be empowered by my

spirit letting praises and words of gratitude flow from your lips let your

actions mirror the love and mercy I’ve extended to you may your behavior be a living proof of kindness and

generosity no one driven by greed or idolatry will enter the Kingdom of Heaven don’t be swayed by misleading

arguments or false teachings that cloud your understanding of my

word avoid teachings that mislead you from the truth leading you down a path

of Ruin and despair stand firm in the truth of my teachings as they will protect you from

the enemy’s schemes do not be influenced by the world and its ways steer clear of gossip

and harmful criticism let not these things hinder your faith and growth

run from the advice of the wrongdoers and the fleeting pleasures of this world don’t let Darkness into your

heart remember my beloved children you are a light in Christ Jesus live by

showing kindness love Justice and Truth as this Delights me make it your mission

to apply my teachings in your life acting with honesty caution and wisdom

seize every opportunity to delve into my word for these are challenging times

and we need people of Courage not foolishness but those wise in understanding my will so my children

hold tightly to your faith trust in me and be empowered by my might do not be

overtaken by doubt or fear strive to be a living testimony of my work within you

proceed with bravery kindness and integrity may your life’s Journey

Faithfully reflect my love always ready to assist those in pain and need every

small act of kindness every Touch of compassion and every encouraging word

mirror my presence in you so keep spreading love and light in

this world don’t get tired of doing good because soon enough you’ll see the

impact of your efforts and sacrifices you’ll notice how your actions in my name bring blessings and

peace to those around you stay true to what I’ve taught you don’t give up or

get weary in Keeping the Faith stay strong in prayer knowing that your enemy

the evil one is lurking hoping to lead you astray but don’t let him pull you away

from me don’t let your uncertainties be used to slow you down don’t be scared of

the enemy’s plots or let the world’s doubts and judgments hold you back hold

fast to your faith shaking off any doubts and fears and find comfort in my

promise remember I’m always looking out for you no matter what challenges trials

or barriers you encounter I’ll never abandon you my love and protection will always envelop you

guiding your every step and supporting you when the load gets too heavy my dear

child I give you these words to hold close to your heart let them light your way through any Darkness these words are

seeds of Truth and strength a NeverEnding Wellspring of wisdom and comfort ready to support you whenever

you face tough times keep these words in your heart for

they will give you the strength to conquer any Challenge and bring peace during turbulent times walk today

knowing that I am with you and nothing not trials tribulations or distress can

ever pull us apart proceed with bravery kindness and honesty seeing each obstacle as an

opportunity that draws you closer to your purpose in me I cherish you my son I cherish you my

daughter stand up and move forward in faith demonstrating my love and truth to

the world I am Forever by your side working within you embrace my teachings

Let My Love cast away every shred of doubt and fear living by my guidance

you’ll earn a commendable Legacy attracting immense blessings for yourself and future

Generations my love for you is boundless I desire for you to flourish and succeed

in all you do from the moment of your creation my every thought and wish has

been for your welfare I was there at your first cry watched you

grow and now I see the incredible person you’ve become I’ve accompanied you at

every turn enjoy celebrations and through every tear in every moment of

your existence I’ve been there supporting you when you falter consoling you in sadness rejoicing in your

victories and comforting you in grief from your very first breath I’ve

held Great Hopes for you to prosper to develop and to discover happiness in all

facets of life my plans for you are beyond what you could ever imagine so I offer you

these words today as a reminder of my unending support and desire for your

utmost good I want you to shine as a light for others spreading warmth

kindness and love wherever you go let your journey be rich with chances to

learn love and grow uncovering the true greatness within you to surmount

challenges and to steer through life’s rough Seas with

wisdom I hope for all this for you so you can Inspire everyone around you to

become their best selves to nurture and care for one another I’m aware that

along the way you’ll encounter hard times heavy burdens and storms that seem

too tough to endure yet I promise you every effort every tear and every sacrifice will

count these trials will Forge you building you up into someone stronger more grounded and wiser trust in me my

child cling to these words don’t hesitate to embark on the journey I’ve

prepared for you be courageous and don’t fear making mistakes because even in Failure there’s a lesson to be learned a

chance to get back up with more courage and to march on with greater wisdom and

resolve know that as you navigate through life I am always with you in

every moment whether filled with happiness or sadness doubt or confidence I am there enveloping you in my undying

love and steadfast support so my cherished child know that my support for

you is unwavering even when the winds are strong and the waters are rough I’ll be right beside you giving you strength

and peace in the midst of turmoil push on my child step towards the future I’ve

laid out for you where your deepest desires and dreams will become a reality

don’t let the brambles on the road slow you down keep it advancing with the steadiness of an oak and the fervor of

the Dawn remember the mountains before you will attest to your bravery and become a

beacon for those with little faith today I endow you with the power might and

authority to face down every trial hurdle or barrier I bless you with the

clarity to see the right path and the caution to Choose Wisely at every Crossroad let every challenge be a

chance for growth and every difficulty a lesson learned may your spirit rise

above every obstacle embracing each test as an opportunity to climb even higher

looking back may you see every Triumph challenge as a pivotal moment in your journey of growth today I imbue you with

the confidence to move forward reminding you of the wealth of abilities talents

and Gifts within you should you ever feel your resolve

weakening remember these words words is comfort you are my child filled with

endless potential and a Heart full of love your journey is unique and you have

the power to overcome adversity emerging even stronger never give up for in the

midst of challenges you will find my grace and unlimited favor keep pushing

forward believing in the special purpose that’s Uniquely Yours your life is a

precious gift and I’m always here to back you up know that I am with you in

every Gentle Wind in each Ray of sunlight that touches you and in every

heartbeat I am always present ready to guide cherish and shower blessings upon

every aspect of your life your hard work and sacrifices will

not go unnoticed I promise you a bright and hopeful future listen my child one

can not Harvest without first planting every reward is preceded by great effort

and sacrifice so don’t give in don’t let

despair win and never give up when faced with challenges because sooner or later

you will enjoy the results of your hard work you will see the rewards of your dedication therefore believe that your

efforts are never wasted no Act of yours is too small the choices you’ve made no

matter how tough will be recognized I will bless you richly for

your bravery and commitment to keep going I understand the road you’ve

walked has been challenging filled with dangers and obstacles that required courage and

resolve even if there are those who try to bring you down aiming to crush your dreams and

hopes don’t lose heart don’t let their words sway you don’t let negativity

steer you away from the prosperous future I’ve envisioned for you my child

don’t let the doubting voices cause you to abandon your dreams nor let these people achieve their goal of

disheartening you with their remarks stand firm against it my child

under no circumstances should you let these obstacles prevent you from reaching your goals don’t waste all your

hard work in sacrifice nor let anyone undermine the efforts you’re putting into achieving your dreams hold on to

your inner strength keep my Spirit Alive within you don’t give up on the lofty

goals I’ve placed in your heart for I will acknowledge every effort and sacrifice my beloved child don’t settle

for less than you’re capable of look up to the skies and broaden your horizons dream big for I your God am

mighty and vast don’t limit my boundless power your diligence and persistence

towards your objectives will be amply rewarded you embody my love and might

living with the assurance that I am always with you and your potential knows no bounds keep pushing ahead my

child aim for the prize the High Calling I’ve set before you I understand there

will be times when struggles seem to mount up feeling like the whole world is against you as if you’re battling

Upstream but don’t let hardship defeat you remember those moments when you felt

every door was was shut in your face facing challenges that appeared too great to overcome I was right there with

you making a way breaking down barriers to help you reach your

aspirations so I’m telling you again today don’t give up the fight refresh

and renew yourself in my presence and I will give you the strength of a mighty Buffalo enabling you to stand firm

against the toughest storms bear in mind that my spirit lives within you guiding you to venture into

new territories and to conquer any problem or obstacle keep advancing my cherished

child don’t lose heart or be put off when things don’t unfold as you’ve

planned just keep moving maintain your faith strong and your commitment firm

persist in your pursuit of your dreams remember I have promise to work things

out for your good so face challenges headon and stand stand firm against

difficulties show unwavering perseverance with every step you take

though the outcomes you desire may not be visible right now rest assured the

prayers and hard work you’ve put in will bear fruit at the perfect time my child

every effort you’ve made every hurdle you’ve surmounted will be recognized your struggles and Endeavors have

groomed you for this moment so press on with bravery for an extraordinary and

hopeful future lies ahead move forward with boldness and

resolve for the best is still to come every challenge you’ve conquered has brought you a step closer to realizing

your dreams don’t let weariness or despair blur your vision I am always with you

leading the way like a towering giant making clear the path you’re to follow I

cherish you my child and want you to know that every bit of effort and sacrifice will be rewarded and the

choices you make will shape your future in my grasp I hold the miracle

you’ve been yearning for don’t lose hope something magnificent is on the horizon for you my child in these moments when

you feel your spirit is heavy and your heart aches Let My Words of Love comfort

and hope wrap around you never think you’re alone or that I’ve left you even

though there were times you might have felt engulfed in darkness know that I’ve always been right there with you

cradling you in my arms of love and mercy today my dear child I invite you

to bask in my love and grace because I hold in my hands the miracle you’ve been awaiting a blessing so profound it will

rejuvenate you bring you well-being and lead to Prosperity this is the Breakthrough

you’ve been longing for deeply cherished in your heart despite the trials and

tribulations you’ve faced your faith has remained unshaken every tear you’ve shed has been

meaningful to me not one has gone unnoticed every prayer every sigh and

every Midnight Cry has reached my ears that’s why I’m here to dry your tears

and mend your deepest hurts my child I understand that throughout your journey

you’ve encountered hardships that have tested your spirit and marked your soul

you’ve battled illness pain sorrow and hopelessness yet through it all your

faith remained unshaken you stood firm believing that I would hear your plea

that’s why I want you to be assured of my unwavering love for you even when the going gets

tough I’ve always been right beside you for you are my cherished child and

nothing is closer to my heart than seeing you whole thriving and succeeding in every aspect of your life don’t give

up my dear one don’t lose heart or be swayed by your current situation I know

it might feel like the load you’re carrying is too much that it seems like the whole world is against you or that

your strength is fading away but remember especially in your darkest

times when you think all hope is gone I am with you even closer than before I am

holding your hand leading you out of the The Tempest life is full of hurdles and

tests but each one brings a chance to grow and to learn in my care the hardest

experiences you face will become valuable lessons that strengthen you just keep faith and patience my beloved

for often the most significant blessings are hidden behind the hardest challenges so March on my child remember

you are here for a reason a purpose much greater than you’ve ever imagined when you’re feeling hurt and

lost unsure of the bigger picture hold on to me and Proclaim my promises in me

you’ll find a wider view of your life I’m crafting every part of your journey into a magnificent Masterpiece making

everything work out for your benefit don’t be afraid of what’s to

come my precious child or worry about what others may think your future is

safe and in my hands where all things are possible right now you might not

grasp the full extent of my plan for you but trust me it’s a plan filled with love and hope I’m quietly at work

weaving Miracles Into Your Existence and in due time the evidence of my devotion

and Care will become clear all I ask is for your trust in me

and I promise whatever you seek from me with true belief will come to pass

always keep in mind that the power of faith lies within you faith is that Divine spark that allows you to look

beyond the present to see beyond what’s in front of you your faith in me is what

brings you the Assurance of wonderful things ahead your faith acts as a bridge

connecting your prayers to my responses and through it a significant and Powerful Miracle will unfold in your

life let the flame of Hope burn bright in your heart keep your faith strong and

unwavering though storms may swirl around you don’t let them snuff out the light

within this light is my presence in you Illuminating even the darkest

places never forget my beloved child you are dearly loved my love for you knows

no bounds it’s unconditional and steadfast no matter how many times

you’ve stumbled or the mistakes you’ve made my affection for you remains

unwavering my arms are always open to you with love and mercy know that I’m

always ready to listen anytime you need to talk just reach out to me in prayer

remember no detail is too trivial no burden too great for me to carry with me

by your side you can surmount any challenge believe that the miracle you’ve been longing for is in my hands I

will deliver it to you when the time is just right so hold on with patience for it will

find its way to you at the perfect moment therefore don’t give up or lose

heart keep your faith strong for your future in my care is filled with

Incredible and beautiful blessings celebrate because a significant Miracle

is on its way to you today marks the day your chains are shattered I set you free

making you blessed and prosperous have faith in this this truth on this day full of hope my child I want you to feel

my love know I’m with you and understand you’re enveloped in my grace and

kindness as your God and Father the one who lights your way I’m here to Break Every curse that’s

been placed upon your life and to clear away the darkness that’s clouded your mind heart and spirit pay attention my

child because today marks the end of the doubts and fears that have imprisoned your heart no more uncertainty no

sadness and no confusion today the barriers that blocked your progress are demolished

today the chains of curses and lack in your life are broken I am here to Grant

you a full and Abundant Life let me fill you with my peace and wisdom wrap you in

my Everlasting Love and shower every aspect of your life with my blessings I’ve seen the difficult Road

you’ve walked walked I’ve been aware of the struggles and challenges you faced every day I’ve noticed how the darkness

and traps set by the enemy have tried to disrupt your spiritual journey casting

doubt and obstacles in the way of your faith but now in my boundless love I

assure you that I’m removing the Shadows that have veiled your path which kept you from seeing the opportunities and

blessings I’ve laid before you I’m breaking Every Chain in your life and shattering every tie to doubt

and fear freeing you from any negative Force that’s Disturbed your peace and

calm in this moment I Proclaim freedom in your life I declare that my Divine

Light now lights your way bringing safety joy and contentment today I

announce the end of Every curse that has hindered your growth where there was confusion now

there shall be Clarity and insight where insecurity once dwelled now confidence

and Assurance will Bloom where despair once lingered now I Infuse your soul

with hope and Rejuvenation my love will permeate every part of you offering a sense of

wholeness peace and vigor my dear child today I shower you

with my loving kindness I fling wide the Heavenly windows and Proclaim blessings

upon you doors of prosperity will open bringing forth opportunities you’ve never seen before your faith will grow

strong and you’ll be like a tree by the water flourishing bearing fruit of

Plenty never withering in me you’ll find the peace you’ve been searching for rest and

answers to your deepest questions trust in me my child have faith in my words hold tight to my

promises and you’ll experience a life rich and fulfilling with me at your side no doubt can stop

you no challenge too great The Shadows that once clouded your belief and the disturbances that shook your inner calm

will no longer have power over you I will be with you lighting your way a

constant source of miraculous blessings don’t be afraid my precious one to step

forward and trust in me for I am your father who wants only what’s best for

you all you need to do is trust in my lead I will be your unwavering guide and

companion never leaving you even through times of spiritual Wilderness know that

I am always with you my grace forever in your presence I’ll be your support

during doubts and your inspiration on this journey of Faith so put your trust

in me let me steer your life remember you are dearly loved and your past

doesn’t concern me what’s important important is that you’re here now listening to my voice tuning into the

gentle nudge in your heart telling you of my love that I’m here to light your way and guide you to the peace joy and

happiness you long for trust in me my child believe in my light my love and my loyalty for I Will

Never Let You Down always remember my grace and kindness wrap around you and my desire

is to shower you with Abundant Blessings know that my love for you knows no

limits my loyalty never falters even if you walk through the darkest valleys my light will always

Shine Your Way thus I encourage you to keep moving forward grounded in the

truth of my teachings unwavering in prayer it’s through this persistence

that you’ll see my wisdom unfold in your life guiding you to Prosperity so I tell tell you again my

child Stand Tall open your heart and speak my truth

declare your Liberation for no curse no shackles no chains can hold you back for

I Am with You lighting up your journey watching over you and loving you I will

never leave you I am Forever by your side to lead and shower blessings in

every aspect of your existence on this glorious day my child

embrace the peace and the Heavenly blessings I send your way today I anoint

you and dress you in spiritual Splendor today I reaffirm my promise to you to

let my light radiate in your life enabling you to show love and forgiveness to those in search of

answers those fighting to escape their own bonds today my cherished one I

Empower you to dismantle every force of Darkness to gently share my truth with

those who wander in Shadows searching for a beacon have faith in me my child trust

that I’ll direct your path with love and insight transforming you into a joyful

thriving and blessed being I cherish you my child I’m right

here with you and I’ll never leave your side trust in me and you’ll see blessings you can’t even begin to

imagine don’t be afraid for I am with you don’t get tired for I am your God

who gives you strength I’ll always be there to help you I’ll always support you with my righteous hand those who

oppose you will end up embarrassed and Confused they’ll turn into nothing for I

am your God holding your hand telling you don’t be afraid I’m here to help you

when troubles come your way I’ll solve them if you find yourself in Dark Places I’ll be there with you and if you’re ill

I’ll bring you healing because I’m your healer from heaven I’m the one who pulls

you out of Despair and surrounds you with love and mercy always keep in mind my child I’ll

never leave you or abandon you I’m your everpresent help your comforter and the

one who guides you continually know that through the Holy Spirit I live in your heart no matter what I’m always close by

never leaving you even as you go through the toughest times just put your trust

in me for I have control over everything and nothing that happens to you escapes

my notice remember I always want what’s best for you even when others try to

bring you down put your life in my hands my child let me lead your way Surrender

Your Heart to me and I’ll restore your wealth you’ll recover everything you’ve lost and more you won’t be shattered

anymore for my wish is to see you thrive and be bountiful put your full trust in me and

I will fill your heart with happiness enrich your life your family’s life your

children and even your grandchildren remember no one who lives righteously

will be left in need nor will their family lack anything I will keep the promise I’ve

made to you no matter what’s happening around you you will have everything you need because you are my ch is child my

greatest treasure and it’s my plan to bless and enrich your life you might worry that your mistakes

could lessen my love for you but that’s not true my love for you is vast and

everlasting and nothing can stop me from accomplishing my plan in your life stop

doubting and Trust in my might I will bless you so evidently that everyone

will recognize that I am the Lord The Giver of all good things today today my

dear child let the light of my Divine words brighten your mind bringing Grace

and prosperity into your life hand over your worries to me and find peace in my

care allow me to create something wonderful in your life just as I promised when you first came to me never

forget I am the one who made you knowing every part of you

intimately I see your strengths and your struggles I I know your hopes and your deepest wishes so do not fear for I am

here to help you I am your king firm and reliable you are my beloved child and

it’s my deepest wish to shower you with blessings and abundance filling your heart with joy and your life with wealth

and fullness know that I am a god of abundance not scarcity always true to my

word place your unwavering trust in me surrender the Reigns of your life

entirely and lean not upon your own understanding but dive deep into the

wisdom of my words embrace my teachings hold on to them with all your might both

day and night and I promise the depths of your soul will find the Fulfillment

it has been yearning for for there is nothing in this world no obstacle no

challenge that can prevent the fruition of my promises to you I will shower you with an abundance of

blessings so vast and wide that you your family and all your descendants will

Revel in joy and Delight beyond measure each tear you have shed will not go

unnoticed for every moment of Sorrow there will be a multitude of blessings

raining down upon your life transforming your trials into

triumphs lift your eyes to the heavens dear child and remember remember who you

are in me you are my beloved Victorious through Christ Jesus set apart as a holy

nation a royal priesthood chosen before you were even formed in your mother’s

womb you were destined for greatness prosperity and to be a conduit of love

and kindness in a world that yearns for compassion never question the breadth and depth of my love for you regardless

of the trials you face or the mistakes you make my love is unwavering I am always by your side

loving you without condition ready to forgive heal and restore you to

wholeness walk every day with the confidence that I am with you at all times I will be your protector and

shield when adversity strikes Your Light Of Hope and freedom in the midst of Chaos in my hands you are safe no harm

will come to you for my angels are dispatched to guard you keeping you in a state of peace that surpasses all

understanding so trust in me with all your heart until the very end and you will witness the unfolding of my

abundant and glorious blessings in your life my love for you knows no bounds it

is eternal steadfast and unchanging I am committed to your

well-being your happiness and your success as you navigate through life’s

journey know that I am the architect of your Destin meticulously weaving every aspect of

your life into a masterpiece of grace and beauty let your heart be light for

in me you will find the strength to overcome any challenge the wisdom to make the right choices and the courage

to pursue your dreams with Vigor I’m calling you to a higher purpose to live a life that reflects my

glory and goodness in the world as you walk in obedience to my will you will discover the profound satisfaction that

comes from serving others from being a beacon of light in the darkness and from spreading the

fragrance of my love wherever you go this is the life I have called you to

a life of significance impact and eternal Joy so my child as you step forward into

each new day do so with the assurance that I am guiding your every step embrace the journey with faith

knowing that I am orchest trting everything for your ultimate good and for the advancement of my

kingdom together we will face the future with hope for I have great plans for you

plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a

future remember you are cherished you are valued and you are infinitely loved

by me I am your father your savior and your greatest supporter Let My Words Be

the Anchor for your soul the foundation upon which you build your life trust in me and together let us

embark on this remarkable Adventure [Music]


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  3. Thank you. When I left you Both that note I didn’t know that I was not going still. Now I thank you and I plan to do better. But if I have to rent somewhere over there I will not be able to. My son do help me here and I can’t do it by myself. So how can I make it there? I appreciate what you did and can’t repay you but if I could I would I don’t know how it can be done

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